This top might look so simple and boring at the first look, but wait till I show you my it's back.  See that?  Gorgeous lace that creates a subtle sexy feel. With this very chic piece, even pairing it with jeans will still be perfect.  Let's give sheer clothing a rest first and go for laced tops and dresses.  

What do you think?

Top from Forever 21 (available at The Chic Closet at a lower price plus 10% off)
Skirt from Bazaar
Shoes from Charles and Keith

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Our hair deserves a special treatment every once in a while.  Too bad, salon hair treatments are expensive.  BUT!!!!!  There's still hope, ladies!  HAHA!  I found this hair product which is not only affordable... it's very effective too!

For only 170 pesos, you can have a one-minute hot oil treatment in the comfort of your home.  

Serious ingredients here.  HAHA!  I hope they can make a "more organic" version of this product.  

You can apply this daily after shampoo just like an ordinary conditioner. But I prefer using it once or twice a week since I don't shampoo my hair every Monday if I'm working from home.  

The consistency of the product is similar to a regular conditioner.  The effect?  It makes the hair instantly smooth and soft from roots to tips.  I noticed that after weeks of using Silk Secrets, I have lesser split ends now.  I just hope the milk fragrance stays longer. :)    

It's not easy to maintain a long hair, because the tips get damaged and you have to go to a salon regularly for a trim.  So, do your mane a favor and give it's well-deserved treatment.  

What do you think?

You can buy this at Watsons or any SM Department Store.

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We were not satisfied about Omakase's food, ambiance and serving except for the maki that we ordered and the drinks.  This might not be worth sharing anymore, but still, I just want to post it here just in case, you'd plan to visit.  A tip, go for sushi and sashimi instead of trying other dishes.  :)

We were in Greenhills and spotted Omakase.  Perfect timing, since we're craving for Japanese food.

The place was a bit crowded.  There were a lot of waiters, but it seemed that they couldn't handle everyone. Plus, tables don't have enough spaces in between, so we could hear everything from the people seating beside us.  They have a wide selection of dishes, but the menu was not helpful enough.  

Crazy Maki 

I liked this especially the crunchy part.  :)  

Beef Teppan 

It's perfectly cooked, taste was good enough.

Ebi Tempura

I think it is overpriced for it's size.  

Forgot the name of this Ramen.  Honestly, it tasted like an instant chicken noodles.  

Bottomless flavored iced tea was very refreshing.  You can choose from orange or raspberry.

Sadly, I don't think we'll come back (unless the price becomes lower HAHA!), but like I said, I can recommend the maki, sushi or sashimi.  

What do you think?

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I was saving this post for Valentines Day, but I got so busy preparing my "little surprise".  If you're wondering what I did, well... I was feeling artsy so I made a stop motion music video.  Using a drawing book, crayons, watercolor, colored pens, glitter glue and many more, I took 200 plus photos and wrote/draw the lyrics of Cater To You by Destiny's Child.  Actually, it looked like a grade school student's art project.  HAHA!  BUT!!!  I'm proud enough because I swear....... it's sooooooooo hard to make such animation!  You have to really think of how you want it to look like then, as for the editing, it must be well synced with the song.  Whew!

For my Sweet Baby...

Today, let me share two "couple apps" for all of the love birds out there.  Tweet!  I discovered this when I was searching the net for a V-Day surprise idea.

First, Couple - An App for Two.

You have to sign up and invite your special someone.  It has a timeline where you can send messages, photos and videos to each other.  It allows both of you to save every precious moment.  


There's also a very cool feature called "Thumbkiss".  Both of you can stay connected anytime, anywhere through a thumbkiss.  How?  One must initiate and when you're touching the same spot, your phone will vibrate.  Cool! You can also save dates, draw together and many more.  

If you are looking for more, try Love Byte.  It has a better interface than Couple.

Like the previous app, you can set a password to make everything private. 


It has a timeline too where you can save special moments together such as your first date, favorite food, name it!  You can also send messages, photos and videos by clicking the icon on the upper-right corner.

Here's the best part.  You can send coupons that look like a scratch card.  There are templates, but you can make your own.  

Express your "cheesiness" with these two apps.  And guess what.... you can download them for FREE!  Start creating your story today! :)

What do you think?

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Should I just change my title to Dalmatian Chic?  HAHA!  Alright, maybe that's not a good idea.  :P

I'm not into animal prints, but I love the back detail of this dress.  Sheer plus cut-out... need I say more? #JustTheRightAmountOfSexy 

Black and white ensemble is a hot trend this year.  And if we have the same take on such prints, maybe this can be an exception, not too loud and not too...well, let's say... animalistic.  HAHA!

What do you think?

Dress from The Chic Closet (10% off!)
Shoes from WADE
Earrings from Forever 21

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Here's another K-POP inspired eye makeup!  It's very edgy and I think it's appropriate enough for a night out.  If you think a normal winged line or an extended line is getting boring, why not try this for change?  :)

Just follow the steps below.  It's pretty easy and you can even try different colors.  Good luck!

