Aside from coral, I also have Bella blue in my list of favorite colors. Okay, just sharing.. :)

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Bella Blue Bustier Top from The CHIc Closet
Shorts from batchmate's online shop
Tights from SM Department Store
Shoes from Charles & Keith

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Hey readers!  Together with The CHIc Closet co-owners, we're happy to give you guys a GIVEAWAY!  Yay!

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Shipping fee will still be shouldered by the buyer.  We can also do meet ups!  Check this link for more details.

Rate: 50 pesos for Metro Manila

For questions, feel free to comment here!  Valid while supplies last.

Happy shopping!

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A rainy Santacruzan... it happened last May 20.  About the gown, I tried 3 including this one.  I really like the details.  All colors compliment each other.  It has an Arabian feel, very unique for a modern Filipiniana.

Thanks to Sis Rovie for my hair and makeup.  I super love the hair extensions!!!!  She also lend me  her gold bracelet.  

Thanks to Jeffrey Santos for the gown.  Amazing work!

Thanks to Kuya Bon for preparing everything!

Thanks to Cita for going with us!

Thanks to Hershey for inviting me to join their barangay's Santacruzan.

Thanks to my fam for the effort to walk with me under the non-stop drizzle. You're the best!

It felt a bit incomplete because Kris wasn't able to come.  It's kinda obvious because I don't have several nice shots, but still, thanks to my Ate Joi.

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My second time at Nail Spa, SM The Block.  A pedicure costs 270 php, but includes cleaning, quick massage, quick filing and no extra charge for a branded polish.

I chose Orly, my fave!

This is definitely one of favorite spas.  The interior is very nice, decorated just like Victorian style and not pink! :P

I also learned that the shape of your nails can sometimes make the skin around them dry.  They recommend "square-shape" cut.  Another advice is to remove the nail polish after two weeks because it will really damage your nails.  I admit I don't do this.  :)

Check out their FB Page here for more details on their services.  They also have a branch at EDSA Shang.

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I really admire an independent woman.  Someone who can handle things on her own and doesn't give a damn when doing things all by herself.  I wish could be like that.  I know that I'm independent in some ways, but let me share to you one thing that I cannot do alone no matter how hard I try.

That is, to eat alone outside... even shopping alone...HAHA!  But, let's face it... we have to deal with it sometimes.  I know this is not the major factor to be considered when you're talking about a real independent woman.  You have to at least make decisions on your own and face whatever result of that decision may be.  

Okay, I'm just randomly typing what's inside of my head right now...HAHA! :P

Let's talk about the look.  Don't you love this color?  It makes you look fairer.  WOOO! Love it!  This is my new fave color... the MUSTARD.   

Get your bustier now at The CHIc Closet.  Like us for FREE Metro Manila SHIPPING!

Mustard Bustier from The CHIc Closet
Shorts from batchmate's online shop
Belt from Tita's closet
Shoes from Mendrez

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When I had my first facial last December, I was very sure that it will take some time before I go for another one.  My pain tolerance is so low, so I couldn't endure much of the pricking.  However, I was  annoyed at those dirt on my pores.  Ewwness.  That reason was just enough to made me rush for a facial after 4 months.

I heard a lot of good comments about Flawless Clinic.  Yep, it's a bit pricey, but I had a good feeling that it will be worth every cent.

I wasn't able to take pictures, but I will next time! :)

They recommended Flawless White Facial Advanced, 880 php.  All facials include pricking and mask, they said.  Honestly, this facial was not "sulit" for me because they didn't do the massage and laser "thing" (forgot the name, sculp??).  Sam, the staff that assisted me, suggested not to do that because I have small pimples that might react with that treatment.  I should have chosen other cheaper facial if that was the case. :(

Nevertheless, the service was nice.  Two thumbs up.  First, they will let you smell a relaxing ointment.  They even massaged my hands after putting it in warm pads.  After the pricking, they applied vitamin C on my face.  You will also get a quick massage for your back and shoulders.

The best part of this facial was the mask.  It was a cold, menthol-like, minty and toothpaste-like mask.  Very soothing.

How about the place?  Don't expect it to be quiet because the Trinoma branch is located near the entrance from SM North Edsa.  You also won't have much privacy because the clinic is just a one open space.

You can visit their site for more information about their services and products.

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May 19, Saturday... a super duper long day for us.  From NALA shift, had to wake up at 7AM to watch the football practice game.  The heavy traffic in EDSA started to ruin our day.  

Next, we headed to my volleyball tryout.  It's super fun!  I realized that sports can destress you.  Now, my body hurts.  :P

I don't want to talk about the next thing that really made us mad to the highest level.  So, maybe I can just skip that.

I'm still feeling sleepy.  That happens when you only have 3 hours of sleep the previous day.

How about you?  How do you deal with your long day?

Black Bustier from The CHIc Closet
Skirt from Forever 21
Boots from Payless

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One of my favorite bustiers from the May Collection.  I own one, yep..mine.  :)  I will share it to you in the coming weeks.  

So, we're done with our very first shipment.  We used XEND Express and probably, we'll stick to that.  Here are some pros about this courier.
  1. Very cheap.  Since buyers shoulder the shipping fee (not anymore once we reach 100 FB Likes, free shipping for 3 days!), this is a very nice rate for them.  You just have to pay 50 php for Metro Manila shipping.
  2. Online booking.  You can create an account online and manage everything there.
  3. Free waybills and plastic pouches.  You can ask these from the rider, so next time, you can prepare the parcel beforehand.
  4. Free pickup.  They offer same day delivery too!  Expect someone on your door ready to pick up your items instead of going to other courier branches.
  5. Friendly.  Kuya rider is very mabait...HAHA!
How about cons?  Well, too early to tell because it was our first time.  I heard some saying that their pickup is usually late.  From my experience earlier, I scheduled my pickup last night around 8PM.  I didn't specify the time.  The rider came around 5PM, today.  I just had no clue whatsoever if someone will really come...HAHA!

Another one, their online chat support and hotline are not working!  BUT!  They do answer emails pretty fast.

Check out our badge.  Obviously, we're a newbie.  :)

I'll tell you more about Xend.  Hopefully, it will be reliable.

Gray Ivy Bustier from The CHIc Closet
Asymmetrical Skirt from Forever21

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We've all heard about Anne Curtis' new endorsement.  Avon, one of the biggest direct selling companies here in the Philippines welcomed Anne to their family.

photo from Google :)

I got curious about their major product that's featured by Anne, so I bought one.  Luckily, I was able to buy this for only 259 php (intro price)!  Original price is I think, 399 php.  Yay!

This is in Happy Pink, a bright pink. :)  

I love the sleek, metal case.  Shine Attract Lipsticks promises color and that extra shine.  The gel around the lipstick bullet will give you that weightless gloss.  Problem with this design is that, you will face a slight difficulty in applying the color.  Since it is in the middle, you have to make sure it lands on your lips properly.  

It comes in several colors from pink to red! 

 I love how it gives moisture to the lips.  :)  

So, why just color when you can shine? - Avon :)

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Honey Irish Bustier Top from The CHIc Closet
Shorts from Batchmate's shop
Belt from Tita's closet
Wedge shoes from Mendrez

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