Missed me?  Sorry I wasn't able to blog since Thursday.  I'm really excited to share to you guys our experience in Boracay.  My second trip to the number one beach was fun, of course with my family and Kris.  We tried island hopping and banana boat.  The rest of the story will be told on my next posts. 

I hope everyone is safe as we wait for this typhoon to finally get out of our country.  I witnessed the scary, wild waves and super strong winds with sudden heavy rains.  I'm really thankful that our trip was safe.

About the dress, I love the pattern of the prints and the lace detail at the front.  The material is light since it is chiffon, a little bit sheer at the back.  I'm not into animal prints, but this dress is just enough.. I can handle dalmatian like spots... HAHA!  Or white tiger, perhaps?  :D

August will start tomorrow and that means another collection will be on your way! Yay!  Drum roll PLUEASEEEE!!  We'll prepare it and open the new closet around second week. :)

What do you think?

Dress from The Chic Closet
Shoes from Charles & Keith
Earrings from Forever21

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I have a couple of MUAH posts to share, but I forgot to draft them.  So, before I leave Manila and enjoy my favorite beach (yey! soooooo excited for my first out of town trip this year), here's a lookbook post for you. :D

I'm really sorry because I wasn't able to put on a few accessories because when we did the shoot, I was really tired and sleepy.  Thanks to makeup!  HAHAH!  We were super exhausted because of our football game.

This dress is similar to the Pink Candy Dress, same cut and design too!  I love the color blocking details on the skirt.

I will really try my best to blog while I'm in Boracay.  Never too late for some beach lovin'!  <3

Grab this dress for only 460 pesos!  This dress looks a little like Plains & Prints for me.  :)

What do you think?

Dress from The Chic Closet
Shoes from Charles & Keith
Earring from Forever21

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Don't you love it when you have a dress that you can easily put on and you'd be instantly good to go?  I bet you have one in your closet.  This very flower-full dress can be your on-the-go dress!  I forgot to put a slim belt when we had the shoot, too bad. :(  

It has a deep cut (not too deep) at the front and a somewhat closed collar-like cut around the neck.  Actually, it also looks good when viewed from the back.  

This dress is perfect for small to medium frames.  The garterized waist part will absolutely hug you... :)

What do you think?

 Dress from The Chic Closet
Shoes from Parisian
Accessories from SM

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If you are a fashion fanatic, for sure you are a follower of Ms. Laureen Uy's blog called Break My Style.  She is the top fashion blogger with over 1 million total unique views and 4 thousand page views per day.  That's a big WOW!  O_o  How I wish my blog would have that awesome stats too!!! HAHA! :)

I'm super excited to share to you a blog post of the one and only Laureen Uy about our shop.  
She picked this black and yellow sleeveless sheer polo from the June Collection.  

She paired it with another stripey long dress and rocked the Japanese-y look!  Horizontal plus vertical stripes in action!

Remember how I matched this top with the black sheer palazzo pants?  You can check it here.  This bottom is still available and on sale!!! 

To read more about her post, check here.  Personally, I really loved her look because it's edgy and fun.  

Don't forget to like our FB shop!  See you there! :)

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Hope you already checked out our latest collection!!!  I'm soooooo happy about these fab, girly, preppy and chic dresses!  And the best part is..... they are all below 500 pesos!  What a steal, right?!

This dress is called Pink Candy.  It has a garterized waist and a v-shape neckline.  This is perfect for pink lovers out there!  It's very casual, but you can glam it up by wearing accessories, a cardigan or a belt.

I matched it with my candy pink ankle-strap flat shoes from Cerafin.  Remember my yellow pair?  They are really heaven sent!  :)   

So, ladies... reserve a dress now at our shop!  You'll surely fall in love at one piece. 

Please don't forget to like our FB Page... and you can share the love too! <3  Thank yoooooooo so much!

Dress from The Chic Closet
Shoes from Cerafin Online
Headband from Jaela's Drawer
Heart Earrings from Jewelry Box

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Here you go, another batch of apps you would want to download. :)

1. Zombie HQ

I'm not sure if this is because I'm currently addicted to The Walking Dead TV series.  This game reminds me of Resident Evil.  It's very easy, just kill the zombies before they kill you. :D

2. Real Football 2012

Introducing.... my newest sport!  FOOTBALL!!! Hooray!  Just because I can't get enough of our weekend practices, I downloaded this game.  And I have to say, I learned a lot by playing this. :)  I even bought coins/money to buy more stamina.  You need that in order to proceed to a game, but don't worry, you can replenish it.

3. Madcoaster

I love this!!! It's a simple game but very challenging!  I can't get to 4000m right now...HAHA!  Help! :) You just have to get as much coins as you can, hit the birds and all animals in your way and avoid falling!  Please try this!

4. Battery Doctor

I really recommend this app.  It will help you preserve your battery life.  I didn't know that we need at least 1 full cycle every month.

5. Where's My Water?

Let us help swampy to get his well-deserved shower time!  HAHA!

6. 100 Floors

Remember Doors?  If you're into putting your brain to a serious workout, try this game!  We're stuck at Level 39!! :)

Hope you enjoy these apps!  Good luck!

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Hey, ladies!  As announced last Friday, we have fab dresses for all of you this month!  Closet now open for reservation!  We have these items on-hand and ready to ship!

All of these are below 500 pesos!!! Yay!  Visit, like and share our page now!  

Honestly, I'm really tempted to buy some for my own closet, of course...HAHA!  Oh well, I'll just save that for later.  :)

Oops, by the way, SHIPPING FEE is on us if you order worth 1000 pesos and up and it's nationwide!

Another one, we're still on SALE for the May and June Collection!  Don't miss it, okay?!

The Chic Closet

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