Hi readers! I'm back!  As promised, I'm preparing new posts for all of you.  :)  But before that, I'm sharing to you the highlights of my 2011.

This year, I was given a lot of opportunities to chase my dreams.  I had to grab 'em all! :)

Thanks to Sir Yabut for my studio shoot.  My first time!  
Thanks to Casa de Imahe for the open shoots.  I enjoyed it all and I had fun with the team!  Thanks to my friend, Joey for inviting me.
Thanks to Kris for doing my Solo photo shoot.  It was a great experience!
Thanks to Sir Zeno and Ms. Angel (MSM Team) for giving me the chance to model for Make Up For Ever.  It was my very first official gig.  
Thanks to Sir Angelo Chiu and the rest of Green Effects Unlimited team for picking me as one of their models for the Warehouse Glam Shoot.  It was scary at first but I had so much fun!  

I'm looking forward for more!  HAHA.. :)  Another big thing is coming up early this year and I can't wait.  Whew!

March 2011, we found each other.  TEAM AWESOME.  Its legendary! :)  Its the beginning of all the awesome things in my life.  *wink

May 2011, BRACES! A little sacrifice.. 

July 2011, my first flight.  BORACAY with my two "bestest" buddies, Ynaj and Kris.  We'll be back!

September 2011, my 22nd birthday!  Crazy!  I rented a mobile bar and I made almost everyone drunk! Bleh!  

From Photoshop to Lightroom addiction.  Love it!  

I learned how to play the guitar!!! Thanks to Kris!  :)  

November 2011, CHIxyLove blog.  Thanks to the people who inspired me to create one.  Michelle Phan (michellephan.com), Kryz Uy (kryzuy.com) and Karen (makeupandbeautyblog.com).  

And of course, THANKS to my readers!  Cheers!

I want to add more but I have to prepare now for our new year's eve party later.  :)  See you guys next year... and that's about 7 hours from now.  HAHA...  Let's be thankful for another sweet year to come!  Let's just be happy!

your sweetest drug,

Whew! My first international flight.  

Be back on the 30th!  
Please feel free to check out my posts.

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I love this dress!! :)

Its a short but free flowing dress accentuated with white ribbon.  It has a lace part as well.  I wore a full length leggings since I'm in the office. HAHA

This is the first time for me as well to create my twins!!! Of course, thanks to Photoshop! :)

I love to spin with this dress... *wink

See that cute ribbon?  That completes the Sailor Moon look! :)

Sorry for these two pictures.  I had to crop the original one to show you the outfit in close up.  

So, what do you think?

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A look inspired by my 2012 Starbucks Planner --- SPRUCE.  I played with brown and gold to match the whole outfit.

By the way, I got this planner for only 14 stickers!  HAHA..

What do you think?

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who voted for me.  It has been a wonderful experience joining a contest like this.  :) MUAH!

Now, I would like to share to you my look for this shoot.  Of course, jumpsuit from SOLO.

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You can check out the rest of the story here.

Congrats and good luck to the chosen finalists.

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This is what I wore to Make Up For Ever event.  Plain black tube dress accentuated with gold, white and brown.

I used my gold necklace with a heart pendant since my dress is simple.  And of course, my favorite bangles!  

After the make up session, I decided to take off the belt and sleeveless cardigan.  Here's what it looked like.
Sorry for the unnecessary lights...

You can check out the rest of the story here.

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The soap I'm using on my body and face every morning makes my skin dry.  Its a Kojie whitening soap, so I have to find a moisturizing cream to fight the dryness.  

Since I'm a fan of Garnier, I bought one from them.  I've been using Garnier for quite some time now.  I'm using their facial wash and face powder.  I tried their eye brightening roll and some whitening cream as well.

229 php

What I love about this is that its not sticky at all.  :)  It has a "lotion-ish" scent.  It is very easy to apply all over the face.

Look!  It's very "siksik".  :)  I just tried to apply it before sleeping and it felt good when I woke up.  

Grab a Garnier now since they have a Christmas promo!  Check it out here.

