Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - NYX Lip Liner in Rose

by - March 15, 2012

I'm getting addicted to lip liner lately.  Why?  Because they help lipsticks to last longer and creates a subtle lip look.  It also serves as an outline filling up uneven area and prevents you from "bleeding" - having excess lipstick outside the lip area.

Check out my current favorite liner, NYX in Rose (840).

Another great thing about these pencils is that they can even somehow change the color of your lipstick when applied.  This is when you apply a different shade, but still close to that of your lipstick bullet.

I love the quality, it glides easily.  BTW, I got this from my Tita's makeup kit...HAHA! :P

Take a closer look on the color.  

Sometimes, I even color my lips using just lip liner.  With this shade, it creates a nude lip look but with a slight rosy tint.

Tips on applying lip liner?  Rest your pinky finger on your chin for a more stable application.  Make sure that your lips are dry as well BUT moisturized.

How about you?   Do you like applying lip liner? 

your sweetest drug,

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