Lash Lust Mascara, sounds very sexy and appropriate for the brand, Victoria's Secret.  I like it.  :)

My cousin owns this mascara and I thought I'd also share the review here on le blog.

So, VS huh?  I know they have a makeup line but I can't remember using any aside from this one.  What I can recall is how pretty their makeup kits are.

Anyway, I cannot anymore find this particular mascara online, so I'm not sure if they're still selling it.

Now, onto the review.  I have lots of before and after photos.  #justsaying #extraeffort

The brush looks very odd because of it's wide, flat shape.  When I position the wand vertically, meaning the flat side is parallel to my eyes, it's very hard to apply the product because it hits my lids.  On the other hand, if I position it horizontally, meaning the flat side is facing the floor, it's easier.  The side bristles really help.

Obviously, I don't have thick and long lashes.  As I've said many times here on le blog, as long as the mascara helps them to look longer, thicker and more visible, I'm good.

Here you can see that it instantly added volume after 1 coat.  After the 2nd, it looks more lifted.

Here's another look at my bare lashes.  I didn't put other eye makeup for you to see the actual effect.

Because of the brush shape, it's hard to apply mascara from the roots.

After applying generous coats, my lashes became longer.  The thickness is enough and I love how it spreads out the strands.

It doesn't look like spider-lashes because it's not clumpy.  Although, I noticed that it smudges a bit on the lower lash line.

Another thing I love about Lash Lust is that, it feels light.  It doesn't make the strands stiff (if that makes sense).

Comparing it with other mascaras, personally I think it you'll need 3 or more coats to get the maximum thickness and length especially if you barely have lashes.

There's no label whatsoever in the tube that says "water proof" or "water resistant", but I still did this test to know if it's safe to use this mascara.  By safe, I mean you know, the chances that it will turn me into a panda or a scary creature.  HAHA!

By looking at the photo above, we can officially say that it failed the test.

Take note, I haven't rubbed my eyes at this point.  The mascara just ran down my face like black tears and it was super hard to clean up the mess.  I had to use my makeup remover.  #notcool

I think I need to stay away from this mascara.

After trying to rub it off, I got this.  My under eyes were covered in black... ink.  It's perfect for the Halloween season.  HAHA!

Too bad.  If only the formula was waterproof or water resistant. :(

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

I got these two eyeliners by Holika Holika because of their buy 1 take 1 promo.  These are called Jewel-light and they come in waterproof crayon type.  Although I admit, I don't need too much eyeliner in my stash.  As long as I have black, I'm good.  White is also a plus point because I love lining my waterlines with that color.  So far, I'm surviving without having a white pencil because I use white eyeshadow powder as an alternative and gladly, it works.

I picked Pink Ballerina #17 and Emerald Green #19 which I think, is very far from a true emerald green, but still, it's a pretty color.  Both are not glittery.  They are actually very matte for an eyeliner.

Since it's like a crayon, a very slim crayon that is, that means you can sharpen it.

"I love you" in Korean

Pink Ballerina is a very peachy color while Emerald Green is more of a teal than green.

I have to say, this eyeliner by Holika Holika is super pigmented.  Good color payoff, indeed.

You don't have to apply to much pressure because it glides smoothly on skin.  It's not patchy as well.  Putting on primer or moisturizer prior can also help especially for people who have dry skin.

I like applying this vibrant teal color like so.  It's very edgy and adds a fun vibe to your look.  It's perfect for beach/street parties or even music festivals.

This is how it looks like.  Since I have small "eye folds", it's not very visible unless I look down or close my eyes.  I also applied it a little thicker to make it pop.  :)

The peach pencil doesn't look good on the lids so I use it for the waterlines.  It kinda looks odd so I always top it off with white eye shadow to fade it a bit.  I also find it helpful because the powder tends to cling to the waterproof formula, making it lasts longer.

It will turn out like this.

About the waterproof test, I tried to rub it and it didn't budge.  I also tried doing the "water splash" test and it didn't smear.  Though when I rubbed it with water, it eventually smudged but not that easily.  Net, I'd say it stayed in place all day, err day.  :P

You should use a good makeup remover like Innisfree's Apple Juicy (click here for review) to completely take it off.

The finish reminds me of Maybelline Tattoo eyeshadow.

By the way, I also tried using Pink Ballerina as a lip color because I couldn't really make use much of it as an eye pencil.  Unfortunately, it's a wrong move.  HAHA!  It didn't look right.  The taste was disgusting too (I didn't eat it, of course).  Now that I already warned you, don't even dare.  :P

How about vibrant eye makeup for a change?

What do you think?

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Happy weekend, world! <3

Sorry if I've been very inactive these past few weeks.  I'm still swamped with work and it's challenging to find time to blog, even to do my workout.  Grr.  

