For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

That's the promise.

If there's one skin care product that I can't live without, it would be facial wash.  However, since I'm into skin whitening (ever since), I don't bother buying one.  I also use my body soap for my face.  I've been using Kojie San and it works for me.  Tried and tested.  Wanna see a before and after photo?  Nah, I don't want to share it.  HAHA!  Just kidding!  Remind me next time, okay?

Most likely, the product that you're using also targets your skin problem.  Dry skin?  Oily skin?  Sensitive skin?  Name it.  Today, I want to tell you about this cleanser from The Body Shop that I tried recently.  My Tita uses it, I think... not mine. :P

Tea tree oil is known for treating acne-prone skin.  It is also suitable for oily face.  Another plus point is that, it is more "organic".

This is from The Body Shop's Tea Tree collection.  They also have something for large pores, but this product line is a bit expensive.

I'm still wondering how it produces the foam.  :)

I have tried it several times and it really really cleanses well.  I found lesser dirt when applying toner after.  I just don't like the strong scent.  I think that's normal for tea tree oil.  After rinsing, your skin will become instantly smooth and  you won't feel any dryness.  No breakouts too! 

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I know most of you will be out of town this weekend.  It's been a tradition of Filipino families to spend their summer vacation during the Lenten Season.  Well, I do wish you quality time and a safe trip.  Also, don't forget to have a quiet moment to reflect. :)

Here's another post that's buried in my drafts folder.  Sssshh.. I just had to tweak it a bit. *wink

Perhaps Puerto Galera is in your list of summer escapade destinations.  Let me share to you some photos.  These were taken during our team offsite last February.  (Woah, spell late post!)

White beach?  Check.  Crystal blue water?  Hmmmm..  Close enough. :P

We stayed at Sea Jewel, just 2  to 3 tumblings away from the shore.  :)  The room was good for 5 pax.  I think we paid 1000++ each for the accommodation with breakfast.  Quite expensive.

For dinner, check out this ihaw-ihaw place.  They serve unli-rice!  HAHA!  I liked their mango shake too! <3

After dinner, time to chill!

Be entertained by some comedy bars too.

I don't want to compare the place to Boracay.  Puerto Galera is beautiful too (in it's own way), but I can't think of a reason to go back.  Am I being a little biased here?  HOHO!  :)

Enjoy your trip and have a blessed vacation!  :) 

your sweetest drug,
We have all wished for a long lasting eye shadow and gladly, a makeup genie brought one.  Primers are there to help too, but sometimes, we can't really prevent the creasing.  Maybelline formulated these paint pots that promise 24 hour color.  Wow.

Let's take a look, shall we? :)

We got these from U.S., not yet available here in Manila.  We still have one piece left and it's on sale!!!  400 pesos only so, get it now!  Visit our shop here.  :)

I'll be sharing you two shades, purple and pomegranate. (I think they have 9)

Let's start with the packaging.  I like it. It's compact and makes you see the color instantly.  Thumbs up for that!

What you see is what you get, very true for these lovely paint pots.  The color is very pigmented. It has a soft texture and creamy consistency.

The colors are very gorgeous.  From the metallic like gold and bronze to the bold colors like emerald and teal.  I tried wearing the Pomegranate Punk last week.  Here are the photos.

Even if the color is vibrant and bold, it is still buildable.  You can also put on powder eye shadow to intensify the look even more.

One drawback would be the blending part.  Although the product can be transferred easily, it so difficult to blend and even it out.  So sad.  Most likely, you will end up with a very messy application.  Using your finger to put it on can help, but still, you would need some time to smoothen the color.  You must use light strokes.  Maybe patting it on with a flat brush can make it a bit easier too.

left (with eye shadow) ; right (without)

The Pomegranate Punk shade is perfect for everyday look.  I used very small amount for a very light and neutral eye makeup.

Now, here's the photo after approximately 13 hours.  (Yuck, my eye bags would like to say hello again.)
True enough, it survived half a day!  It didn't crease and the color was still there.  Well, I don't have oily eyelids or anything like that, but still, it's amazing.  No wonder it got high ratings and positive reviews from other websites and blogs.

