BURP GUIDE - Bite Club Grilled Burgers, Boracay

by - August 22, 2012

Time really flies, right?  I can't believe it has been a month already!  Aww man, I miss Boracay!!  I want to go back!  Can't wait for next year! :D

So, 'nuff with my drama.  Hope you guys can still wait til I post our Boracay 2012 experience.  First, let me start with food!  I know it's been a while now since my last Burp Guide post.

Okay, here it is.  Let me start with something awesome, of course!  This dining spot is called Bite Club Grilled Burgers.

Since this is located at DMALL, you don't need a long walk to taste their awesome burgers!  The place is not so big, but you can still dine without the long wait.  

For as low as 165 pesos, you can have the burger goodness in Boracay!  

I don't think this has been in the island for some time.  Last year, we didn't notice this resto.  We ate for 2 consecutive nights!  Glutton!  :P  

We ordered the Classic Burger and crispy fries.  Kris wanted to try the Triple X, good for four.  What a 'baby' pig!  HAHAHA  :P

So, you start your order by picking your burger (wow, rhyming!).  Then, choose a topping.  No!  Not like that one in KFC! HAHA!  You get to have one topping for free!  If you want more, just add 25 pesos for each.

Every burger meal won't be complete without fries!  Try their crispy club fries or potato wedges for only 75 pesos.

I recommend the roasted garlic and cheese cream topping.  :)  Here are some pictures of the hungry wolf!  He deserved it because he was working when we had our vacation.  

Here's a better view of their menu.

This could be your perfect burger.  Meat and bun are fresh.  Toppings are mouthwatering and very flavorful.  Every patty is grilled and freshly cooked.  Fries are indeed crispy.  I can't say anything bad, really.  Well, except for a fact that it's a bit expensive.  :)

I just found out that they have a store in Eastwood.  Check their FB Page here

Make sure you grab a bite of these grilled burgers when you spend your vacation in this wonderful island. :)

What do you think?

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