No Friday Flashback today!  HIHI!  I decided to do it every other week.  It's much better because as you've noticed, it became harder for me to do at least 4 posts in 1 week.  Sorry!  (*sobs)

Anyway, I wanna share a restaurant we visited last week.  After the Better Days photo shoot, we decided to stay away from the mall.  Translation... stay away from shopping temptation.  HAHA!  We looked for a food spot in Tomas Morato.  I searched Google and GrandMomma's Kitchen popped out.  

It's located at Il Terrazzo.  Remember my post about Banapple?  They are in the same building.

Its a small place with around 15 small tables.  I loved the homey interior and in my opinion, it's the perfect "quiet" place if you want to enjoy your comfort food with your friends or special someone.  They serve pancakes and American dishes. :)

Now, the food...

Smoked Baby Back Ribs (255 php)

Perfectly cooked and sauce was great too!  It could have been better if it's paired with mashed potato rather than veggies, or wait... may rice na pala.  HAHA!  

Fisherman's Platter (255 php)

Cream dory fillet with creamy sauce topped with green leaves (HAHAH! I'm not sure if its basil). 

Since its paired with mashed potato, I decided to order a separate cup of rice.  You know me, I can't live without it!  :P

The sauce was too salty for me.


Value for Money: I think it's a bit pricey, but maybe because I'm comparing it to Banapple.  However, considering their different take on home style dishes, let change pricey to acceptable.  HIHI!

Service: It took longer than expected.  There was only one waitress when we visited.

Service Charge: Yes.

Serving: Just fine... tamang busog lang. :P

Taste: Not disappointed except for the salty sauce. 

After our dinner, we passed by a yogurt store called, Yoh Froz.  Time for dessert!

Blueberry Cheesecake - smaller size (110 php)

What do you think?

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your sweetest drug,
After a month of stressful preparation, we have finally released our new collection.  I'm feeling more at ease now.  For the past weeks, we've been struggling as we looked for the new items and planned the photo shoot.  It became more nerve-racking because of the rainy week and my work shift.  Seeing the output really makes us happy and relieved.  Whew!

We know that you are also sick of the white wall and green floor, so this time, we decided to go outside, embrace the sunshine and enjoy our coffee.  We had our shoot at Terra 28th and Tully's Coffee, BGC.  I must say... it's hard!  But, its worth it!  I enjoyed our new background!  Luckily, there were only a few folks around.  If not, I don't even know how will I overcome the embarrassment.  HAHA!  

So, about the name of the collection, "Better Days"... let's see... well, it came from this BIG HOPE we have.  Simply because "we are hoping for better days", and I bet you are too, in whatever aspect.  We all want it.  

We tried new things.  Challenged ourselves.  Made everything harder.  We did this just to emanate inspiration and hope.  We want you to feel assured that "better days" will eventually come.  So, just be patient and of course, smile. :)

And yea, it's a nice song too!  HAHAH!  Anyway, I'd really appreciate if you can visit our shop here.  If you are wondering what's new well, we brought back your favorite bustiers.  Remember, our first ever collection?  We now have new, few stocks again.  There are printed pieces as well (romper, corset dress, high waist jeggings, dress and top).  As usual, you will see more pictures of each here on my blog.  A lot of you requested for a new batch of skater skirts, so here they are!  Is your fave color included?  HIHIH!  If not, contact us and we'll check if we can get it for you.  

Reach us at the numbers shown above for inquiries!  We will be giving discounts if you order 2 or more items!  Yay!

Happy shopping! <3

Here are some BTS photos.  I will also make a short video, so stay tuned for that.  :)  #levelup

Complaining!!  HAHA!

Me: "Okay ba yung buhok?"

BIG BIG THANKS to Kris for helping me in every step of the way!!!   <3

Enjoying my frappe :D

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

I didn't care much of having a separate cleanser before because I also use my kojie soap on my face.  However, it dries up my skin quickly.  Well, it could be an advantage in terms of treating pimples but I don't want dehydrated skin.  You don't want it too right?  So, receiving this set of facial wash from iWhite was such a perfect timing.  Thanks again!!!  I saved money!  HIHI!  :)

Sachet (10 ml): 18 php | Tube (70 ml): 139 php

iWhite Moisturizing Facial Wash is available in sachets and tubes.  Great for those who have a tight budget and most importantly, for those who want to try the product first.  For just less than 20 pesos, you can have a facial cleanser that will last for a month!  

The description says, "... removes excess oil and deeply cleanses through the pores while helping you keep healthy hydration of your skin."

Skin care products that moisturizes well and at the same time doing it's job should always be on top of your list.  I can't emphasize it enough.  It's very important to keep the right level of moisture in the skin.  

This cleanser promises 3 things.  It will:
  • Whiten - thanks to Mulberry Extract that inhibits melanin production, evens out skin tone and diminishes the appearance of dark spots
  • Revitalize - thanks to Panax Ginseng that reduces wrinkles, promotes skin regeneration and lessens the appearance of scars
  • Moisturize - thanks to Vitamins A, C and E ; 3 well-known anti-oxidants that slow down the rate of free-radical damage
Aside from the good stuff above, it also has Aloe Vera, a very natural moisturizer and Allantoin, an effective ingredient against skin irritations.  

