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by - June 27, 2012

Half year has almost passed.  Can you believe it?  Whew!  So far, everything seems to be okay...life, career, love.  Love?  HAHA.  Nothing is certain, but I'm still being optimistic about it.  

Good thing is that...I'm still happy - I AM HAPPY.  Let me ask you a question.  Have you reached a point in your life when you thought about your future?  Like...  Is everything seems to work out according to plan?  Am I taking the correct path?  You know what?  Sometimes, I just want to snap out from thinking these things and say, "Screw planning life!" HAHA! :)  (Nakaka-stress!)

Okay, so we're back to regular programming.  Remember this top?  I used it as a vest/cover-up before to soften the look of my sequin black dress.  Now, I opted for a classy look.  :)  

What do you think?

Sheer Top and Mullet Skirt from The CHIc Closet
Shoes from Charles & Keith

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your sweetest drug,

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  1. Great outfit and love the blouse and skirt! You look amazing (: xoxox


What do you think?