After 2 failed attempts to try Genji M's 149 promo, we decided to let it go and just try a new restaurant nearby.  Of course, a Korean resto made it to the top of our list because the place is also known for that.

Just one cartwheel away from P. Burgos, we turned right to Durban Street and saw Grill Yard - a Japanese-style Izakaya slash Korean grill house.

Since we're starving, we entered without hesitation.  Besides, it looks interesting from the outside.

I was amazed by the decorations I saw inside.  Dim-light, wooden floors, Japanese ornaments everywhere - very nice ambiance.

The menu surprised us though.  The food ranges from 200 to 500 php.  Since it's our first time, we had no idea about the serving size, so we ordered only 2 dishes.

They immediately served the spicy hot soup and banchan/side dishes consisting of popcorn, veggies, sweet potato chips, tofu kimchi and sweet black beans.

Kris wanted to try soju but I said it won't match our food.  We ordered Beef Bulgogi and Bibimbap.

Their version is similar to Pinoy's Chopsuey.  It's sweet and the veggies were a bit overcooked.

Next, my Bibimbap.

The egg was a disappointment.  Other than that, it tasted good (even better with hot pepper paste or gochujang, of course).

Both cost 350 php and good for 2.  I don't know if you can tell, but those are big bowls.

Best part...  no service charge. :)

There's a Korean grocery store near to Grill Yard, so I dragged Kris.  HAHA!

I was able to take home 1 huge cup of instant noodles and 2 sachets of coffee.  

Perhaps, that's our first and last visit.  The food was expensive and the taste didn't "wowed" us at all.  Serving size.. hmm, well, it's fine, and the ambiance too.  But since there are other Korean restaurants that offer excellent yet affordable dishes, we'd rather try those than this one.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

There's something about facial sprays that makes them undoubtedly refreshing.  When the mist comes in contact with my skin, I couldn't help but feel perked up.  I very much like the idea of having your complete skin care routine in just one spray.

I saw a lot of Korean celebs endorsing facial mists and it seems that it's really a part of their well-known, rigorous skin care regimen.  They like dewy skin and the product really does the job.

I found it difficult to choose my first spray.  I didn't know which brand should I try first until I saw this one from Skin Food.

It's called Steam Milk Essence Mist.  Look at that packaging.  Cow spots in a milk carton box.  So clever. :)

They even added the Nutrition section to list the ingredients.  I can't throw it away!  HAHA!

The aerosol spray holds 150 ml of milk product.

Skin Food is known for it's concept of creating cosmetic products using food as a key ingredient.  #foodtherapy

Sadly, there's paraben in the formula.  And it's not just one, not two, not three, but five.

This is actually a 3-in-1 product that combines toner, serum and emulsion/moisturizer.

I've seen milk used as a key ingredient in many skin and body care products.  They say it hydrates the skin and helps retain moisture.  For sure you're familiar with milk bath as well.

What I love about it:

  • a pick-me-upper
  • smells great
  • quick and convenient to use
  • smoothens, moisturizes and softens the skin
  • no more dryness on the cheeks
  • no breakout/irritation
  • makes the skin dewy (in a good way, not greasy and shiny)

It's really an amazing product but personally, I think it's more of a moisturizer and semi-serum.  I haven't seen it's benefits as a toner.

  • you might want to avoid this if you don't like dewy skin
  • doesn't dry up fast
  • feels a little sticky while it dries

I use it day and night, after applying my eye cream or sunscreen.  After spritzing it onto my face (horizontal on the forehead and like drawing a U on one cheek to another), I use a light patting motion rather than wiping it totally.

Others say that putting it inside the fridge will make it even more refreshing. I haven't tried but I will.... later.  HAHA!

Overall, I like this product but I also can't wait to try the others from brands like The Face Shop, Etude House, Innisfree and more.  This one works well - perfect for those who have dry skin.  I just can't imagine using this during summer.  Maybe I'd look for another one which can dry up very fast but still, re-energize my skin at the same time.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

It's a special day today!  Why?  Cause I reached my goal for this year - 350,000 views!  Gaaaah! #dreamOn

If you've seen my 2014 bucket list post, I said that I would challenge myself and reach 350K!  And it happened.  Best thing... I still have 5 more months to make it higher.  Whew!

So to everyone who visits and visited my blog, a BIG THANK YOU! <3

your sweetest drug,

Sharing some photos from our annual Boracay trip.  The group's bigger and crazier this time!  Hopefully next year, I'd get to visit earlier than June or July.  :)

I love this place!  It's close to my heart.

We met this cute Korean baby at Starbucks.  *gigil

Island hopping on our second day...

First time at Puka Beach... such an amazing view.

Of course, there's a time for Jonah's!

Choco-banana for me!

Another must-visit place in Boracay - Real Coffee!  I love their Iced Cafe Mocha.

Til next year! <3

your sweetest drug,