1. Apply lip balm.
2. Apply concealer.
3. Apply a very small amount of foundation just to even out the skin tone.  You can put on more if you need.
4. I'm not good with fixing the eyebrows, so I always go for a natural look by using brow powder/brown eye shadow.  Just follow the shape of your brows.
5. Use a metallic/shimmery eye shadow with a copper-like color for your base.  You can also use any other color that you want, but neutral tones work best with this look.
6. Look for a darker color than the base, in my case, dark brown.  Apply it on your crease.  This will add depth.
7. Highlight your eyes using a white shimmery eye shadow.
8. With a gel or cream eyeliner, start lining your eyes but stay close to the lash line.  You can also use liquid or pen.  Wing it out in small strokes.
9. Intensify the color by adding a matte black eye shadow or pencil.
10. For the lower lash line, use the same gel liner and apply it from the inner corners.  Don't apply anything on the outer side.
11. Now, since it's called Open Eyeliner look, extend the lower lash line.  It should be the same length as the upper.
12. You can adjust both lines to make sure they are even.
13. Take a black eyeliner pencil and apply it on the lower lash line.  Again, don't extend it to the outer corner.
14. Now, for the fun part, take a white, silver or any colored eyeliner and fill in the space between the winged lines.  It's better to use shimmery or metallic.  This will accentuate the whole eye makeup.  
15.  You skip this part, but false eyelashes add extra drama so, I cut it in half and put them on the outer corner.
16. Apply mascara on your top and bottom lashes.
17. Using the same highlighter, apply some on the bridge of the nose and cheeks.
18. Time to contour.  I added some rosy blush on too.
19. For the lips, you can use any color. Here, I went for a frosted pink lipstick.  Use a lip liner first to prevent it from feathering.
20. Fix your hair and.... Smile!

Products Used:

  • Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm (my review here)
  • E.L.F. All Over Cover Stick (my review here)
  • Maybelline Liquid Foundation (my review here)
  • Lancome Mochaccino Eye Shadow used for eyebrows
  • NYC Loose Eye Powder in Cocoa Shimmer
  • BH Cosmetics 88 Color Palette's Dark Brown
  • Lancome Drape Eye Shadow used as highlighter
  • E.L.F. Cream Eyeliner (my review here)
  • Penshoppe Black Eyeliner Pencil
  • E.L.F. Black Eye Shadow (my review here)
  • Etude White Eyeliner (my review here)
  • Maybelline Illegal Length Mascara (my review here)
  • Loreal True Match Face Powder (my review here)
  • Estee Lauder Lip Pencil (my review here)
  • MAC Lipstick in Bombshell (my review here)
  • Angel Gray Contact Lens (my review here)
  • Accessories from Forever 21
Music by BIGBANG: Love Dust and Ji Be Kajima (Don't Go Home)

Here are some photos.

What do you think?

Music by BIGBANG, Sarang Meon Ji (Love Dust) and G-Dragon and TOP, Ji Be Kajima (Don't Go Home)

I won't be able to post a FRIDAY Flashback tomorrow since I'll be with my team for some beach lovin'.  I'll talk to you again on Saturday. :)

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Lip balm is a basic necessity of everyone's make up kit.  It fights the flaking and keeps our lips moisturized.  Some lipsticks and lip glosses can make them dehydrated, so applying a lip balm prior is a must.

Remember the first version of Maybelline Baby Lips here in the Philippines?  Fortunately, they heard our cries to bring the tinted one.  Yay!

For just 90 pesos, you can have an effective balm that can keep your kissable lips from drying.  It has SPF too, so no need to worry about Mr. Sun.

Rose Addict

The scent/flavor is just okay, though I can't distinguish if it's strawberry or cherry.  HAHA! :)

About the color... it gives a very sheer tint, not so noticeable.  It is very hydrating and makes the lips instantly soft and shiny.  

I think there is another version of this in a silver tube.  I'll check that for you next time. :)

What do you think?

Visit Maybelline PH Facebook Page for more info.

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If you're craving for some Hainanese lovin', here's what I can recommend.

What I love about this food is the ginger flavor.  I know some of you will think that Hainanese chicken tastes plain and bland, but wait til you use the sauce and eat it with the rice.

You can also try roasted instead of steamed.  They serve this in a personal set complete with rice and soup and also in quarter, half or whole.  

I finished 2 cups of rice with one serving of chicken.  (Please don't judge me... HAHA!)  

Kris wanted to try this Hot & Sour soup.  It tasted weird, honestly.  :)

We loved the soy sauce, especially the hint of sweetness.  You should mix it well with ginger and spicy sauce.

We also liked this noodles (can't remember the exact name).  It's a simple dish, but very delicious.

Wee Nam Kee has a lot of other Singaporean dishes such as Chili Crabs and Cereal Prawns.  We will definitely go back to try them.

Trinoma branch is not too spacious, so consider the waiting time if you'd like to try this restaurant. It is located beside Yakimix, Cinema Level.  

What do you think?

Visit their Facebook Page here for more updates.

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