Noticed their common denominator?  Yep, you are right.  They are all natural and organic.  That means, lesser chemicals in your skin care product...  happier skin! :)

After using it for several days (still using it!!), here are the things I loved about it.
  • I must say... the cleansing properties??? ...very powerful!  HAHA!  It even removes makeup residues.  
  • Gentle facial wash
  • No breakout
  • No tight feeling after
  • Love the scent
  • No irritation
  • Lathers very well - even with a pea-sized amount
  • Affordable
  • Soft and hydrated skin after - but I still use my moisturizer
  • Natural ingredients

Honestly, I don't have any negative comments about this product.  If you dream a whiter complexion, iWhite has every stuff you need.  Imagine, every product has whitening properties, from cleanser, creams to masks. No need to use multiple formulas!    

You can find iWhite at Watsons and Mercury Drug outlets.  Go ahead and try it!

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What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

Another loooong weekend!  Hooray for August! HAHA!  I also can't believe that we'll be saying "hello" to BER months in a few days.  :D

Anyway, just a short announcement... we will be revealing our new collection next week!  So excited to share a new set of chic pieces (as always!!).  Please watch out for that, ladies.

Have an awesome weekend! 

your sweetest drug,

I finally felt Mr. Sun's warmth after the non-stop rain.  So good.  I've been stuck at home for the past 4 days and while it allowed me to have a long rest, I also missed going out (and see Kris).  Seriously, I couldn't take the bum-routine anymore!  The insane weather turned on my "lazy mode".  Felt like I just woke up from hibernation.  HAHA!  I slept like there's no tomorrow!  (wait, is that even correct? HOHO!)

Anyway, my Just In post this time features the stuff I bought last weekend.  Yea, all in one day.  #feelingmillionaire #shopnowregretlater But hey, I NEED these!  HAHAHAH!

Let's start with the conditioner from Human <3 Nature.  Whenever I stop applying treatments or conditioner, my hair fall problem gets worse.  I ran out of hair mask so I had no choice but to use shampoo daily.  As expected, my hair or scalp reacted.  The result, hair everywhere.  :( 

I already started using this strengthening conditioner.  Should I still make a separate post?  Let's see if this will work for me.  

Next, another one to deal with my other problem.  Irritating pores!  Exfoliation could be a remedy, so I looked for a good facial scrub.  I was supposed to buy the other one from The Body Shop's seaweed line, but the saleslady recommended this instead.  Let me have a few more weeks before I post a review.   I hope she's right!  :)

I visited Beauty Bar for the second time because it's the only shop that sells Palladio products here in Manila.  My previous oil control sheets are such a waste.  #justsaying  HAHA!  When I was browsing Beauty Bar's online site, I found this oil-blotting tissues called Rice Paper.  I got interested because of the key ingredient, rice powder.  Excited to try this!

Last but not the least, my new shoes!  Yay!  :D

It took me weeks before finally saying, "Okay, fine.  I'll buy this!".  The first reason... price.  A pair of shoes worth 2000 php is already expensive for me.  Well, at least for flats.  HAHA!  But Kris insisted that it will be worth it and I deserve a new pair.  (how sweet... chos!)  HIHI!!  And besides, these will be very useful in this rainy season.  

I couldn't spot this color at Geleia stores. This is where you can find the shoe brand called, Melissa.  That's why I opted for their sister company, Mel which you can find at Shoe Salon.  I'm actually wearing them now and so far, my toes are still happy.  Very comfy.  :)  I also want to try their wedges and heels.  I tried it last time and it felt very stable.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,
For those who already watched my short video, I'd like to know what's your pick among the 7 lip colors.  I can't really decide what to use for that look.  Help??  :)  Seems to match everything, right?  Anyway, here's a post to explain how I came up with each combination.  Special thanks to my evil twin sister for helping me show you the transition from 1 color to another.  HAHA!

As mentioned yesterday, this technique will help you maximize your current lip-makeup collection.  I admit, I only have 4 lipsticks (have already let go of the others) and 3 lip liners.  But mixing a color with another one instantly doubles up the the power of your single lip pencil or lipstick.  You can even take it to the next level by changing the finish to matte, glossy or frosted.  Remember my previous video here?

I used...
  • nude
  • pale pink
  • bold pink
  • soft pink
  • red
  • natural color
  • deep plum eyeshadow (optional)
left: old rose | right: nude

Nude to Old Rose
Transform nude lips to a more natural looking lips by applying a slightly brownish red over.  This is the easiest tip for those who are not comfortable with nude lip look.

right: plum | left: old rose

Old Rose to Plum
Here's an ultimate technique on how to achieve that day-to-night makeup.  By changing your natural looking lips to a deeper and fiercer look.  If you're uneasy with bold, red lips, try plum!  The best part, you don't have to buy a separate lipstick just to create this.  Dab on some deep plum or maroon eye shadow and you'll be ready for the night life in no time!

left: hot pink | right: dolly pink

Dolly Pink to Hot Pink
The easiest color to play with is pink.  Why?  Because every shade looks lovely and the difference is quite noticeable.  Transform a dolly pink color to a playful hot pink by applying a red lipstick or lip liner over.  

left: Fuschia Pink | right: soft pink

Soft Pink to Fuschia Pink
You can even mix "pinks"!  If you are getting bored of soft pink lips, try to add more pigments!  Grab a brighter pink lipstick or lip liner and transform that sweet, innocent look to a daring look in a jiffy!  

