SM Megamall now has Chili's!!  Yay!  I've been dragging Kris to this resto and surprisingly, we ended up eating there for 2 consecutive weeks.  #notcoolsaysmywallet  But no regrets, because we had a good time and our flabby tummy loved the food!

I don't have anything bad to say about their service.  The ambiance was very nice too.  Cozy.  Very nice place to hang out indeed.  I recommend visiting them on weekdays.  Why?  Its because of their 999 promo!  Check this out.

For just 999, you get 1 appetizer and 2 full-size entrees!  Ready to see what we tried?

Wings Over Buffalo

Not happy about this dish.  The only one I didn't enjoy.  

Monterey Chicken
Love love love!  If you're a first timer too, I suggest to try this one.  
Chicken perfectly cooked.  There's bacon too!  What more can you ask for?  :)

Mashed Potato
The only recipe that won my heart.  HAHA!  

Bacon Burger

A tip, don't choose "well-done".  A heads up, this one's a big heavy burger. #YOLOmeal

They also gave us this coupon.  Free Classic Nachos on our next visit!  And after answering their survey online, we got another one - Free Wings!

The week after, we went to the Greenbelt branch for dinner and few drinks.  You can't say no to a #YOLOmeal or #FeelsLikeYourLastmeal after a tiring activity.  In our case, football game.  Agree?   
Forgot the exact name, but I think it's called Something Something Porkchops (HAHA!)

Kris loved it!  (except for the veggies I guess - still convincing him to eat these green and leafy babies)
Their fried rice was delicious too.

Me: "Eat.this."

Fish & Chips

Of course I tossed the dip right away.  I don't like mayo or anything like that - similar smell, similar taste.  Just eew.  (peace to all mayo-lovers out there)

Look!  Loaded with fries too!  Hefty serving.

I also tried their mojito.  It's so minty, can pass as a mouthwash.  HAHA! :P 

Seeing these photos again makes me hungry.  Craving for mashed potato.... oooooh!  

What do you think?  What should we try next?

By the way, they have unlimited tacos too with an amazing spicy salsa!!  Yummo!

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your sweetest drug,

As I mentioned last Friday, The Chic Closet is having a clearance sale.  Go and check out our Facebook Page.  Follow us on Instagram too (@thechiccloset)!

I saw a lot of #ootd's featuring the black and white vertical lines.  Prisoner-inspired?  I'm not wearing the same here, just showing you our own version of this trending print.  Our take... grids!

Bandage skirts are a perfect match for peplum tops!  It accentuates the "hour-glass" figure effect.  Now, the best part about this chic piece is the fabric.  Its made of thick stretchable cotton that hugs your body just right.  Actually, the time we released the Gratia Collection, I really wanted to have this and post a "not-for-sale" note on this item's description.  HAHA!  But because I love you guys, I'm letting you have my 2nd favorite from the set.  :)

What do you think?  

After this biggest sale, please stay tuned for our next collection.  We also have another surprise coming up soon!

Peplum top from The Chic Closet
Skirt and accesories from Forever 21
Shoes from Call It Spring

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I'm currently programming my "baby tool" and it needs a few minutes to load something.  So, while waiting... here's a quickie Friday Flashback post.

How's your week?  We'll be saying hello to August next week.  Whew!  Time flies!

Making an announcement too!  The Chic Closet is having it's first ever, biggest sale!  Yeap!! Everything must go!!  #PriceSoLowYouCantSayNo 

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I think it's been a month since I bought this concealer.  Finally, I started using it.  From E.L.F. Cover Stick, I switched to Revlon.

The reason?  Well, I decided to stick to drugstore brand and actually, when I was shopping at Watsons, Revlon's saleslady demonstrated her super persuasive power.  HAHA!  

By the way, before I proceed to the review, you should give me effort points for these amazing photos.  Thanks to Kris for lending me his camera!  I can now show you blog-worthy pictures!  Please help me convince him to take more of my outfit shots.  Pretty please??? :P  You can bother him on Instagram, @gutierrezkbv HAHA!  #badgirlfriend

I told you before that I really prefer liquid based concealers than cream.  Why?  They are much easier to blend.  It saves time and you can avoid the rubbing part.  

Here's another reason.  The applicator.  Such makeup products usually come with this kind of brush.  Very convenient and hygienic.  