Here's the Painted Purple shade.  It's tempting me to create a makeup video.  *lightbulb

Summing it up!

Thumbs up:
  • Bold and gorgeous colors
  • High quality packaging
  • Value for money (affordable enough considering the fact that it does it's job)
  • Long lasting... TRUE! (13 hours?? That's amazing already!)
  • Doesn't crease even without primer
  • Buildable
  • Perfect for night makeup and for occasions (all-day events)
  • Not stubborn with makeup remover
  • No scent
  • Difficult to blend (let's understand because it's a cream eye shadow)
  • Very messy to apply
  • Color Tattoo on your eyes... a must try!
  • Get our last pot of Pomegranate Punk for only 400 pesos!

Color Tattoo on your eyes... a must try!

Get our last pot of Pomegranate Punk for only 400 pesos!

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Admit it.  Sometimes, it's easier to quit than to hold on.  I'll be honest too.  Sometimes, I feel like giving up.  But we all have to face it.  There will always be dark days.  Too dark that you can't almost see any acceptable reason why to continue and move forward.  Too dark that your mind seems to be clouded with all the negativities around.  Too dark that you can't see a single star.  No beacon that can give you a spark of hope.  

Yes, I've been there.  I thought of stopping and quitting.  But even at those dark moments, I still looked for meaning, for reason.  Do we just stop believing in the stars when the clouds hide them at night?  

Maybe the only thing that's making me go on is LOVE.  Love for what I do.  Love for that person. Let me tell you... loving and believing can make a huge difference.  These two powerful things can help you reach the stars.  And yes, I will never stop loving the things I do and believing that dreams do come true.

So even if I don't make sense most of the time and my posts seem like a piece of trash and yes, let's add my inexcusable grammatical errors, forgive me my friends, but expect a lot more of that.  Well, I'll keep trying my best, okay? Please understand. HAHA!  :)

Should I still talk about this outfit?  Okay, okay... 'nuff with the sentimental intro.  

This crazy and irritating heat not only produces gallons of sweat, but creates a "fashion problem" too.  We all know that the weather plays a big factor when it comes to our outfit.  So, light pieces are a must - take this top as an example.  Patok ang mga damit na merong mala-ventilation-chorva.  We can't wear cut-out tops and dresses all the time especially at work, so mesh panels are our second option.  You can put on a cardigan or blazer once you get into your office.  (pagpasok ng office, freezing cold naman! Kalurkey!)

Oh well, that's it for today!  Please don't forget to visit our shop!

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Top from The Chic Closet
Leggings from Kates
Shoes from Charles & Keith
Earrings from Forever 21
Watch from Oxygen Paris

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Kris' birthday was a regular work day for us.  So, the least we could do is to dine out and of course, the birthday boy's craving should be satisfied... not mine.  HAHA! :P  Time to try something new!

Out of the 2 restaurants I recommended, he picked Thai.  Oh my, it's really "something new" for me!

For today's post, let me share our experience at Mango Tree.

We visited the branch at BGC.  The place was really spacious and everything looked elegant.  I love the comfy couches.  :)  Very nice ambiance and interior design.

Now, the food!

Thai Iced Tea

Kris' fave.  Let's call it Thai Milk Tea.  It has a red bean flavor, very refreshing!

Moo Satay

It's my first time to try Thai, so I couldn't really say if the food here is the best of the best.  But, overall, I liked everything. 

Moo Satay is similar to chicken barbecue except of course, the distinct flavor.  We enjoyed the sweet vinegar and curry sauce.  

Chicken in Red Curry

Thai cuisine won't be complete without curry, so we had to try it.  The waiter said that this is one of their best seller, red curry.

Thumbs up for the presentation and taste!  

Egg Fried Rice

It's loaded with peas, carrots and corn.  

Pad Thai

The famous rice noodles, Pad Thai.  Generous serving, good for 2 to 3.  

The noodles were very soft and the flavor was not too strong.  I appreciated this recipe, actually. :)

No regrets about trying out a new cuisine and I'm definitely happy to have my first Thai experience at Mango Tree.  :)

You can visit them in Trinoma and Greenbelt too.  They serve cocktails and wine, perfect for a quick night out with your girl friends.  We will definitely go back to try other dishes.

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