Last month, I received a very special message from my favorite, most trusted brand of contact lenses, Geolica.  They posted a comment in my review of their Xtra 3 Tone Grey lens and told me that they would like to send in 3 more pairs.  Gaah!  I felt really really happy!  

One more thing that made me ecstatic was this another surprise.  Aside from the 3 pairs, they also gave me a solution and a purple towel.  So generous!

Geolica is the exclusive contact lens brand in the Philippines market under GEO Medical Contact Lens Inc. which is based in Gwangju, South Korea.  They are FDA approved so no doubt, their products are not only high-quality, but also 100% safe.

They have 1, 2 and 3-tone, toric and clear, Geolica Euro, Holicat and Mimi Cafe series.  So many colors to choose from and certainly, you'll be able to pick at least 1 or even 2 pairs that would look good on you.

Here's one of their latest designs.  Why not pair your cat eyeliner with these?

Look more awake with these cafe inspired lenses.

Here are the 3 collections under Geolica Euro.  These are disposable lenses which are good to use for 3 months.

They also have a multi-purpose solution called Aquafresh.  It's available in 40ml and 350 ml bottles.

I haven't tried this one but I'll make sure to include this in my review.

I've already bought 4 pairs.  Yes, I didn't try any other brands aside from Geolica because I don't want to risk getting fake lenses.  Having said that, I want to remind you all to be extra careful when buying contact lenses from online shops.

I love their box.  So pretty!

My first 2 picks - 2 tone.

Here's the label at the back.

Inside you'll see a case and of course, these 2 bottles.  

I asked them to give me graded lenses.  

So, what colors did I choose?

For 2-tone, I got blue (CH-622) and brown (CH-624) from the Nudy series.

I'm very excited to wear blue contact lens.  I haven't tried this color before, so I'm not sure what's the effect.

They also asked me to choose 1 pair from their Euro series.

As I've mentioned, Lady, Celine and Circle are good for 3 months only.  After that, it's time to say goodbye. :)

I picked Lady Pearl Grey.

As you can see, it's in a different packaging.

Instead of 2 bottles, they are housed in a sealed plastic container.

My camera was not cooperating, so it's hard to see the actual color from this photo.

There it is.  Fourth from the left.

Once again, thank you so much, Geolica for this gift!!!  This means a lot!  I'm so excited to try them all!

I'll post a separate review of each color, so stay tuned!

What do you think?

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Happy weekend, world! 

Please do show your love and support for our latest collection, A Touch of Flair!  You can browse the complete album here.  I'll be posting more photos tomorrow 'cause I have new models!  HAHA!  And as usual, I'll do a Lookbook post for each piece.  Gaah!  I love everything!  <3

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Here's a popular product by Skin Food.  If you're a fan of facial scrubs, you've probably heard of this.

So, who's the hero this time?  Black Sugar.

They actually have a Black Sugar line and obviously, they are using black sugar as the key ingredient.  Brazilian black sugar, that is.  It's composed of a cleansing cream, scrub foam, bubble foam and many more.

The main benefit is deep hydration and nano nutrition.  It's effective in skin exfoliation and in removing dead skin cells while keeping the skin's natural moisture.

Honestly, it's the first time I heard about black sugar.  We only have brown, right?  HAHA!  Anyway, maybe it's the darkest and purest of brown sugar.

It's contained in a plastic tub.  Amount of product is 100g.  Not bad!

A tube would be fine as well, but with this type of container, you'll get 100% of product.  No waste.  Although I need to remind you one thing.  If water got in accidentally, better remove it cause it will somehow melt the scrub.

If you're still thinking of hygiene and you don't want to put your fingers in, I recommend using a small spoon, fork or spatula.

I exfoliate my face and neck once or twice a week.  It's important to squeeze this step in our skin care routine because of the following reasons:

1) a layer of dead skin cells is dry and rough, it contains dirt too, so removing that will result to softer and smoother skin

2) it opens up the pores making it easier for the skin to absorb all the benefits of moisturizer, serum and all other skin care stuff

3) it improves the skin condition

4) it helps rejuvenate and revitalize the skin

5) it can help improve skin complexion, no more uneven skin tone

6) it unclogs pores, resulting to smaller pore size and clearer skin (minimal blackheads and acne)

7) it speeds up the skin's renewal process

Those are just some of the benefits of exfoliation.  You don't need to do it daily, so why not, right?

Here's what it looks like.  It's actually a lot and for me, it might last for several months.

From this photo, you can quickly tell that there are sugar grains.

The consistency is very thick.  Not the sticky type as I was expecting.