I chose the Medium shade.  It's better if your concealer is a few shades lighter than your skin tone.  Your goal is to somehow highlight the eye area making the eye bags less visible.  As for the screaming pores and other blemishes, the technique is almost the same.  But of course, it should be evenly blended out.

slightly blended

I think it's time to show you the before and after photos.  Ooooh!!  You'll see my bare face again!  HAHA!  Not cool!  #fortheloveofblogging  

I used my front camera this time.  #selfie

puffy eyes, huge eye bags, redness around my big nose and other irritating blemishes
They are all present.  Perfect. T_T


I'll let you decide if it made a difference.  :P  And wait, here's my face of the day #fotd.

I don't include foundation on my daily makeup routine.  So, it means that I really really rely on my concealer to give me the coverage I need.  For me, the most important thing is that, it can brighten and wake up my zombie, dull face.

What I love about it:
  • Liquid based
  • Pacakaging - has an applicator
  • Fits skin with yellow-undertone - see how it erases the redness?
  • Blends with your natural skin tone - doesn't create unnecessary lighter spots
  • No breakout
  • Doesn't clog pores
  • Price is acceptable considering the size - but its still more expensive than other drugstore brands - I bought it for around 650 php (sale)
  • Doesn't cake

Not so cool about it:
  • Even if says, "Colorstay", you may need to re-apply after a few hours especially if you have oily skin
  • Light to semi-medium coverage
  • Its like a "foundation trying to be a concealer"
  • Doesn't highlight 

Rating: 8/12 

What do you think?

At least, I have a concealer-slash-foundation.  2-in-1!  HAHA!  It's okay, but it didn't impress me that much.  

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your sweetest drug,

Remember what I told you guys about, keeping our skin matte and dry will actually make it oily?  One piece of advice, if your toner or facial wash doesn't give you enough moisture, ditch it.  What you need is something that can hydrate your skin while fighting the excess shine.  A tough one really.  But, another solution to that, a very good moisturizer.

I'm done giving my skin a hard time.  Finally, I bought one.  I searched for something effective of course, and saw this product from St. Ives having many positive reviews.  :)

Its called Timeless Skin, Collagen Elastin Moisturizer.  It fights fine lines and wrinkles and the best part, the active ingredients are natural and organic.

Safflower seed oil works as emollient, trapping moisture in the skin.  It is also high in Vitamin E and antioxidants.

I got this for around 250 php.  Really affordable for its size!  I'm tempted to use this on my body too.  HIHI!  I apply a generous amount every night before bed, and a little after bath before applying makeup.

The consistency is just right, a little watery than the usual moisturizer.  The scent?  Its normal, same with a regular body lotion.

What I love about it:
  • Noticeable results after a few days - I felt the difference right away.  It really made my skin softer and smoother specially around the cheeks.
  • Affordable
  • Made of organic ingredients
  • Non-comedogenic - won't clog pores
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Does its job in keeping the skin hydrated
  • No irritating scent

What I don't like about it:
  • Packaging - not hygienic, a bottle/pump is better
  • No SPF - so you need to apply sunscreen
  • Doesn't dry out easily - this is the reason why I only use a very little amount before makeup
To solve the problem about packaging, here's what I did.

Tada!  I bought this small bottle and transferred some.  It's now handy and I can easily bring this when I travel.  Plus, my moisturizer will not be prone to bacteria.  No need to put my dirty fingers on the container.  HAHA!  

What do you think?

I can recommend this product specially if you don't want to spend so much for a moisturizer.  It works and its natural. 

Rating: 7/10

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your sweetest drug,

Time to show you guys what I have recently bought.  Well, maybe not too recently.  HAHA!

Let's start with clothes.  Because of all the end of season sale happening here, there and everywhere... I went home with 2 bags from these 2 shops.  

SALE: 995 php

One of the basics you need to have is a cardigan.  I chose black because as always, goes well with everything (even black on black :) HAHA).  Next time, I'll buy peach or cream.

SALE: around 700 php (50% off)

When I saw this leggings with leather panels, I said #shutupandtakemymoney.  :P  Too bad, I got the wrong size, but it's okay because it fits just right.  This will add an "edgy feel" to any look.  Wait for its debut on Lookbook series.  

around 250 php

Moving onto skin care and another essential of course, I got a moisturizer from St. Ives.  I read a lot of good reviews about this product and decided to give it a try.  And besides, it's very affordable for it's size.  So, why not??  Kelan ko kaya mauubos to??  HAHAH!

770 php

Lastly, another addition to my makeup collection.  Nah, I just ran out of face powder, really.  HOHO!  I bought this yesterday from Beauty Bar, Trinoma.  I'm very excited to use Sexy Mama!!  Yay!

As usual, a separate post for each.  Let's see if I could feature the cardigan on my Lookbook series.

That's it!  Talk to you again tomorrow!  Muaaaah!

By the way, I'm planning to do another makeup video.  Any suggestion?

your sweetest drug,