How's your January, guys?  The first month of 2013 is officially over.  Time really flies.  Made me think about the things I have accomplished so far.  :)     

Oh well, I have terrible headache right now, so let me do a very quick post.  

Don't you just love the printed dress?  The colors are very lovely.  Remember the first one I showed you here last month?  It's the same dress, different color/print.

I used my yellow belt again because it complements everything from the dress to my shoes.   Hooray for a colorful outfit!  It seems that a rainbow burst on me and scattered colors everywhere. :P

What do you think?

Dress from The Chic Closet (NOW ON SALE! 10% OFF THE POSTED PRICE)
Shoes from Cerafin Online
Belt from Bazaar

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your sweetest drug,
If you're a frequent reader of this blog, (which I really really hope HAHA!)  you'll notice how I emphasized removing makeup before going to bed.  Ladies, it's a MUST!  You can wash your face thoroughly to get rid of all the products and chemicals that you applied, but to make life easier... someone (thanks to you Mr. Inventor!) invented the "Makeup Remover".  Yay!

I have already tried two products from two different brands.  You can check them here (Etude) and here (Tony Moly).

Now, here's L'Oreal's.

It was on sale when I bought it.  Perfect timing!  Original price was less than 400 pesos.  I got it around 270 pesos.  Nice!

125 ml

It's oil based.  That's why the blue part seems to float. Chemistry review for me, please? HAHA! In case you're wondering, the bottle was originally full.  I had to use it several times before taking the picture.  :)

Let's look at the before and after photos now.


Minimal makeup only.  The mascara that I'm using is not waterproof.  

There they are again!  My huge eye bags are such a scene stealer.  Not cool!  Just pretend that you don't see them.  Okay??? :P


I also have eyeliner here.

Don't forget to shake it before using.  You can use a cotton ball or pad.

Here, you can actually see that with one swipe, my eyeliner was completely removed and even my eye shadow.

See the difference?  Left: with makeup and Right: after using the remover

I'm also using it for the brows and it's made to remove lipstick as well.

Now, here's the final result.



All I can say is that it's really effective.  With one swipe, even stubborn makeup can't stay.  :)  Gentle but tough... in a way.  (What??!!)

It has no strong scent and it doesn't irritate my eyes.  I think I'll stick to this makeup remover, but you know... blogger duties... I have to try other products for you... my dearest readers.  (Feeling!!!)

One thing to request from L'Oreal though is to change the bottle to a dispenser like the one below. :)  

What do you think?

Visit L'Oreal's Facebook page here for more updates.

your sweetest drug,
Someone craved for Japanese food and dragged me here at SumoSam.  Who?  The Champion Eater, Kris.  HAHA! :P  Just kidding!  I got that from the resto's tagline.

Okay, let's take a look.

SumoSam reinvented some of the typical Japanese dishes that we, Filipinos have always loved.  Their menu is quite wide and creative.  Ambiance, too is worthy of attention.  

Vegetable Ramen (279 php)

We looked for a simple and basic Ramen.  You can also choose from Miso and the other one...HAHA, sorry I forgot. :)

We loved it!  The veggies and noodles were just right for us.  

Smoked Tuna and Salmon Roll (239 php)

Oh my!  Craving for this baby!!!  I hope you can try! :)  The taste of the salmon and tuna was not too strong.  Everything stuffed inside was just flavorful and addicting.  #foodpornalert

Beef Yakitori (328 php)

We're not happy about this dish.  Even though the meat was cooked perfectly, it still tasted like ordinary barbecue for us.  ...and look at the price!  300 plus for 2 pieces?  Hmmm... Overpriced?

We ate this with rice, of course.

68 php per serving

Maybe we'll try to visit again just because of those awesome sushi rolls and ramen!  I heard that their Kani Salad is great too, but there's mayo, right? So.... "no" for me.  :P  

What do you think?

Visit SumoSam's Facebook page here and their website too for more updates.

your sweetest drug,

Welcome to the town of Forks.  Chos!  

This amazing man-made forest in Bohol is a perfect spot to take pictures.  Just be careful because  cars will appear from both sides.  :P  When we took these shots, we're like "Bilis bilis may kotse!"  HAHA! 

Please check out my previous post about our Bohol escapade.  A day trip like that can be tiring and a complete torture for your feet.  So, go for comfy shoes.  I thought of using slippers, but I realized that my feet would be exposed to dirt and dust from the long walks.  I also wore light pieces.  Don't go for knits or thick fabrics for tours like this unless the weather allows you.  :)  

What do you think?    
Top, shorts, vest from Bazaar
Shoes from Call It Spring
Aviator Shades and Bangles from Forever 21
Watch from Oxygen Paris
Bag from Dooney & Bourke

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Bohol can definitely make tourists feel like they are in a paradise.  It's one of those places where you can experience nature at it's finest.  Beach, historical landmark, wildlife and of course, the majestic chocolate hills... all in the island of Bohol.

From Cebu, we crossed the sea and experienced the wonderful Bohol.  We took a day trip tour package from 4L Travel and Tours.  We had around 8 stops from Blood Compact to the Hanging Bridge.  Let me share the pictures!

Since it's a one day trip, we had to wake up early to catch the boat transfer schedule.  Whew!  I thought I'd only see the sunrise when I go home from work because of night shift.

First stop... Blood Compact.  A quick picture taking would do. 

Next... Prony's!

If you're wondering who's Prony... it's the python above.  You can also call this scary snake... Prown-Prown... HAHA! :P May nickname pa talaga?!

We also saw some wild animals... this crocodile not included. :P

Next... Butterfly Garden.  I enjoyed this place!

They also showed us the life cycle of a butterfly.  Felt like a field trip! :)  

Just in time for lunch... we reached Loboc River.  Eat while you enjoy the beautiful scenery and background music from a local.

They served barbecue, shrimp, chicken and many more.  From appetizers to fresh fruits for dessert.  Eat all you can! 

Your visit to Bohol won't be complete without seeing the tarsiers.

I can relate to these precious nocturnal animals.  Should be sleeping at day time and awake at night.  :P  

Remember.... flash photography is not allowed.  

This man-made forest really reminds me of Twilight.  

I'll share my Lookbook post for this trip tomorrow.  We took the photos here. :)

When I was in grade school, I always chose to draw Chocolate Hills for our Sibika at Kultura subject.  All I need was a brown crayon.  Effortless!  HAHA!  "For I can't draw problems.."

You'll really wonder how these land forms are created.  Amazing.  

It was tiring to go up because of the loooooooooooong stairs, but it's worth it.  

For our last stop, we went to the hanging bridge.  

If there's a chance for me to go back, I'll definitely visit Panglao to see Bohol's beautiful white sand beach.  

What do you think? 

your sweetest drug,