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Remember my post about our spa experience at Nuat Thai?  Now, we got another deal through Ensogo... body scrub and massage at Mandara Spa.

The Mandara Spa is located at Mckinley Park Residences Unit 308, 31st St. cor. 3rd Avenue,  Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.  This building is near Deutsche Bank.  

Our reservation was scheduled 12PM, but because of traffic and lack of parking space, we arrived an hour late.  Luckily, they allowed us to still push through, but they had to limit the treatment time.  

I didn't take pictures so I would not disturb other customers.  The place is small because I think it is just a condo unit made as a commercial space.  However, the ambiance is so nice.  It's dark inside but with enough light, of course.  They have a space for feet treatments and I think, 4 rooms for the spa.  

First, they will ask you to change clothes.  They have robes and boxers for men.  You can also ask for disposable panties. :)

Next, you need to soak your feet in warm water.  After that, it's body scrub time!  I enjoyed it.  (I love body scrubs!!)  They will wrap you for a couple of minutes so that your skin can absorb the scrub.

Their shower room is clean.  It's complete with all stuff that you need.  They are using L'Occitane for their shampoo and bath gel.

I never thought that I would enjoy the massage as much as I did. :)  It's like my stress level went down instantly.

Okay, so let's break it down.

What I like about it?
- Staffs are very accommodating
- Very nice ambiance
- Clean shower room
- Nice service
- Satisfying massage and scrub
- Good value for your money

What I don't like about it?
- 4 rooms only (I suggest for you to reserve a slot ahead of time.  Warning: weekends are always full!)

Rating: 6/7 stars

If I remember correctly, the original value of body scrub and massage is 1150 php.  We got ours for only 750 php per person.

I really recommend The Mandara Spa.  Please try and visit them! :)

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

Half year has almost passed.  Can you believe it?  Whew!  So far, everything seems to be, career, love.  Love?  HAHA.  Nothing is certain, but I'm still being optimistic about it.  

Good thing is that...I'm still happy - I AM HAPPY.  Let me ask you a question.  Have you reached a point in your life when you thought about your future?  Like...  Is everything seems to work out according to plan?  Am I taking the correct path?  You know what?  Sometimes, I just want to snap out from thinking these things and say, "Screw planning life!" HAHA! :)  (Nakaka-stress!)

Okay, so we're back to regular programming.  Remember this top?  I used it as a vest/cover-up before to soften the look of my sequin black dress.  Now, I opted for a classy look.  :)  

What do you think?

Sheer Top and Mullet Skirt from The CHIc Closet
Shoes from Charles & Keith

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Yay!  My third lip liner!  I've been using liners for quite some time now and I must say that I'm really getting used to it.  

I apply this after lipstick.  Some people prefer to use it before, because of the obvious reason... to outline the lips.  Of course, it depends on you and on the lip look that you want to achieve.

I'd like to call this type as the "mechanical" lip liner..HAHA!  Just like the mechanical pencils we used back then. :)

No need to sharpen!  Just rotate the upper part and it's good to go.  

This one is in Mauve, an old rose color.  I sometimes use lip liner alone to color my lips.  Why?  Because the texture is so natural.  So, this color is perfect for that use.  

This type of liner can really last long.  I mean, compared with pencils because you can break them accidentally, right??! :P

Take a closer look at the color when applied.  

Now, let's just breakdown everything. :)

What I like about it?
- hard case not pencil
- precision (as the name itself says, Line Stylist... just compare a regular ball pen to a Pilot get the idea.)
- long-lasting (I tried to rub it off with and without water, good enough!)
- no need to sharpen

What I hate about it?
- once you get it out, you cannot retract it and bring it back inside (imagine, wasting some if it hits the cap)

Therefore, I give it 4/5 stars. :)

What do you think?  What's your favorite lip liner?

You can also check out my NYX and Estee Lauder's lip liner reviews.  And also, my video tutorial on how to make 4 lip looks with 1 lipstick.

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I love the result of pairing neon with leather.  I think they are just meant for each other! :)

Noticed that old and dirty boots?!  HAHA!  Hey, don't tease me!  This pair completes the rocker chick look!

I'll leave the rest of the story with the post title. :P

What do you think?

Neon Top from The CHIc Closet
Leather Leggings
Boots from S.O. Fab

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Heard the news from The CHIc Closet?  Just because we want to give you more treats aside from fab clothes... makeup products are now available!

Found a product from your favorite makeup brand in the internet, but also found out that it's not yet available here in Manila?  We feel ya!  I also tried it but the expensive shipping fee prevented me to do so. :(

So, now we're bringing them to you!  Some cosmetics that we offer are for sale here, BUT CHEAPER! :) 

Reserve yours now because we only have limited stocks.  Good thing is.... no need to wait!  No pre-order!  Everything is on-hand and can be shipped immediately after payment!  

Wanna hear more good news??!  SHIPPING is on us!  Free nationwide shipping if you order 2 or more!  So, hoard them now!  

Posted SOME of the pictures here.  Please visit our page to check them out.

All authentic, brand new and from U.S., just came in this week actually!!! We have more, so please do visit our shop!!! <3

Expect a blog review of some of these!!! :)

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