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by - December 06, 2011

"Life is sweet."

Another tiring Christmas shopping day at SM Megamall.  I was craving for pasta and we decided to try Secret Recipe for a new taste.

The place is white, neat and......red.  They offer a lot of Asian and Western dishes.  They have a variety of cakes as well.

 I really wanted to try their Lasagna but its not available that time.  So, we had Bolognese and Carbonara.

As you notice, I'm an Iced Tea addict.  I always have a comment about this.  HAHA.. Their lemon tea is kinda unique at first, but the taste is normal. 

Before and After picture. (50 php)

Okay, its time for my review. *wink

Pasta Carbonara (280 php)

My Rating
  • Taste: 5 stars - I'd say that its cheesy not creamy.  You can choose between penne or rigatoni pasta.  Instead of the usual ham or bacon, they used shrimp and mushroom.  Very nice.
  • Serving & Presentation: 4 stars - They said that its good for two, but I think you can finish this yourself.
  • Value: 3 stars - Its kinda pricey for me but worth the try. :)
Overall: 4 burps

Spaghetti Bolognese (185 php)

My Rating
  • Taste: 4 stars - I'm not into Italian flavored pasta but if you are, you'll definitely enjoy this one.  The pasta was cooked perfectly.  Sauce?  Its rich.
  • Serving & Presentation: 4 stars - Good for two, TRUE.
  • Value: 5 stars - I wonder why the Carbonara is more expensive than this one.
Overall: 4.3 burps

They should give free slice of bread, it won't hurt. :P  As for dessert...

Chocolate Indulgence (95 php)

My Rating
  • Taste: 3 stars - Its..okay.  Its kinda dry and has a coarse texture.  But, its not too sweet, that's good.
  • Serving & Presentation: 3 stars - Its quite thin for me.
  • Value: 3 stars - There's nothing special about it but considering its 95, worth trying as well.  

Overall: 3 burps

Slice of cake costs 95 php, any type.

Picture-picture time while waiting for our order... :)

You can check out their site here: http://www.secretrecipe.com.ph/.

Have you tried their other meals already?  What do you think?  Tell me about it.

your sweetest drug,

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