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by - July 12, 2013

Shame on me! Yea, I know.  I'm sorry guys for ditching you for the past days.  This has been happening for 2 weeks already and I'm not liking it either.  HIHI!  I guess this will continue because I'll be running out of things to post soon.  Poor duckie.  :(  Oh well, I'll just try my best.  Please do love me still.

If you're wondering why my hair looks so pretty on the photo (i can't believe it too! HAHA!), here's the answer.  Messy bun!  Yeap!  It's the easiest way to have such wavy, beach curls.  Two easy steps.  First, gather your hair into a pony tail and then, twist it to create a bun.  You can use pins or elastics to secure.  It works best with damp hair.  Talking about heatless!

And ooh, what can you say about my "with and without glasses" photos?  I use them as a concealer!  Works everytime!  HIHI!    

What's your plan this weekend?  I know there's a bazaar and so many end of season sale happening here and there.  Me?  We're gonna hit the field again.  I miss football already!  After that, we're planning to watch Despicable Me 2 and chill with our friends.  Tickets were sold out last week!!  Insane! 

Happy weekend!!

your sweetest drug,

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