Sharing another Japanese restaurant we've tried recently.  Not happy about the food, actually.  Tokyo Tokyo might have been a better choice.  :P

Mix Sushi Combination 1 (225 php)
Fresh... except for the shrimp.  We didn't like the amount of rice.

Miso Soup (45 php)

Beef Teppanyaki (230 php)
Kris' favorite dish.  Theirs was just okay.  Good thing beef was perfectly cooked.

Katsudon (150 php)
It's too salty for me and the pork was a bit weird.

Can you recommend another Jap resto?  I wanna try. :)

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,
For those who work on mid and night-shifts, addiction to something that can wake you up is a norm.  I think coffee is the ultimate answer for those "sleepy and feeling-lazy moments" (aside from that "killer paper-roll" we all know as cigarette.  I understand because stress comes from everywhere and now, I bet you know what's next.  My "I've been there, done that." expression.  HAHA!

I can't believe I've been coffee-free since....uhm.. well, I can't remember but I think for months now.  My quick late night coffee date with Kris recently is an exception.  :)  It's decaf yow!  HAHA!  Honestly, even frappe tastes weird now.

I've switched to something more beneficial in terms of health of course.  I can't say cheaper because it costs me at least 65 pesos everytime except when I go for tea bags.  It also contains that essential stimulant called caffeine that keeps you productive throughout the day.  In Urban Dictionary, they define it as "the only drug that's socially acceptable to be completely addicted to".  HAHA!

Here it is.  GREEN TEA.

I won't enumerate all the benefits here on my post because you can find that in Google. *wink  But let me talk about 3 good things that I really really appreciate about it.

Skin Care

Green Tea is present in many skin care products in the market today.  Why?  Because they fight free radicals that help in aging and damage.  One of the best antioxidants.

This type of tea undergoes the least oxidation during processing.  In other words, less processed = more benefits.  

Aside from drinking this heaven sent, I sometimes use it as a facial scrub.  After steeping, I remove it from the bag and add honey.  The result?  Instant smooth skin.


A lot of people have already relied to green tea for weight loss.  Even if it doesn't drastically rev up your metabolism, it can really help you reduce some amount of fat.  According to this site, it accelerates metabolism by 4% and that is equal to 100 calories a day.

Stomach Pain

I don't know why but I'm really prone to stomach pain.  It's the bloated feeling after eating.  It's like there's so much gas inside!  HAHA!  I depend on "Buscopan" for the relief, but recently, I've found out that green tea works like a charm.  Try it!  Hot, okay??

Because of the endless benefits, you can almost replace drinking water.  HOHO! :P  I know it's hard to appreciate the taste at first, but you can always make it sweeter by adding honey.  Yes, I said honey instead of sugar. :)

I also learned that it's better to drink tea in between meals, not during.  Here are my faves.


Basic Jasmine Green Tea - not recommended if you're starting, it's a bit strong but you'll appreciate the flowery taste (for me, "mas lasang dahon mas okay!")

Honey Green Tea - love it!  Instant perk up!  I prefer zero sugar.

Gong Cha

Hot Honey Green Tea - perfect after a "pig-out"
House Special Green Tea - recommended for first timers :)

Dearest GREEN TEA... I heart you! <3

So, are you ready to switch now?  What do you think?  

your sweetest drug,

Heart-shaped back, cut-out back... anything with exposed back... oh men, they are sooooo easy to love.  It always gives you that "wait-til-you-see-what's-on-the-back" giddy feeling.  If you're having second thoughts wearing full backless, why not try this criss-crossed peplum top?  It has this bandage design and gives a minimal "peek-a-boo".  Whew!  So chic. :)

Compared to revealing necklines, you can easily cover this with a vest, cardigan or coat.  And besides, I don't have "anything" to flaunt from the front (a very honest kid right here!). HAHA!  :P 

What do you think?

Top from The Chic Closet (1 pc left)
Pants from Herbench
Sandals from Pinky Toes
Earrings from Forever21

Hype this on LOOKBOOK.

your sweetest drug,

Hellooooooo!  I have 2 announcements to make.  First, about the giveaway.  Sad to say, we didn't reach 50 participants... so you know what happens next... no winner.  BUT good news is that, we can still wait for the other one next month!  Hopefully, we can ask more friends to join.  For those who signed up already, all you need to do is wait for the next post and enter your email address on the comment box.  Just make sure you already did the other steps.  Stay tuned!

Next, about my Facebook Page.  I decided to deactivate it and just enable the "Follow Me" option on my own account.  

I think it will be a lot easier to post my photos, videos and all other stuff (usually my weirdness and random thoughts HIHI!).  I'll be setting most of them as "Public" for you to view, like, comment or share.  You can also follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@chixylove - but I don't tweet a lot).  

So, how to find me?  You can directly go to this link, or click the image on the right side of my blog.  You can find a widget there. <3

That's it.  Happy weekend, my loves!

your sweetest drug,

Hey, my lovely friends!  How ya doing?  Let me share another Just In post today featuring some of the items I bought recently.  Let me know what you think about each, okay? :)

First, this edgy and very pretty pair of earrings I got from Shop This Easy.  Actually, I purchased a white peplum top too, but it didn't fit me very well so I had to return it.  Yes.  You can take back your money and send back the item provided that it is within 7 days from the date of purchase and of course, no damage.  The tag or packaging must still be intact.

