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by - December 12, 2011

Reminder... don't sleep with your makeup on.  Its bad for the skin.  Its always advisable to remove your makeup or at least, wash off your face.  Don't just use wet wipes.

I'll share to you my makeup remover.  I bought it at Etude House.  It is a Korean cosmetics brand, located at almost every SM malls.

198 php

It removes your eye makeup effectively and it is used as well for lipstick.  I'll show you... :)

Use tissue or cotton.

Shake it so the oil and the liquid formula will blend.  Makeup removers usually contain oil.  Choose the one that's best for your skin type.  

Put some on your tissue or cotton.  The amount depends on how heavy your makeup is.

Wipe gently around your eyes.


No more eye shadow.  I just used a little and it completely removed my makeup.  

For me, it lasts up to 2 months considering that I apply makeup almost everyday.  Its very affordable too!

Girls, makeup remover is a must have.  Go grab one now! :P

You can also check Etude's cosmetics and various skin care products.  Here's the site and FB page.

your sweetest drug,

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