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by - November 15, 2012

Okay...first.. let me say sorry for the grainy pictures.  As usual, we just used our iPhone.  BUT BUT BUT!  I'm happy because I can now make Lookbook post for my office outfits.  Yep, I know... I'm the laziest when dressing up for work.  Imagine, riding 1 jeep, 2 trains and 1 van AND add 2 overpasses (wow, plural)  PLUS endless walking and war-like scenario when commuting.  Wooooo!  I have to endure that every single day when going to the office.  Tsktsk!!!  How I wish dearest Santa will give me a car as a Christmas present...HAHA!

Okay, enough of the ranting part.  One of the reasons why I join my company is because of the very flexible work attire.  Yay, cheers to that!  :)  

Now, let me say a BIG BIG THANKS to Kris for my new black bag!!! Wee!!  *tumbling

My previous bag lasted for 1 year and sad to say... it's time to let go.  For almost a month, we've been searching for the next 'perfect one'.  :P  Promise, I'll post a better picture.

To match my new black bag....... we also searched for the next perfect black comfy shoes!  I found this pair and the studs attracted me!  It's really okay if it doesn't look that formal for office.  "I'm gonna abuse you for sure. *creepylaugh"  *wink

What do you think?

Sheer top from The Chic Closet
Bandage Skirt
Shoes from S.O. Fab
Black Bag from Mango

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P.S. You still have 2 days!!!

your sweetest thing,

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  1. Chic outfit indeed!
    Gusto ko yung studded loafers mo! ヅ

    P.S. How about following each other on GFC, FB, Bloglovin, Look Book and Twitter? ヅ



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