My first Christmas shopping went well.  Having a list is really helpful.  

For this look, I kept it simple.  Sorry for the picture, its not that clear. :(

Its a dark blue semi-smokey, nice match with my pink lipstick. Honestly, I am not great in blending eye shadows.  HAHA...  I started from two colors and now, I am trying three!  I promise I'll take clearer pictures moving forward. 

Some tips in applying eye shadow...
1. Don't be afraid of trying out the COLORS.  You can match almost everything.  Just play with it.
2. Start with a lighter shade for your base.  My favorite is applying a darker color or shade on the corner of my lids, creating a more dramatic volume.
3. Spot the sharp edges.  Blend it out.  

I'll share more tips in my coming posts here in the MUAH section. *wink

For this look, I used...
  • Estee Lauder eye shadow
  • Beauty Rush (Victoria Secret) eye shadow
  • Silver eyeliner
  • Covergirl Lash Blast Length mascara
  • Maybelline Watershine lipstick

your sweetest drug,
Any visit to Banapple is incomplete without a slice of their pies or cheesecakes.  We had Strawberry Crunch Cheesecake (100 php) for dessert.  

The strawberry jam is just perfect!  
I had to taste it before I even took the picture. :P

My Rating:
  • Taste: 5 stars - Not too sweet... just perfect.  You can eat the whole slice yourself.  *wink
  • Serving & Presentation: 5 stars - Love the brown sugar on top... the size is not bad as well.
  • Value: 5 stars - For 100 pesos, you definitely would want another one for takeout. 
Overall: 5 burps

Banapple Site:

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I got two words for you.... MUST TRY! :)

Its good that there are several branches already.  So... you have no excuse for not trying it!  HAHA. :P

Can I just say... "Ang sarap nya papakin!"

Combo Medium

I think the red toothpick means that the chicken is spicy. *wink Bonchon has other foodies to offer aside from their famous chicken!  Good thing, they also have rice box meals with drink.  Its good for a quickie lunch, dinner or snack. But me, I do not prefer eating it with rice... (no rice??miracle?!)  I like their Iced Tea as well. :)

My Rating:
  • Taste: 4 stars - Super crispy and addicting... the meat is kinda dry and bland though.
  • Serving & Presentation: 5 stars - The size of the wings and drumsticks is not bad.
  • Value: 4 stars - Reasonable.
Overall: 4.6 burps

Check out their site for complete menu.

Bite it while its HOT!

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For the record, I'm not really a MILK TEA fan. :)  

It's the first time I actually bought a milk tea for myself.  It's just cool that I tried Happy Lemon.  I noticed that its always a "blockbuster line" when I pass by this store.  ~Eh ano ba kaseng meron??? Aside from their milk tea and super cute LOGO??? HAHA... :P

A pic from my FB Lightroom album.

I really wanted to try their Yakult drink, but at that time, it was not available.  :(  I tried the Oreo mix, but still, not available.  


I ordered Crispy Cocoa Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Jelly (95 php) (haba!)  Surprisingly (for me), it's good, YUMMY.    

For ICHI please...

Next tea I want to try is their Rock Salt & Cheese drinks.  

My Rating:
  • Taste: 4 stars - Considering I'm not a milk tea fanatic. :P
  • Serving & Presentation: 5 stars - Biased with that girl-with-yellow-hair-winking-logo. HAHA...
  • Value: 5 stars - Not bad.
Overall: 4.6 burps

I heard that they got a branch at Trinoma near the Cinema Ticket Booth.  You can check their menu below.

So, what's your favorite Happy Lemon drink?  Let me know and I'll try it! :)

your sweetest drug,

What do I like about Brooklyn Pizza?  One word... AFFORDABLE.  Oops, second one... SULIT.  I super love their Spicy Shrimp Pasta!  I'll talk about it on a separate post... SOON! :P

But now, I'll share to you their Buffalo Wings!  Here are some pics at their RP Ermita branch.

Oops, someone's looking. :P 
Some pictures around the place.

B-WINGS! (185 php)

My Rating:
  • Taste: 4 stars - Yep, its spicy.  Normal B-Wings but definitely delicious.  A perfect match to their pasta.
  • Serving & Presentation: 4 stars - I think they are not counting it by piece.  I like their use of the basket.
  • Value: 4 stars - For me, its good for 2 persons only.  :)  

Overall: 4 burps

You can check out their menu here.

your sweetest drug,

I definitely like Bannaple's rice meals!  Needless to say, their pies and cakes are sooooo amazing too!  I ordered Beef & Sausage Stew (195 php) for brunch.

 The flavors of meaty beef cubes and savory sausages come together in this thick aromatic stew. 
Served with glazed butter carrots and seasoned rice.

My Rating: 
  • Taste: 3 stars - Beef is tender.  Sausages taste great.  But I find it a little too salty.
  • Serving and Presentation: 5 stars - They're generous. *wink Plus, they added carrots. (my fave.)
  • Value: 5 stars - "Sulit" indeed.
Overall: 4.3 burps

You can check out their website for the Menu.

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Guys! Checkout my friend's awesome photos.

your sweetest drug,
I just finished How I Met Your Mother Season 1 for the 2nd time.  Definitely, Episode 21 (Milk) is my favorite.

 I like Lily's line below...
"There are certain things in life where you know it's a mistake but you don't really know it's a mistake because the only way to really know it is a mistake is to make that mistake and look back and say, "Yup, that was a mistake". So really, the bigger mistake would be to not make the mistake because then you'll go your whole life not really knowing if something is a mistake or not. And damn it, I made no mistakes. I've done all of this: my life, my relationship, my career mistakes-free." - Lily

...and I also agree to Ted.
"Here's the thing about mistakes. Sometimes, even when you know something's a mistake, you gotta make it anyway." - Ted

So, what's that one mistake you want to make to just really know that it's a mistake?  Tell me. :)

your sweetest drug,


This is my first time to join an online contest, a model search even.  I asked Kris if he can be my graphic artist/photographer and he got interested too!  YEA!  :)

First, the concept.  
The theme for the contest is 1940s Glam.  We searched the internet for pictures so we can have an idea about the whole outfit and look.  We decided to make it unique and a lot different from the other entries.  *wink  But I have to admit, I have my own favorite poster too!  Everyone did a great job! Cheers!

We browsed the Kenkoy Collection Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia Series which is a requirement as well.  We also looked for the venue.  Of course, it should be O.L.D. 

Question: What the hell happened here in the Philippines during 1940s?
Answer: Japanese Occupation
Question: So what?
Answer: War concept.

Second, the outfit.

Okay, obviously, this is my first post.  I tried to finish my design first but I’ve been thinking a lot of things to write about already.  
So, what to do with my blog?  Most likely, you’ll see a lot of post here about food, make up, fashion, travel, reviews, etc. ah! you name it!  :)
Everyone, stay tuned! 

your sweetest drug,