BURP GUIDE - More of My Food Trip in SG

by - January 30, 2012

Take a quick look at some food you might want to try when you get to Singapore... :)

Chicken in Soy

Great sauce but don't put too much.  You can order this size and just buy rice separately.  I really liked this meal. :)

Here's a view at the Food Republic branch.  Cool huh? :P

I'd like to call this... Siomai Soup. :)  Tasted pretty good and with big serving!  

I'm really sorry, I forgot the exact names. :(  Its a rice-topping meal with spicy chicken and some veggies.  Its not that spicy, best with that Chinese vinegar I told you guys about.

You can find a lot of dining spots around Singapore.  I found a lot of dishes with curry and lots of noodles as well. :)  

What do you think?

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