Hey, guys!  I just want to share this new skin care product that I've been using for a couple of days  already.  It's called Sunflower Oil from Human Nature.  It's a shop that sells a lot of organic and 100% natural beauty products.  I won't be doing a review today because as always, I want to try it for some time first, maybe few weeks would do.  I'll share the results to you after that, so stay tuned! :)

Noticed my new title tag?  It's called Just In!  I thought of doing hmmm.. let's say a sneak peek of what I have recently purchased or received as gifts (yes! you can give me gifts! HAHA!).    I'm not sure though if I should include my new fashion finds.  What do you think?  For now, let's stick to beauty and skin care products. 

Have a great weekend! Muah! <3

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Here's the last piece from our Sweet Spring Day Collection.  We still have a few stocks left and our Free Nationwide Shipping is still on!  Go and check the album here.  Aaaaaaand if you can't wait for the next set of chic and fab finds, here's a sneak peek.  HAHA!  :)    I'm already loving all of them!  Yay! <3

Now, let's talk about this chiffon top.  As I always say, light pieces are a must this summer!  If you want to survive the morning to afternoon heat, stick to breezy tops and dresses.  

This has a semi-peplum cut and it also has this crochet (or lace) detail, very simple.  I matched a darker blue piece to emphasize it's softer shade.  To add more color, I grabbed this cute pair of earrings and shoes.  Well, just a simple and casual outfit featuring crochet and chiffon.

What do you think?

Top and Shorts from The Chic Closet 
Wedges from TLTSN 
Bracelets from Forever 21
Earrings from Call It Spring

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Hey, everyone!! Hope you're still okay and surviving this crazy summer heat! :)

Anyway, noticed a new button on my post?  HAHA!  Let's start pinning! Follow me there, okay?  I want to check out your boards too! :)  You can also follow me on Instagram, that's @chixylove (same with Twitter) for more updates and usual weirdness (as Kris says).  HOHOHOHO!

For the online shoppers out there, please like our shop on Facebook! New collection is coming next week!  Yay! (announced here first, OF COURSE)

Happy weekend! <3

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Hello, friends!!   Just recently, I received a gift from iWhite.  I'm very excited to use them!  Well, actually, I'm already trying the Facial Cream.  But I'll stop my story here.  HAHA!  I'll be doing a separate post for each product that I got.  So, please watch out for that. :)

I'm a big fan of iWhite products especially their Nose Pack.  You can read my review here.  Cheers to them as well because they are pro-environment.  Love their paper bag! <3

Syempre lukot talaga para realistic.  HAHA!  (excuse ko lang yon)

I'll do a review after a few weeks and share the results to you.  Bye!! :)

Thank you, iWhite!!! <3

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Freshly cooked waffles, turning to a perfect brown in front of you.  And let me add the luscious fillings oozing out.  *sighs  Sounds like heaven already. :P 

You can choose a single spread of chocolate, peanut butter, jam or cream cheese.  If you're still undecided, go for their combos.  Our favorite is chocolate peanut butter.  Simple but perfect combination.  They also serve hot drinks.

If you're rushing to school or work and didn't take your breakfast, this is the ultimate solution.  It's one of the quickest snacks you can have.  Honestly, we can't get enough of these precious waffles.  We buy one or two whenever we get the chance.  You can visit them at SM Megamall (foodcourt) or Trinoma (in front of Tokyo Tokyo).

Have it really really toasted.  It's better when it's a little bit crunchy. :)

Really addicting!  I even ditched my popcorn and munched these babies instead when we watched a movie last time.  Please try it!  With less than 50 pesos, you get to enjoy these very satisfying waffles.  :)  

Quick.  Simple.  Delicious.

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What do you think?

