Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell - Prima Donna Foot Spa Pedicure

by - February 15, 2012

I posted my first Nail Spa Lounge by Ellabell Pedicure experience last month.  And because of that, they gave me a prize.  :)  

...a FREE Prima Donna Foot Spa Pedicure!!!!  Weee! *tumbling

My first foot spa was last year, around February as well.  After that, I did not go for it anymore since its super ticklish for me...HAHA!

We went to their Greenhills branch at L/G Floor, Northeast Bldg, Connecticut St., near Amici.  This branch is really different from the one in Megamall.  Its not pink-ish... :)  I think this is larger and better as well.   The staffs are very friendly and accommodating.  They also offer free hot or iced tea.  

I heard that Prima Donna is one of their best services.  If I remember correctly, it took 90-120 minutes.  Spoiling huh?!

As a very first step, they washed and soaked my feet in warm water.  I really commend their interior.  The sinks are built in and you'll notice that the place is really for a nail salon.

They then used a foot file to remove any calluses.  It did not hurt, but as expected, it tickled me much...HAHA!

I bid goodbye to my dead skin cells because they gave me a foot scrub.  :P  Its very relaxing!  When going for foot spa or pedicure, I don't recommend to wear pants or leggings.  This to allow your legs to be treated as well and you don't have to pull it up.

They rinsed it off and applied a cooling cream.  And I must say, I loved the feeling of it!  Its very soothing.  They wrapped my legs with plastic to allow the cream to settle in.

Then, the pedicure.  I was really satisfied.  The cleaning up to nail polish was very well done.  After the cleaning, they applied petroleum jelly (I think).  Then, its time for the FUN part!  They used plastic wrap again and placed my feet in a warming....................... "ELF SHOES'!  HAHA!  I can't think of a name for that. :P

I also got a quick massage.  They used lotion and oil.  They have a lot of nail polish here at Greenhills branch.  There were 3 trays full with branded nail colors.  I had a hard time to pick...HAHA!  And the awesome thing is that... no extra charge for a nail polish!

I chose Orly, of course... :P Take a look.  Nite Owl is a glittery brown color.  It can make your skin appear lighter. :)

Here are some pics...

Overall, I really recommend this nail salon when you want to spoil your self a bit. :) We all know that our feet are the body part that suffers a lot.  They deserve some love too! :)  

your sweetest drug,

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