LOOKBOOK - Flowers on Top

by - December 18, 2012

It's funny when I remember that two to three years ago, you can see just one color in my closet.  BLACK....black dress, black pants, black top.  Now, there are other colors and I'm happy with that.  When I go shopping, Kris always prevents me to purchase the black ones.  He said that I must go for other colors and prints too.  Sometimes, I still pick black subconsciously.  :P

This blazer screams C.H.I.C.!  Little ribbons and pearls, plus flower details.  I decided to pair this printed top to have a flower on flower effect.  Success??

Here's my fave weekend bag!  Thanks to my Tita for letting me borrow it. :)

What do you think?

Top from Cousin's Closet
Skirt from Black Sheep
Blazer from The Chic Closet
Belt from another dress
Sandals from Pinky Toes
Bag from Dooney and Bourke
Bracelet from Boracay

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