Hello, beauty junkies!  Today, I'm giving you a glimpse of what I bought from The Face Shop a few weeks back.  I'll be doing a separate post for each to avoid making this one too lengthy.  If you like a product, hope you stay tuned for the review. *wink

Oooooh, that sweet pink paper bag!  So what's the story?  Well, I was looking for a new mascara and I decided to go for a Korean brand.  I realized that I haven't tried any product yet from The Face Shop too.  There were a couple of items with a very reasonable price so I ended up with 4 instead of only 1 makeup.  Actually, 8 because I also bought nail lacquers.  It's a great gift idea since you can get 1 free nail polish if you buy 3.  It became my gift for my friends and sister-in-law.  Other than that, I also got a free makeup bag.

So, what's new in my little makeup collection?

Let's start with Make Me Star waterproof gel liner.

355 php

Actually, I'm not happy with this.  I'm still not sure though if it's really short or if I could sharpen or twist to get more product out.  It's a rose gold eyeliner and I use it on my waterline.  It's kinda pricey for me.

445 php

This is one of their basic mascaras.  I'm not picky when it comes to this particular makeup so this is totally alright.  Besides, it works great!  

395 php

Now this is my favorite!  It's a very affordable brow tint.  I love how it grooms my eyebrows!  It's a great alternative to MAC's brow mascara if you're not yet ready to spend a thousand pesos for such makeup.

355 php

The last item, Black Label lipstick in Lovely Pink (#11).  It's the average shade of pink most of us would wear to complete a natural makeup look.  The finish is sheer and a little bit glossy.

That's it for now.  Are you trying out a new product from The Face Shop too?  Let me know in the comments below. :)

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

What better combination to wear this Christmas than red and white?  Were you in the same color too?  :)

I love how flowy this maxi skirt is.  Can you tell?  It's so comfy, better than jeans I think.  HAHA!  The only drawback is that, you always have to keep it from mopping every floor when you sit down.  But other than that, I would still prefer wearing this anytime I could.  And besides, lakas maka-Chichay!  HIHI!  But I'm still scared because I know that I might trip.  #clumsy

What do you think?

Top from SM GTW
Maxi Skirt from The Chic Closet
Sandals from Call It Spring
Necklace from Forever 21

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How's your Noche Buena?  How did you spend Christmas day?  I hope you had a great time with your family and friends.  

We'll be saying goodbye to 2013 in a few days and I can't wait to say hello to another year.  While waiting for the countdown, make sure to spend more time with family, catch up with friends and make more awesome memories. 

I'll also try to squeeze in more blog posts (go for daily! HAHA!) and finish my backlogs.  :P

Happy Holidays!

your sweetest drug,
Face masks are definitely the best way to soothe your skin and experience instant pampering.  It's very foolproof, no special techniques required.  All you need is to find the perfect formula that your skin needs.

There are a lot of masks out there to choose from.  My favorite however, are masks that come with face sheets.  Whenever I put it on my face, I feel like I'm in a Korean drama series.  HAHA!

There are tons of brands to choose from and speaking of Korean, all Korean cosmetic shops surely have these.  I mentioned before that I got a free one from Etude House.  I already tried it once so I thought of doing a post about it here.

The best part about masks is that, they contain highly concentrated ingredients that cater to different skin type and skin problem.  In this case, our hero is pomegranate.

This formula promises to nourish, moisturize, act as anti-oxidant and retain moisture.  I checked other skin benefits of pomegranate extract and found out that it also has anti-aging properties.  

After trying this, I realized that I should stock up more because it really transforms dull skin to a more healthy looking skin.  If you want, you can also use it twice or thrice a week.

Creepy??  HAHA!  

The contents of one pack could last for 3 applications.  Initially, the sheet would be really soaked up.  I recommend washing it after use and put it back again to let it absorb the remaining formula.  If you think it's not hygienic enough, you can buy face sheets from drugstores.    

I can't say yet if it really did it's job but I think the texture of my skin became better the day after. Twenty to thirty minutes is all it takes.  You can even put it on while watching TV or before going to sleep.  

I promise.  It won't hurt keeping one pack or 2 and besides, it's not expensive.  If ever you feel your skin is getting dull, revive it by using face masks.  

Visit Etude's website or like them on Facebook to know more about their other products.

your sweetest drug,

Merry Christmas!!!

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful time together this holiday season.  Are you excited to open your gifts?  Me?  I'm excited to give my gifts to my fambam and friends.  Remember, it's all about sharing and making others feel special and loved.  

Actually, I'm not asking for any presents.  I won't even pray for my personal intentions.  I just want to say a prayer of thanks to the birthday celebrant and make Him feel how grateful I am for the greatest gift I could ever receive.  The gift of life.  And of course, all the blessings He has given me - even those I didn't ask for.  HOHO!  Just  always ponder the real meaning of Christmas.  

Be merry and celebrate!  Talk to you on the 26th!  Muaaah!

Off to church for Christmas Eve mass.  Ooh!  Can't wait for our simple Noche Buena.

your sweetest drug,

Sharing with you guys, your favorite posts this year.  Just like December of last year, I'll also share the highlights of my 2013 next week.

I want to thank everyone for visiting this simple blog.  It means a lot to me.  This little hobby of mine brings a sense of fulfillment.  To be honest,  I never anticipated this incomparable satisfaction.  It's been an awesome 2 years and I couldn't be happier.  Thank you soooooooooo much!!  <3

As another year draws to a close, many questions have been popping in my head.  I feel that I'm seeking for real answers.  A few months back, I made a plan of taking a turn in my career and it's supposed to start now.  An opportunity came so I had to continue my drive on this freeway.  Am I starting to experience the quarter life crisis?  HAHA!  Anyway, I'll share more when I do the Highlights of My 2013 post.

After reading this quote on Instagram, I suddenly felt more positive about things.  "Don't be scared, be excited", it's true and I couldn't agree more.  There's really no reason to let fear take over.  Besides, I know Someone up there is already taking care of everything that's ahead of me.  So, why worry, right?

Speaking of excitement, what are you excited about 2014?  Are you having out of the country trips?  How about special events?  Are you anticipating any changes in your work?  Let me know!

In a totally related unrelated note, here's the last outfit from our Better Days collection.  Noticed my "pilit" hairstyle?  HAHA!  Bustier is really the key piece when you want to flaunt those sexy shoulders.  :)

And as a Christmas treat for all of you, we are having a Buy One Get One promo!!  Enjoy 50% discount on your second item.  Yay!  

What do you think?

Bustier and Skater Skirt from The Chic Closet

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Did you enjoy this year's show?  I still prefer the concept and artists last year and Miranda was there too, but anyway, every show has a different flavor. :)

My favorite angel, Candice opened the show, looking like a total bombshell with the 2013 fantasy bra.

Behati is so perfect for the English guard costume.

I like the song and designs in "Shipwrecked".

Love the neutral colors!

My top 1 segment, Parisian Nights.  I love everything!

Hot red angel, Adriana!

I think Doutzen has the hardest rock solid abs!  HAHA!

The wings that made me say, WOW.

Last year, they were flowers.  Now, they are...

Look at those shoes.  #ISeeWhatYouDidThere 

Smile for the Pink Collection!

All new angels walked the runway in this segment.

And for the Taylor Swift fans, you'll totally love her performance (and shining shimmering splendid dress)!

This segment reminds me of the Disney movie, Frozen. :D

Ooh!  The shoes! 

Love the snowflakes!

Who's your favorite?

your sweetest drug,