LOOKBOOK - A Darling, Not A Diva

by - January 04, 2014

I'm already done sharing all the outfits from Better Days collection so it's time to start showing you guys more photos from our latest set, the Holiday Classics.  Just a heads up, you'll be seeing the same old white background again.  However, lighting is better this time because we did the shoot in a studio.  It's really tempting to buy a soft box!  HAHA!  It's the perfect trick and perhaps, the most important factor if you want better outcome for your pictures.

Now, let's talk about this simple yet adorable piece.  It's easy to wear and for me, it could pass as a "go-to" dress.  It's so comfy and casual, yet still has this pop of color which you could match your shoes or accessories with.  You can also pair it with cute flats or in this case, candy colored heels.  It really has this youthful vibe, perfect for a sweet darling like you. :)

What do you think?

Dress from The Chic Closet
Shoes from Call It Spring
Bangles from Forever 21

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your sweetest drug,

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  1. Re: A Darling, Not A Diva

    She's got to be somebody's baby.
    She must be somebody's baby.
    She's got to be somebody's baby.
    She's so fine . . .

    — Jackson Browne


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