The Chic Closet - Last 2 Dresses

by - August 16, 2012

These are the last two dresses in the July Collection.  Too bad I can't post these on Lookbook because I wasn't able to take more pictures.  

These are definitely in my top faves even if they are both PINK...HAHA!  You know me, I'm not into that color.  :P

They have the same cut, v-neckline empire-cut and ribbon at the back.  Don't you love it when dresses give you a subtle sexy look just because of the v-neck back?  But then again, adding a girly girl feel because of the ribbon. 

The first dress is called "First Date".  Color, ribbon and prints work together to get you ready for your first date.  :)

Ah, did I say prints?  Let me correct that, those are actually embroidered into the fabric.  *wink

Next, the Pink Dream dress.  I regret not buying this one!  I'm not surprised why this item was the first one to be sold out.  

I promise you'll love the quality of the material of our dresses.  :)  Please try and shop with us!

We have created our order form for your convenience!  You can click on the tab menu on our FB page or the link in the About field.

Talk to you there!

your sweetest drug,

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