I'm so sleepy and I don't think I will be able to write a decent post today.  Anyway, at least let me share another restaurant you could try, especially for the meat/steak lovers out there.

We went to SM Annex for a quickie pedicure at Posh Nails.  We saw a few, new restaurants and decided to try Brickfire.  

Here's the menu.

Who could say no to a 200g t-bone steak for a price of 149 php???

70 php

For appetizer, we ordered Truffled Mac & Cheese.  Serving for entrees took 10 to 15 minutes so it's a good choice to have something on your table while waiting.

Look at the size!  It's soft and juicy.  You can also replace your rice with mashed potato.

149 php

285 php

Tenderloin for me! 

Service Charge: Yes
Taste: 5 burps!!!
Serving: Big portions
Value for money: Very reasonable prices
Service: So-so
Place: They can accommodate around 20-25 I guess.  They are located near Medical City, SM Annex.

We will definitely come back for more t-bone!   :)

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"Don't let anyone dull your sparkle."

Hey, everyone!  I have already shared what I did to celebrate my 24th birthday here and as promised, here's the Lookbook post featuring my birthday outfit.  Nothing special actually - just a little bit of sparkle. :)

Because of my weird habit (buying clothes and wear them months after), I apparently got to wear something new for my special day.  I bought this top online from a Singapore shop.  I looked for this design everywhere after seeing it in G-Market.  But because shipping from Korea is a little bit expensive, I searched for other shops.  Lucky me, I found it and most importantly, it's cheaper too!!  

I was supposed to complete this look with a pair of heels, but I got too lazy to change.  If you noticed, I even didn't put on any accessories, just my watch.  

I really love the sequin collar!  Instant glam up!  But I can also imagine pairing this top with pants to dress it down a little bit.  Will try that next time! :)

What do you think?

Top from Dress and Such
Skirt from Forever 21
Shoes from Mel

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More photos below.  

Red Velvet Surprise Cake from Sidda's Cake (Contact me if you're interested.)

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It's been an awesome week!  Daebak!  Though I apologize for not posting anything since Tuesday.  I was supposed to publish this yesterday but I had so much work-related stuff to do.  We also celebrated our FIRST ANNIVERSARY this week and we did it a bit differently.  We decided not to go for the usual romantic dinner so we took a 2-day leave.  First thing in our list... Korean food trip!  The next day, we escaped to Tagaytay again to try wake boarding.  Of course, I'll share the rest of the story on a separate post.  *wink

Today, I'll be showing you guys some of my recent purchases and a few birthday gifts I received from my dearest friends.  

I have a new toner!  I used Loreal's before and I had no regrets trying because it helped control oil.  
This one is from Snoe - my new favorite organic/natural brand.  Their packaging is really appealing and I also read many great feedback about their products.

Another one from the same family - a black whitening soap.  I couldn't find the box anymore but I hope this actual product photo is fine.  I've used up half of it already.  :)

Let's move on to clothes! 

This is my second time buying from WAGW.  I tried their online shop and gladly, delivery was fast though you might experience some difficulties browsing the products.  I opted for shipping because they don't do pick ups at their Trinoma branch.  And yea, these came with a free tote bag. :) 

My first purchase from Cotton On.  They had a sale for some selected items.  Sooooo happy because I got a dress and a knit pullover (my new addiction) for only 1000 pesos. Yay!

My Call It Spring boxes are piling up.  HAHA!  I really love this brand!!!  SUPER!  <3  You can check out my Lookbook post here and here.

These 2 caught my attention.  Well, it's time to replace my black, comfy shoes.  This is also my first time to try t-strap sandals.  Hopefully, my feet will cooperate.  Are you attracted to anything glittery as well?  HOHO!

Thanks to my bessy, Angel, Mae and Ate Jen for these birthday presents!!  Who can say no to new and FREE clothes! :)  

No new makeup products for now but I'm planning to buy a few next month.  I need a new red lipstick, a concealer and a BB cream.  Any recommendations? 

Happy weekend, everyone!!

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This is definitely my top 1 among the sets we did for Better Days collection photo shoot.  Isn't it too obvious??  Sorry for posting soooo many pictures again in just one Lookbook post.  I already deleted a couple but it still exceeded 10.  HAHA!  :)

When I was preparing the outfits, I didn't hesitate to pair this nude, lacy bustier with this bold red skater skirt.  The rest looked okay too but this combo stood out the most.  Plus, my red and gold heels perfectly matched the colors.

This look is inspired by Rosetta, a character from one of my fave Disney film, Tinker Bell.  Of course, a garden fairy silhouette won't be complete without the floral crown.  She is always seen wearing pink, mostly red dresses resembling flower petals.  She has this charming voice and very feminine yet sassy character.  

Indeed, one way to look and feel like a fairy is by wearing a floral crown.  It instantly makes any outfit ladylike.  But unfortunately, you can't have it on your head anytime, anywhere unless you really intend to attract so much attention.  HIHI!  It's nice to have one though.  Great for your outfit shots!   :P

I hope you like this look as much as I do.  Luckily, we found the perfect spot for the photos.  

What do you think?

Bustier and Skater Skirt from The Chic Closet
Heels from SM Parisian
Bangles from Forever 21
Flower Crown from Anything Wired 8

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