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by - April 06, 2012

Video Tutorial - Smokey Purple Look

This video will show you how to create an easy smokey purple look. Sorry for the low quality clips at the first part.

I'm in love with the plum color! It gives that extra drama on your eyes. :)

Hope you enjoy this! Good luck! 

BURP GUIDE - Buffet101
This was my second time on Buffet 101 and I must say... they won't fail you! :)  This time, we went there to celebrate Kris' birthday.  We had a quick lunch before work.

Good news to the future birthday celebrants there!  They offer free buffet for you!  Just go there and present an ID confirming your birth date.  read more...

LOOKBOOK - Right by My Side Night and Day
A casual Sunday... we went to Trinoma for a quick snack, roam around a little bit and went straight back home.  I just wore shorts and a tank top and put on a long cardigan as a cover against the cold breeze.  read more...

LOOKBOOK - Sun is Gonna Shine Again

There's nothing LOOKBOOK-ish about my outfit here, but I was just surprised that it matched the gray skies on this day. :)

I've been in an emotional crash lately, felt like there's no sun to light my lonely days.  Good thing there... every troublesome moment turned into an opportunity to become a stronger person.   read more...
This video will show you how to do a thick black eyeliner in a K-POP-ish way. :) (Done with concealer, foundation and brows brows at the start)

You can use a liquid eyeliner directly, but here, I used a liner sealer and black glittery eyeshadow. I love this because it looks edgy and it really accentuates the eyes.   read more...

your sweetest drug,

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  2. thank you, Melocoton and badBarbara! :)


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