Before I talk about this look, let me share first one of my favorite songs by Sam Smith - Leave Your Lover.  

You'll never know the endless nights, the rhyming of the rain
Or how it feels to fall behind and watch you call his name

Can't keep this beating heart at bay
Set my midnight sorrow free,
I will give you all of me
Just leave your lover, leave him for me.
Leave your lover, leave him for me 

Oh, I'm in love with you and you will never know

I really love the way he wrote his songs in his album, In The Lonely Hour.  He experienced heartbreak and the words just came out very naturally.  Every song has this distinct emotion and story.  People seem to relate because the lyrics perfectly describes what they have been going through or what they have gone through. #totallyremindsyouofsomeone 

Okay, now onto the outfit.  Talking about favorites, here's the way I usually style black dresses.  I like throwing on gold accessories because they seem to bring out a classy vibe.  Black works well with silver too, but that combo will suit an edgy and modern look.  Either way, we can't deny that LBDs are indeed, a wardrobe staple.

The feature of this dress is the unique square-cut neckline.  Even without a belt, the fit will still look fine as well.  With a blazer or scarf, it would be appropriate to wear to work.

What do you think?

Dress from The Chic Closet
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your sweetest drug,

Here's what happened to me this past week.  

- went out on a Sunday night with my friends, Mae and Donn to grab some food and for a super impromptu KTV
- satisfied my Mcdo's Twister fries + milk tea craving and watched Maleficent on Monday
- cooked something delicious on Tuesday
- celebrated our 2nd Anniversary on Wednesday
- got super stressed yesterday because of critical issues but rewarded myself with JCO donuts

And today, I'm feeling excited!  HIHI!  Because of work, we weren't able to prepare for our anniversary.  So tomorrow, we'll watch Rurouni Kenshin - The Legend Ends, get ourselves a gift and try a new restaurant.  Yay! <3

Have an awesome weekend!

your sweetest drug,

Even before starting, I knew it's impossible for me to recreate Elsa's hair and makeup (and do justice) because no. 1, I'm not blonde and I don't have a blonde wig.  No. 2, I'm bad at brows and I couldn't copy hers.  They're thin and perfectly arched.  No. 3, I'm also bad at hair and it might take me 2,367,357 days just to have her signature braid.  No. 4, Elsa doesn't have braces.  Ooops, I'm not yet done.  I can't sing Let It Go properly and I am no Snow Queen.  I can't create snowflakes and the cold always bothers me.  Anyway.  :P

Granted all those non-sense reasons, I just tried my best to study the colors on her face and opted NOT to replicate her look, but to make it more realistic while using the same hues.  This is perhaps, something we can wear on a special occasion, prom or party.

Hmmmm... random question right here.  What if Elsa was a brunette?

photo from Google

HAHA!  Nevermind.  Okay, let's start!

For the face, just do your usual foundation routine.  Conceal (don't feel) those dark circles and pimple spots.  If you have freckles, just let them show (well, now they know).  

Based on experience, it's also fine to do the face makeup after the eye makeup because this look involves a lot of eyeshadow action.  In other words, expect lots of fallouts.  

This will create a warm base.  

You can pick whatever shade of purple.  You can also use a shimmery one.

Get some red-orange eyeshadow and blend the edges.  Make sure this hits the brow bone.

To add depth, pick a dark taupe color for the outer and inner corners.

Time to add some snow flakes!

I don't have a glitter eye powder, so I used my shimmery eye pencil.  If you used a sparkly eye shadow, you can skip this step.

To intensify the outer V, apply some black eyeshadow.

Line your eyes with a black pencil or gel.  Don't forget the lower lashline and waterline.

Elsa's lashes are luscious.  If applying mascara is not enough, put on falsies.

We also need a light coral blush.

Do the finishing touches.  Highlight and contour.  

For the lips, I used my Rimmel Kate Moss Lasting Finish in Shade 09 (review here) since it has this purple, mid-dark fuschia color.  Apparently, it's a close match.  

A braid can make a huge difference.  I know.  Mine's a mess.  HAHA!

If you want to come as Elsa in a costume party, or maybe you just wanna build a snowman, pretend you're in Let It Go music video, or I don't know, shut people or your sister out, better get blonde wig, blue contact lenses and a sparkly blue gown or something similar to her coronation gown.  :)

The major feature of the eye makeup is the pop of purple on the center of the lids.  

I know the blending will somehow cover that area but remember, you can always reapply.  Same deal with the red-orange and dark taupe.

Sorry for the low quality pictures.

One last #selfie!

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,