Looking for a quick adrenaline rush?  HAHA! Two weeks ago, we went to Star City, an amusement park located in the metro.  We got vouchers from MetroDeal, ride-all-you-can ticket for only 270 pesos.  Even if I've seen the place several times already, I still enjoyed because I had my few first times.  First time with Kris, first time riding the new giant wheel and star flyer and first time sliding on ice inside Snow World.  

Now, onto the outfit.  After a successful DIY, I decided to rummage through my closet to look for clothes that I can.. you know.. destroy.  HAHA!  Just kidding!  Can you believe that the top and shorts here are actually cropped?  I asked my nanay to cut my long top (a gift from my bestfriend) and sew the loose side sleeves.  Next, I asked her to turn this pair of shiny pants to shorts.  It's the best way to revamp your wardrobe without spending a cent.  The result??  New-but-not-so-new clothes ready for second chance and feature!  

What do you think?

Top from Maldita
Shorts (used to be pants) from Bazaar
Shoes from Call It Spring
Bag from Mango
Watch from Oxygen Paris
Hoodie from Forever 21
Belt from ALDO

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Here are more photos!

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My hair suffers from dryness lately.  It's really true that shampoo can suck out all the moisture we need.  I'm done with using Silk Secrets Hot-Oil Treatment and looked for something more organic. The chemicals in that product's label is too overwhelming.  HAHA!  But I admit, it's good, especially the milk base.  I tried Aloe Vera and the effect was not the same.

I saw this hair product from the top organic store from my list, Human Nature.  Actually, I'm not sure if its "Human Heart Nature".  HAHA!  Oh well, doesn't matter.  :)

This hair mask comes in two scents, Rosemary and Jasmine.  I bought the smaller one, 50 grams just to give it a try.  This size can last up to 6 to 8 days, I guess... for my medium hair at least.  I was supposed to buy Jasmine, but it's sold out already.  Price is 120 php, bought at Trinoma branch.  Online price is cheaper, 99 php only, but you have to pay for the shipping fee, about 45 php.

The active ingredients are the avocado oil and gugo bark.  Both are known for treating dry and damaged hair.  They lock in moisture and best for deep conditioning.

So, how to use?

After shampoo (or in my case, I skip shampoo if I'm home all day HAHA!), apply this and cover with hair cap for best results.  It's advisable to leave it for 30 minutes, but I don't stay long in the shower, so I guess 10 to 15 would do.  :P  I suggest applying this 15 to 20 minutes before shower to save time.

I love the scent.  It's very minty and sooooo refreshing when it touches your scalp.  The best part, it stays all day.  It didn't disappoint me.  My hair was sooooo smooth and soft after.  No more bad hair days!  I can feel that it brought back the moisture from roots to tips. No irritation or itchiness as well.  Hopefully, after several use, it won't cause dandruff.

I'm going to try Jasmine next time!  :)  You can visit Human Nature's site and Facebook Page for more info.

What do you think?

If you can go for organic products, then do it! :)

your sweetest drug,

More products to try!  Yay!

I got two products from The Body Shop, 1 free shower gel and the other one is oil-control sheets.  Maybe you're wondering why it's is free.  :)  If you spend 1000 (or 900, can't remember) pesos, they will offer you their rewards card.  You can get vouchers by collecting stamps with every 900 pesos spent in a single receipt.  I forgot to take a picture so I'll just show it on the separate post.  They also asked me to download Perkd.  It's a cool app where you can register different membership cards and it will show available offers per shop.  

I'll tell you more about the blotting tissues next time.  Nice packaging, right. 

Next is this hair mask from Human Nature.  My hair suffers from dryness lately because of my anti-hair fall shampoo and I wanted an alternative to Silk Secrets treatment.  Besides, I'm now a fan of organic products.  Just tried it today and loving it already. A full post coming soon. :)

A quick update... will say goodbye to my 8pm to 5am shift tomorrow!  It extremely messed up my body clock and my workout sched too!  Sad. :(  Anyway, hope to catch up with the June On Fire Calendar next week.

Hmmm.. what else... Ah right!  I just turned 3!!  3 years in HP, that is!  Happy 3rd HP-nniversary to me!  It's really something to be thankful for.  

your sweetest drug,
I haven't started using the products I bought recently, so meaning... no reviews yet.  Let me just finish my Boracay post for today, alright?

As usual, crazy crazy night!  It ain't complete without dancing the night away.  (please don't judge me :P)  On the 3rd day, "something came"... uhm, you know... it's a girl thing. HAHA!  Because of that, I just watched my friends (they were enjoying the beach and giving it a goodbye kiss) and took pictures.

So there... hoping... wishing... praying... believing to be back next year. <3

Swimsuit from @sofash_swimmees

Top from Binkydoodles | Shorts from The Chic Closet

I'm gonna wear this cutesy top top again!!  This deserves a separate Lookbook post. :P 

Chill night at Juice Bar

I had coffee... sorry my dear green tea!  :)  @Real Coffee

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