What I love about it:

  • scent - very citrusy
  • it lathers up a bit as you rub it - turns into soapy liquid but no bubbles
  • abrasiveness level is enough - it feels very rough at first because of the sugar granules (i don't know what to call it HAHA!) but as you rub it, it slowly melts 
  • makes the skin super supple after
  • skin looks brighter after
  • no "botox"-tight feeling - there's still enough moisture
  • no breakout/irritation - but I'm still not sure if those who have sensitive or acne-prone skin can use this

  • make sure your fingers are dry before scooping the product - water will cause it to melt
  • avoid the eye area because it's more sensitive
  • don't forget to apply toner and moisturizer after
  • no improvement on oil-control

I don't have a before-and-after picture, so I can't show the actual result.  In terms of pore unclogging, it doesn't remove much blackheads if used alone.  I need to apply my nose pack first to open up my pores and pick up those annoying bad boys.  Then, I'll scrub my nose and cheeks real hard and attack those stubborn ones still buried.  HAHA!  I always get clearer pores after!

Overall, it's a great exfoliator.  You'll really notice the effect after every use.  Softer and smoother skin!  Yea!  

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We have 9 stunning pieces this time.  Yea, I know.  It's not too many.  But we made sure that we've handpicked only the chic, stylish and wearable clothes.  Not to mention super nice fabrics too!

We decided to call this set, A Touch of Flair.  From basic dresses to fab tops, from a casual to a more polished look, we've got you covered.  Every bit of detail in a piece will make you look effortlessly dashing.

Do you like the posters?  I have a lot of fave shots, so I tried to be extra creative.  Thanks to the most supportive man in the universe for these amazing photos.  Thanks, Kris! <3

It was a very exhausting preparation (as always, for every collection we release), but I know it's worth it. :)  #dowhatyouloveandneverstop #pushlangngpush

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Face powder is definitely a must-have for someone who lives in a tropical country.  Mattifying BB creams or foundation won't be enough under a very humid weather, because for sure, your face will look like a grease ball after a few hours (or minutes especially during summer).

For today's product review, we have here Innisfree's No-Sebum Mineral Powder.

Let's break it down a bit, shall we?

First, about the brand.  Innisfree is known for using Jeju's purest natural ingredients and minerals in their cosmetics.  Green tea, barley, camellia, tangerine, even volcanic clay, you name it - they create amazing products targeting all kinds of skin type and condition.  Not just that, they also use eco-friendly containers.  I guess they really do love Mother Earth. :)

Obviously, the major feature of this product is oil-control.  It's a type of mineral makeup that does not contain paraben, talc, artificial dye and synthetic fragrance.

Unlike a usual powder compact, it's in a loose powder form housed in a typical plastic sifter container.  And it's in my fave color too!  It also comes with a high-quality puff, very far from a cheap one.  It's very soft and lightweight.

Here's a closer look at the powder.  It looks and feels almost like a cornstarch - finely milled.  When blended, it's translucent which is very good because that means it won't mess up your face makeup.  It feels really really smooth on skin - silky smooth!  It's like touching a silk fabric.

Since it contains mint, it has this minty scent (duh).  Personally, I like it.

Let me now share the before and after photos.  Please note that it might be a little difficult see the actual difference or result because no. 1 - it's translucent and no. 2 - I used a BB cream with powdery finish.

My current moisturizer really makes my skin dewy and that's noticeable in the "before" photo above.  I have on my BB cream and concealer for the under eye area.

What I love about it:

  • mattifies instantly
  • absorbs excess oil from my BB cream
  • has amazing oil-control properties but that lasts for at least 4 hours to 6 - after that I begin to notice some shine on my t-zone, so I reapply (works better under nice weather/temperature)
  • texture
  • feels super smooth
  • no irritation
  • scent
  • works well with BB cream
  • doesn't feel grainy
  • eco-friendly
  • doesn't clog pores

I know it's hard to deal with loose powder containers because you tend to dispense a lot of product- more than you'd actually need basically.  Thing is, there's a sticker that serves as a seal.  And the first, most important thing you need to do, is to NOT peel it off completely.  Yea, that's a common mistake.

Here's what I did.  I poked 4 holes (the 1 on top and 3 on the second row).  That will make it easier for me to control the amount of product to take out.

As you can see, I'm using a brush.  The puff is really nice, but I find it inconvenient because I can't transfer and blend the powder easily.  It could be good for touch-ups though.

Aside from the ones I just mentioned, here's another watch-out.  It doesn't conceal pores very well.  So, for those who have a huge pore problem, you may want to avoid using this powder alone.

What do you think?

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