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by - August 13, 2012

How's your weekend?  I bet you are excited too about the long weekends this August!!!  Speaking of excitement, we can't wait to share our latest collection!  I'll reveal some clues about it on my next posts.

We're down to the last 3 dresses for July.  This dress, or long blouse because it can be too short for a dress (but why not if you're a bit vertically challenged like me :P), is simple but I promise you that you'll love the material.  Here in The Chic Closet, we make sure that your money will be spent not only for the style but of course, quality as well.

At first glance, it looks like a romper.  I intentionally didn't wear leggings, pants or shorts to show you the cut and length.  I tried wearing it as a cover up, with only half of the buttons loosen until waist part.  And yep, to give you the fit that you need, it is garterized.

The design of the sleeves added a bit of texture.  I also put on a gold collar necklace.  That's a trick when wearing a one color outfit.  Put on a statement necklace or wear a pop of color for the shoes.  Of course, colors should not look like they're fighting with each other. :P

What do you think?

Button down from The Chic Closet
Necklace from SM Accessories

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"Right By My Side" ~ Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown

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