Merry Christmas!  Good luck!

your sweetest drug,
I'm a fan of Orly.  I love their colors!  I remember my first time to go to a nail spa, I chose Orly as my polish.  So now, I want to share with you my color this Christmas!

Orly has a big collection of nail color.  I saw a booth at Landmark Trinoma.  It is just sad that some nail spas require an additional charge if you want this brand.  :(  I don't think its reasonable.  Some will charge you at least 40 php.  Pft.  

I also like China Glaze.  I'll try it and share that to you as well.

Only 1 day left before Christmas!!!  You still have time to pamper yourself.  Prepare those nails and have a colorful Christmas everyone! HOHOHO! :)

What nail color are you wearing today?  Tell me about it! :)

your sweetest drug,
My first ever MAC Lipstick.  Thanks to Kris for giving it to me as a birthday gift! :P

MAC Sheen Supreme Collection combines the shine of a MAC Lipglass with the lip color.  Its very smooth to apply and surprisingly, not sticky.

It comes with this black slick case.  Its very rich in color and really adds gloss to your lips when applied.  

Look... :)

If you're not into Matte lipsticks, you'll love this MAC collection.  I love this shade since I can wear red without giving me that strong look.

Shiny red...

New Temptation is a vivid blue red shade.  You may want to check your skin tone first before selecting your lipstick shade.  Light bulb!  I'll try to post about it! :)


Check out MAC's website and FB page here.  Goodluck!

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It's BOY, not Kid. :)

One of my favorite Japanese food, the KATSUDON.  It is popular bowl of rice topped with deep fried pork and egg.  The sauce has a slight sweet taste.

After my tiring shoot last Saturday, we ate at Teriyaki Boy, so here's my burp guide for their Katsudon.

160 php

My Rating
  • Taste: 5 stars - I really love their rice!  The meat is tender and the egg tastes very nice too! Perfect Katsudon for me.
  • Serving & Presentation: 5 stars - The slice of pork is big enough.  Heavy meal indeed!
  • Value: 5 stars - This is definitely my top 1 on their Donburi (Rice Topping) meals.
Overall: 5 burps

You'll often find Teriyaki Boy beside or near Sizzling Pepper Steak.  :)

Check out their official website and FB page here for complete menu list.

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Welcome to my Someday, One Day section.  As my first post for this, here's Angel Locsin's magazine shoot for Rogue last December 2008. 

I really want a shoot like this one.  :)  


 In the middle of sexy and wholesome...

Can I just do this in my own room? HAHA... I want a timer for my iPhone! :P

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Looking for mouthwatering and affordable steaks???   I recommend Kangaroo Jack. :)

With less than 250 php, you'll get tender steak grilled at your requested perfection. We had our family Christmas shopping and decided to get steaks for dinner.

Baby Back Ribs (205 php)

Porterhouse (220 php)

Chicken BBQ

Bulalo Steak (200 php)

They have a 10% service charge.  Staffs are very accommodating.  I also like the ambiance of the place.  

Aside from steaks and sizzlers, they also offer burger, pasta and pizza.  I haven't tried them though.

My Rating
  • Taste: 5 stars - Steak is so tender specially Bulalo Steak.  It is a must try.  You'll also like the Java rice.  A perfect match to your steak.  You can replace it with mashed potato if you prefer.  Side dish tastes great as well.
  • Serving & Presentation: 5 stars - BIG PLATE!  Look how they serve their rice here.  Perfect for a rice lover like me! *wink  Prepare your appetite!
  • Value: 5 stars - You'll get Java rice/mashed potato, huge slice of steak and side dish for only 200 php and up.  How's that?!  A sumptuous meal that's wallet friendly! HAHA 
Overall: 5 burps

I can't find their official website, but here's their FB page.

your sweetest drug,

Luxurious Ambiance. Luxurious Pampering.

Before, I was using nose strips to remove those irritating blackheads.  But then, I got interested on facials.  Actually, facial is a great way to take care of our skin.

This was my first time to try a facial treatment.  I did not know that it could be that painful!  Well, at least for a first timer.

