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by - April 02, 2012

This was my second time on Buffet 101 and I must say... they won't fail you! :)  This time, we went there to celebrate Kris' birthday.  We had a quick lunch before work.

Good news to the future birthday celebrants there!  They offer free buffet for you!  Just go there and present an ID confirming your birth date.

Enjoy some pictures below.  We were not able to take a lot because we came in 1 hour and 30 minutes just before the end of lunch.  :(

Some meat and crab..

Watermelon shake... You can ask for fruit shakes as long as it is available. :)

They now offer Milk Tea!

Grilled shrimp!  You can ask them to grill seafood for you and they will deliver it on your table.  They only grill 3 pieces of seafood per order.

Birthday boy enjoying his favorite!


I bet you'll enjoy their dessert! You can ask them to make crepe for you and it's toppings-all-you-can!  They also have fondue, cakes and many more!

For once, I thought they serve "shots" here... HAHA!  

Big or small groups... Buffet 101 is the perfect place for you.  Spell S.U.L.I.T.!

This is their current rate.

Tempura!!! Some Japanese food..

More Japanese food!

Some rice and fish fillet..

I really wish I could bring my family here and also, try their dinner buffet.  :)  

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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  1. Hi.. Do they still charge the birthday celebrant? I've read that they were giving complimentary GCs to the celebrant but i'm not sure about the free dining... Just wanna know.. Thanks :)

  2. hi! for birthday celebrants, just present an ID upon payment indicating your actual birth date.. (well, a proof that it really is your birthday :) ) then, they won't charge you. i'm not sure about the GCs though.. and also, i think they offer 5% discount when you pay in cash and not via credit card.. best way is to give them a call, the number is on the photo above.. good luck!

  3. You should know that for birthday celebrants, it's not free on the day of their birthday. Instead, they get a gift certificate that they can use on a return visit within the next three months. (Per inquiry post by Harold Tiu Laurel on April 17, 2012 on https://www.facebook.com/buffet101.)

  4. thanks Marc! Just heard from Buffet101... they will give the GC instead. :) It can be used on the next visit. Hope this clarifies :)


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