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Okay, guys,  You can blame me for the inappropriate styling.  I'm really not satisfied on how I have presented this lovely dress.  Maybe I got overwhelmed because of the color and the "icing-on-the-cake-inspired" details.  Actually, it comes with a ribbon (same color) that you tie around the waist.  I should have paired this with a pair of pumps or high-heels to make it more fit on semi-formal events.  Maybe it can pass as a perfect graduation dress.  Yes?

Just so you know, I have an inexplicable misunderstanding with ruffles (or anything similar to that).  It always makes me feel uneasy, so that's a big no-no for me when shopping. But in fairness to this very cute dress, my bittersweet friend A.K.A Ms. Ruffles, gives quite a statement.  HAHA!  It adds personality and makes it so perky. :)

What do you think?

Dress from The Chic Closet (free shipping)
Sandals from Pinky Toes
Earrings and Ring from Forever 21
Necklace from Bazaar

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An eyeshadow palette like this one has been in my wish list ever since I became passionate about makeup.  Lakas lang maka-feeling makeup artist.  HAHA!  One downside is that, it's not easy to bring it anywhere.  Well, unless you have a pretty sturdy train case because placing it inside a bag will make it a bit prone to breakage.

BH Cosmetics is a U.S. brand that is known for high-quality (at the same time, affordable) and absolutely pigmented makeup palettes.  They have up to 120 colors, covering the neutrals, smokey, glamorous, and even shimmery.

They have endless spectrum to choose from and it comes in a sleek packaging.  It will help you create the professional-looking eye makeup.  

I bought the 88 color palette in Matte and Shimmer online and had it delivered to my Tita's U.S. Address, since shipping to Manila is very costly.  I decided to personally use Matte instead and sell the other one in our shop.  Let me advertise it here!  HAHA!  It's 800 pesos only!

Actually, I'm not using this often since I still have my other eyeshadows (mostly neutral).  I'm happy about the color combinations.  From simple to sultry browns to gorgeous greens and purples.  It also has the pretty pinks and refreshing blues.  Everything covered!  It really looks like a watercolor.  Let's try to do an art project, shall we???  :P

Even though this is a matte palette, I noticed that it still has a few of pearly, shimmery and metallic colors.  In fact, that's not a problem at all.  It's a plus point because I get to have a little variation.  :)  

See how pigmented it is?  It's a bit powdery, so you have to tap off the excess before applying.  Even if the color is already vivid, you might still need the help of your eye primer because it somehow gradually disappears when you start to blend.  

Some has a little shimmer so, you can combine this with the really matte ones.  Since I don't have a fair complexion (yes, I accept it, fine, thank you), the bright colors don't look that good on me.  I still have to explore more on that.  But I think the sultry browns would be perfect!  :)

There are other brands that offer such palettes, but I'm happy with my purchase from BH Cosmetics.  A very good choice for my first ever feeling-makeup-artist eyeshadow.  All I have to do is to choose, mix, blend and have fun creating masterpieces that will make my eyes pop. :)

What do you think?

Visit our shop here if you're interested in buying the 88 Color Palette Shimmer Eyeshadow. :)

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Singapore hawkers in Manila?  Yes, found one in SM Megamall.  I think they renovated the old Orchard Road restaurant and named it as My Singapore Food Street. 

photo from their Facebook page

The basic dishes were there especially Chicken Rice.  The place looked like a food court, a very typical set up in Singapore's hawker centers.

You won't be surprised about the prices, very affordable.  They also serve unlimited Hainanese rice and soup in their chicken rice meals.

75 php

Let's start with Milo Dinosaur.  Is this famous in Singapore too?  :)

195 php

It's delicious too, but I'd still prefer the other restaurants I've tried.  

Hokkien Noodles (99 php solo)

The seafood taste was strong.  Wrong choice. :(  By the way, they serve some Thai dishes too.  

175 php

Perfectly cooked!  (although late)

Go ahead and visit My Singapore Food Street!  I recommend it because of the nice selection and reasonable price.  The best alternative to the usual Pinoy food court, right?! :)

Visit their website and like them on Facebook for more updates.

What do you think?

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