It was a smooth transaction.  Thumbs up for that!  I sent an email and it didn't take long.  Very nice service and the quality of their product is okay as well!  I really recommend this shop.  (Aside from The Chic Closet, of course!!  We also need your love too!) <3

I didn't hesitate and instantly bought it because it reminded me of Ever Eden's.  If you're a big Michelle Phan fan (that sounded weird), you should know about her jewelry line.  I love everything in that collection.  It fits my personality.

She wore something like this on her Romantic Juliet makeup video.  Here's the photo.

See?  Same half-sun burst design, just bigger and the accent is white.  But I've found a black version too.  Waaaa...very pretty.

Aaaaaand by the way, I'm wearing it today. :)  It's the perfect pair for any outfit.  Plus, it's only 99 pesos.

Still on accessories... a watch set from one of my faves... Call It Spring.  I've been eyeing this ever since.  Imagine, switching from one strap to another each day?!  Oh yea!  Just my type!  I got this set for only 1500 pesos.

I'm wearing pink today.  Since I already have a silver watch (thanks to my bearcat, Kris), I picked gold and besides, Aldo, their sister company has that instead.  This deserves a debut here on my blog.  Stay tuned for the Lookbook posts.  HIHI! :)

Oh yep, I know you love SALE.  Call It Spring is having a promo in celebration of their 2nd Anniversary.  You can slash 20% off if you buy 2 pairs.  Hurry!  This is until 31st only.  Gotta check that out!  

I already mentioned that I'll be in Boracay on the first week of June (see you there).  I've been looking for affordable swimsuits and gladly, I found one.  1 more to go!

I was disappointed in Nudo's fabric quality so I had to look for another shop.  Naked Sun Swimwear has many lovely designs and they are having a sale.  I got a bikini for only 650 pesos.  Love the packaging too! <3  I'll show it to you after my Boracay trip.  HAHA!  Chos!  A sneak peak on Instagram so follow me! :) @chixylove

Lastly, a concealer from Revlon.

Still sealed.  I will use this once I'm done with my current concealer.  Hopefully, I got the right shade. :)  Anyone using this already?  Let me know your review by commenting below.

So, that's it.  How about you?  What are your recent purchases?  I'd love to know. :)

Noticed my new watermark?  HAHA!  Love it!

Aaaaaaaaaaannd please please please... join my giveaway here.  It will end tomorrow and we need more participants to make it valid.  So, share and tag your friends.  :)

your sweetest drug,
Last week, I stumbled on an interesting photo on Pinterest.  The title says, "What's your skin eating?".  I know this is a helpful thing to know especially for those who indluge in makeup and skin care products, so let me share it today.

Our skin serves as the ulitmate receiver of all the chemicals contained in our soap, toner, moisturizer, foundation and many more.  Anything, we apply on... our skin absorbs.  And by anything, that includes all the toxins too.  So, it's just right to say that it's not only what we eat that matters, but what we put on our skin as well.

Did you know that even though there are thousands of harmful ingredients in various products we use, they are still allowed and not regulated by the government?

So, if you're asking now... how much does our skin absorb?  The answer is... 60%.  And the biggest surprise here is that, it only takes 26 seconds for the chemicals to enter our bloodstream.

Next number... 515.  That's the number of chemicals an average woman wears each day.  Wow.  That's a lot.

Now, let's do a breakdown per product.


Smells like paint thinners.  Used as solvent.  Affects central nervous system.  Interferes with fatal and childhood development.

Synthetic Formaldehyde
Highly toxic.  Can cause liver problems.


Can cause estrogen-like effects.  A possible cause of breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

Used as preservatives.  Targets endocrine system and can cause allergies.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

Chemical that produces foam.  Can irritate the skin with prolonged and constant exposure.


Can cause blood problems and neorological disorders.

These are just some of the harmful chemicals found in our daily cosmetics.  Yes, there are more.  I know that it's nearly impossible to prevent using them, because they are a part of our lifestyle.  But, it is still important to be informed about this.  So, the next time you go shopping, read the label first.  The list of ingredients should be there.  At least, we now know what to avoid.

Another thing about these non-organic products is that, some are tested on animals.  And imagine the hazard they can cause to our environment too.  If not properly disposed, they might inflict danger to Mother Earth... which then returns to our safety as well.

So, think about what you buy... what you use.  If you can switch to natural, or at least most of the ingredients are, then, do it.  It promises the same effect, right?  Stay away from synthetic preservatives and artificial fragrances or colorings.  We may not notice the health risks right away, but how about as we reach our 40s or 50s?  Gladly, some cosmetic companies are being sensible about this too.  Hopefully, we can see more chemical-free or let's say, chemical-less soon.

What do you think?

Save your skin.  As I always say, for sure, it will thank you for it.

your sweetest drug,