I want to go to a vacation.  I need a breather.  *sigh

Anyway, please feel free to browse my site!  Sarang he!

your sweetest drug,

Skin care goodies and 2 new addition to my makeup collection for this month's Just In post!

Let's start from the left.

Yves Roche Sebo Specific Ultra Mat Anti-Shine Moisturizer 
From my previous moisturizer by SkinFood (click here for the review), I now switched to a non-Korean brand and also, something that's mattifying.  Not that I didn't like it or anything, I loved it with all of my heart because it made my skin glow from the inside.  Yea, my skin became dewy but I did not complain.  Though there were days when the extra moisture made me felt uneasy due to the hot weather, but I still believe in the product.  It really took care of my skin well.

From dewy to shine-free, I'm now using this day-moisturizer by Yves Roche.  A moisturizer with oil-control properties?  Amaaaaaaaziiiing!  Watch out for the review!

Aveeno Smart Essentials Daily Detoxifying Scrub
I didn't buy this one.  I just saw it here in the house lonely and needing attention.  HAHA!  I've tried it many times already, not daily though because I still have my SkinFood Sugar Mask and I only do exfoliation 3-4 times a week.  More frequent than normal because well, you know how much I hate my clogged pores.

Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Pore-Reducing Toner
I gotta admit.  It's my first time to buy a skin care product or even makeup that costs more than 1000 php.  Though I still don't consider it as a splurge because I know I didn't throw my money just like that.  I did a quick research and every site that I checked said this one's a badass.  And I agree to that!  I'll tell you more details on a separate post.  After 3 weeks of using this toner, I was able to sleep in peace without regretting about this "kinda huge" purchase because I noticed results.  HAHA!

MAC Tart & Trendy Lustre Finish
Here's another first.  First time to buy a second hand makeup.  I didn't think twice because I know the owner.  I'd think it through again otherwise.  If you're interested, visit my friend's blog here.  I guess there are still some items for sale.  When she brought her collection to the office, almost everyone of us bought.  Even a guy.  Yep.  Not kidding.  That's a lip balm though.  HIHI!  #truestory

So, back to the lippie.  This one belongs to the orange family.  Okay, that's another first-time - 3rd already in one post!  It's my first time to try an orange lipstick.  I can't wait to feature this baby here on le blog.  Stay tuned you lippie-freaks! :D

Maybelline Rocket Volum Express Washable Mascara 
My previous mascara by The Face Shop (click here for review) already dried out even after trying to revive it using the hot water method.  I also loved it because it did it's job pretty well.  I haven't used this new one yet but I'm hoping that it will work just as great because it's from Maybelline.  And for me, Maybelline is the drugstore's mascara queen.

Have you tried it?  Anyone using this?  How is it?

By the way, I also picked the washable version because I don't wanna use waterproof mascara daily.  I don't wanna trouble myself much when it's time to remove it.

That's it for now!

I also bought several shoes last week.  I'll share it on

Time for the #quickieupdate section!

Currently Loving: Happy Lemon's Rock Salt & Cheese cream.  Kris and I got addicted recently.

My LSS: Almost Is Never Enough by Ariana Grande.  Have you already experienced an almost-is-not-enough moment?

Recently Watched: Rurouni Kenshin, The Legend Ends.  Finally!  The Shishio fight scene was awesome!  Even though they didn't include some scenes, that's understandable because it's very difficult to condensed everything in a 2-hr movie.

I'm also re-watching Chuck.  I missed the series so much!

ABSpiration Update: My workload is causing me to skip working out.  I hate it.  There are so many things to do, so many tasks to finish.  I can't even blog 4 times a week.  Pft.  I wanna get back on track very soon.

Craving For:  I want to go to a buffet again (I have the right because I'm stressed).  HAHA!

your sweetest drug,

As some of you might have noticed (I often mention it in my blog, anyway), I'm not a big fan of pink especially when it comes to clothing or shoes.  So maybe you're wondering why our collections always include a dress or a top in this color even though I'm the one who hand picks everything.  Well maybe, I'm just a part of the 1% of the population who do not prefer wearing anything pink.  The other 99% of women love it.  Yea, #pinkpower.  HAHA!  That being said, TCC should have pink pieces.  Our clothes are not for my own closet, anyway.  Though I also grabbed some of my super super favorites.

Here's another reason.  Kris always reminds me to pick a pink piece.  Sometimes, I imagine him raising a pink flag and shouting "No, choose the pink one!"  

Do you like this LPD or little pink dress?  Obviously, the pink version of LBD's.  No need to explain actually.  HAHA! 

Two shades of pink in one!  It has pockets too!  

I don't know what exactly they are called, but if you see those 2 lines at the back, they kinda make this piece more flattering.  They add form.  I really like the fit.  As an added bonus an extra details, there are also pleats at the skirt part.

What do you think?

Dress from The Chic Closet

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