So again, let me ask... what's you pick??  I also wanna know how you mix your lip colors and what's your fave combination.  :)  

Transforming lip looks also has an effect to your overall makeup.  Noticed the difference of each color with 1 makeup look?  If you already have pink, red and nude in your kit, it's enough to create more colors.  No need to buy new ones!  But hey, let's admit, having a wide collection is every girl's dream.  But like me, my wallet is not yet ready for that.  HAHA!  :P  How about having 10?  Maybe 5?  Anyway, just have fun mixing!!!

Good luck!!!

What do you think?

Filming a video is really hard.  Not to mention the editing process. HAHA!  Extra-major respect to Youtube vloggers out there!  Considering that mine is crappy, I couldn't believe that I needed several days hours  just to finish everything. (limited talent and limited resources HAHAH!) The challenging part was setting up the lighting, framing and focus.  Whew!  But hey, I'm okay with the output and I love editing videos.  Thanks to Kris for the EOS Utility tip and for the camera, of course.  

your sweetest drug,

Don't have a wide collection of lip colors?  No worries!  This short video will show you how you can maximize your lip pencils and lipsticks.  You'll be surprise at how you can come up with more than 1 lip look using a lip liner and a lipstick.

I love having several lipsticks or lip liners but I hate how it can ruin my budget.  The solution??  Mix mix mix!  Come up with a different color!  It's the best way to avoid that unnecessary splurge and at the same time, having more savings or spend your money on other makeup or skin care products.

I bet most of you are doing this already, but for those who are still starting to put together a makeup kit, this 2-minute video could be useful.  (I hope. :P)

I'll be posting further details tomorrow.  For now, just click the play button below and after watching, let me know what lip color suits my makeup look best.  Muah! <3

Music by Daft Punk feat. Pharell, Get Lucky

More photos tomorrow!

Good luck!

your sweetest drug,

I don't know how you guys control a shiny face, but personally, aside from oil control films and mattifying toner that I'm using, I depend on my face powder.  I know I've already said a million times that I don't wear foundation or even BB cream (but I'm gonna try that soon) daily.  I hate suffocating my pores and I think using concealer is enough to even out my skin tone and lighten the eye area.  For some occasions however... haha!

So, what's new in my makeup kit?  A sexy mama!!  :)

I bought it from Beauty Bar.  You can visit their store at Trinoma or Greenbelt and you can also buy from their online site.  It's a makeup heaven (and skin care too!) offering a huge number of cosmetics from local to international and well-known brands.  The best thing about this shop... they have many organic/natural makeup and skin care products.  Another feature is the Dashing Diva, a glam nail salon.

Remember my previous face powder?  Actually, I was happy and satisfied.  It worked and I loved the effect on my skin tone.  This one from The Balm is more expensive.  That's okay, because it's not a drugstore makeup brand right?  Price is 775 php.

The Balm is an international makeup line having the philosophy of " beauty in 5 minutes".  Their products are paraben-free!  

The most noticeable thing about this brand is the packaging.  Retro... vintage... very creative!  I love it!  Imagine naming a face powder as "Sexy Mama".  Clever!  HAHA!

I think this is their only face powder and it only comes in 1 shade.  In fact, I'm not sure if the term "shade" is still applicable because it's translucent. *wink

It promises a shine-free, matte face.  Perfect for girls with oil problem.  *sigh

I'm not sure if you can see, but I noticed that the texture is very fine.  Similar to cornstarch, maybe?  Gladly, these tiny particles are not clogging my pores so far.

I know that showing the shade when applied is useless because again, its translucent.  HAHA!  Anyway, you know how I love sheer finish and light coverage when it comes to powders. :)

What to love about it:
  • Packaging, it's magnetic by the way (It will look good in your makeup kit! HAHA!)
  • Oil-control properties (Okay, let me clarify this... you need to retouch because it doesn't control the oil all-day.  But it works for a few hours.  Good enough for me.)
  • Light and sheer (Feels like having a makeup-free face)
  • Paraben free
  • Doesn't clog pores
  • Has mirror
I just hope that it:
  • Comes with an applicator.  (No sponge or brush)
  • Cheaper
  • Could easily be picked up (I have to really roll my brush over to pickup the product.  I haven't tried using a sponge though.)

Overall, I think Sexy Mama is worth a try.  I mean... it does everything in my face-powder-checklist.  HAHA!  Fighting an oily t-zone is really a challenge, but since this doesn't feel "heavy" when applied, retouching every after a few hours is okay.  Your skin can still breathe and you won't have a scary, overly photoshopped face.  :P

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your sweetest drug,