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by - March 02, 2012

Make Up And Hair (MUAH) - When to Say Goodbye to your Makeup Products

Your makeup product isn't going to last forever.  They have expiration date as well just like any other products and we must know when to throw them away.  This is important because knowing that we put them on our face, using expired makeup can cause break outs and irritation.  Tsk..tsk..

This post will help you know when to say goodbye to your makeup and when to know when they have gone bad.   read more..

Here's another Mercato favorite...

You'll definitely love the flavors.  Its not the usual Chocolate, Vanilla or Strawberry ice cream.  Artisan is  a French/Italian word which means craftsman, someone who's into art or handicraft.  If you check out the flavors that Merry Moo offers, you'll understand this more. :)  read more...

...Black dresses!  :)  Yep, its my favorite of all time.  I don't know why... I guess the fact that you can easily pair something with it makes it a super must-have.  :)  

Here, I stayed away from any color other than silver and of course, black.  :P  Story behind this?  I just finished my new makeup tutorial for you! :)  Weeee!  So.... please stay tuned! *wink  read more...
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