I tried DERMCARE at SM North Edsa The Block.  I really love the interior design.  It brings the feeling of royalty as they say.

They don't do just face or skin treatments.  They also do body and hair andthey even sell skin care products.

They also have nice rooms even though it's not that spacious.  One room can accommodate 2 persons.

So, here's my facial experience.  I'm embarrassed to say that I cried most of the time because the pricking really hurt.

I tried the Facial with seaweed mask for 400 php as recommended by the staff, since my goal was to unclog my pores.

First, they asked me to wash my face.  They applied a cream then used a steamer to open up the pores and soften the skin.  They also used a "sucking" thing on my face.  It felt kinda nice. HAHA!

Then, the pricking started.  I really did not expect that.  I realized how silly I looked, because I was really crying like hell.  My tears just fell and the staff was wiping it.  Crazy! 

The next picture you'll see here is kinda disgusting.  But hey, I really want to show you how effective facial is in terms of removing the dirt on your face.


Its normal to have redness especially on the nose, so don't worry.  They applied a toner after.  

Laser time!

Lastly, the seaweed mask is applied (its cold, love it!) and I got a quick massage. :)


After they removed the mask, it really felt good.  My skin felt so clean and refreshed.  I could really see the difference on my face.  

I'd like to go back for another round, but the pricking still scares me, so I'm having second thoughts. 

You can check out their services, products and other branches in their official site and FB page.  Enjoy!  

your sweetest drug,

Check out Maybelline's Watershine Lipsticks!

It is a lip color that's made with Natural Water.  It really hydrates your lips making it shine.

I bought two shades.  I wanted a pink color that I can wear everyday and a nude one for my smokey eye shadows.

BM31 and P24

What I love about this Maybelline Product is that it really prevents chapped lips.  You won't need a lip gloss to add more shine to your lips.  

That pink one over there has a little glistening effect on the lips.  :)

Good thing there's a sale when I bought these!  :P

Look at the difference.

BM 31


I'm excited to use this on my makeup tutorials. *tumbling

Visit their official website and FB Page here.

Check out my NG videos here. HAHA

your sweetest drug,

Great food.  Great wine.  Great company.

Again, I was craving for pasta.  After a tiring makeup event, we decided to go to Glorietta and hunt for pasta.  :P

The perfect pasta experience.  Fresh Al dente. 

They offer three kinds of servings: Lunch, Regular and Abbondanza.  They also have FREE UNLIMITED bread!  We call this the Oh-Bread. HAHA... :)  You can eat it with their special dip.

Served hot-tah!

Before I share our pasta, let's look at their Iced Tea.  Yea, you know its my favorite! :)

Quite similar to TOSH's (75 php, non-refillable)

We had red and white sauce for our pasta.  Here they are!  Definitely, its worth the wait.

Shrimp and Mushroom Linguine (Lunch - 395 php)

My Rating
  • Taste: 4 stars - Has a seafood taste, maybe because of the shrimp.  Sauce is very flavorful.
  • Serving & Presentation: 5 stars - Big plate!  Good for two, given you have the Oh-Bread! HAHA
  • Value: 4 stars - Their pastas are kinda pricey, but hey, it's Italianni's. :)
Overall: 4.3 burps

Carbonara Classico (Lunch - 350 php)

My Rating
  • Taste: 5 stars - Eat this while its hot.  I love how the pasta is cooked.  Its very creamy.
  • Serving & Presentation: 4 stars - Don't be fooled.  It looks less in serving but its for sharing. :)
  • Value: 5 stars - Its a bit cheaper for me than the others.
Overall: 4.3 burps

I enjoyed the food.  I left Italianni's with a bloated stomach. HAHA, just joking. :P  On the second thought, its a bit true. *wink

You can check out their official site and FB page links below.


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Thanks to Desa and Kris for helping me complete the stickers! :)


Happy 14th Birthday STARBUCKS!  

You can now get a planner for only 14 stickers!!!  Hurry!  This promo is until December 15 only.  Yep, today! :P

You can also combine up to two promo cards (just like we did). HAHA

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