LOOKBOOK - Don't Be Scared, Be Excited

by - December 20, 2013

As another year draws to a close, many questions have been popping in my head.  I feel that I'm seeking for real answers.  A few months back, I made a plan of taking a turn in my career and it's supposed to start now.  An opportunity came so I had to continue my drive on this freeway.  Am I starting to experience the quarter life crisis?  HAHA!  Anyway, I'll share more when I do the Highlights of My 2013 post.

After reading this quote on Instagram, I suddenly felt more positive about things.  "Don't be scared, be excited", it's true and I couldn't agree more.  There's really no reason to let fear take over.  Besides, I know Someone up there is already taking care of everything that's ahead of me.  So, why worry, right?

Speaking of excitement, what are you excited about 2014?  Are you having out of the country trips?  How about special events?  Are you anticipating any changes in your work?  Let me know!

In a totally related unrelated note, here's the last outfit from our Better Days collection.  Noticed my "pilit" hairstyle?  HAHA!  Bustier is really the key piece when you want to flaunt those sexy shoulders.  :)

And as a Christmas treat for all of you, we are having a Buy One Get One promo!!  Enjoy 50% discount on your second item.  Yay!  

What do you think?

Bustier and Skater Skirt from The Chic Closet

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