Here's how I styled my simple yet, beautiful evening gown made by Royanne Camillia.  I decided to leave the belt behind to emphasize the V-cut at the front.  Besides, I really wanted to wear a simple long gown, not anything flashy.  Less is more, right?  I also threw in silver accessories to really match the theme.  Of course, I wore my fave necklaces - my moon and star.  

I'm not sure if you've noticed, but like I told you in my latest Beauty Board post, my makeup here was different from the one I practiced the night before the event.  It was such a bummer.  I also was not able to do the hairstyle I wanted but that's fine because I think it didn't mess up the overall look.  

If you want me to do a tutorial on how to create a silver smokey eye makeup, just let me know.  

So, that's my last outfit post for 2014.  What do you think?

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Concealer is often present in my hauls because of 2 reasons.  Reason no.1 - I use it almost every day, so I tend to finish a pot or tube in just a couple of weeks.  I could survive without BB cream and foundation, but I'd definitely die if you take my concealer from me.  Reason no. 2 - I love trying different brands and types.  Like any other makeup, concealers differ in formula and most especially, coverage, so I try to look for "the one" that would work well with my dark circles.

Today, I have another concealer review to share with you guys and it's a newbie brand here on le blog.  

Its from Missha and it is called The Style Under Eye Brightener.  I don't know about "The Style" because it doesn't look stylish.  HAHA!  

Its in a usual tube packaging with a doe foot applicator.

This concealer is only available in 2 shades, Light Beige and Natural Beige.  I got the lighter color.  

I'm not sure if its available locally, so make sure to check out Missha counters for the price.  As you know, we are selling Korean cosmetics through The Chic Closet and it cost me only around 200 php.  The amount of product is not so much though.  

I would say coverage is really on the heavy side because of the consistency, which is thicker than other liquid concealers I've used before.  

There's no scent whatsoever, just the common foundation scent maybe?  The texture is creamy and it has a slight velvety finish.

I always apply it on top of BB cream/foundation.  Personally, that sequence works better for me.  

In terms of application, blending it with my ring finger does the trick.  Sometimes, I also use my Real Techniques Contour Brush to buff it when I'm in a hurry and to distribute it more evenly.  

One problem about this concealer is how it settles into fine lines.  It is also a bit cakey when it dries, so you would need a very good eye cream to hydrate the area more or a primer to avoid creasing.

A little amount goes a long way.  I often put 3 dots around the lower eye area, more if I have a very bad dark-circles-day.

It instantly brightens up the face and it also helps diminish the appearance of pores, so I also blend it towards the nose and cheek area.  

I would say that there's a tiny bit of highlighting effect, though I'm not sure if it's just because I'm using the lighter shade.

Even though the coverage is medium to heavy, it still feels considerably lightweight.  Furthermore, I've experienced some creasing, so you have to be careful when doing multiple layers.

If used alone, it still does the job of concealing my dark circles.  It also covers blemishes like pimple marks.  

In my opinion, this under eye brightener is not 100% effective, because there were times when I still think that my annoying eye bags are still noticeable.  Nevertheless, I don't regret buying this considering the price and the size of the tube makes it easy to carry around.  Perfect to bring when you're using a tiny purse and you know you would need to touch-up later in the day, right ladies?

It is actually a good everyday concealer, yes, but I'd recommend getting another one if you need extra help with those panda eyes.  

What do you think?

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Stay tuned for the Missha BB Cream review and my face makeup routine.

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Let me thank everyone who has been a reader of this simple blog.  Be it a regular or random visitor, please know that I appreciate every single view and comment.  It's been an awesome year indeed!  This 2014, le blog turned 3 and for me, it's definitely a milestone.  I look forward to more opportunities and collaborations in 2015!

As part of my usual year-ender posts, here are the 2014 favorites in every series.  I realized that I didn't do any makeup video this year.  I'm really sorry!  I'm trying to finish one and I know, I've promised that I'd be sharing that before Christmas.  

Anyway, I also hope you liked Beauty Board, my new series I started in February and Sample Stash.  Please stay tuned for more surprises next year!  I'd love to hear your suggestions as well.

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Nothing beats the feeling knowing you don't have to set an alarm and you can get out of bed whenever you want to.  It's the best thing next to "washing your face after a long day".  So awesome.

Anyway, this holiday break, I made a promise to spend more time blogging and preparing The Chic Closet's next collection.  I'm working on a makeup video for you guys as well, last one for this year, and I hope I will be able to finish it before Christmas.  That's 3 days from now.  Wheeew!

Moving on to today's featured product.  This one's a freebie.  I got this from a blogger event I attended last month.  I actually made a post about it (here's the link) and I also shared there the rest of the Nature Republic goodies I got.

Basically, it's a facial mask sheet with argan oil.  This type of oil has been a popular skin and hair care agent recently because of the numerous benefits.

The label says "not for sale".  I'm not sure why.  If you're interested, you can visit Nature Republic counters and inquire about this mask.

I really love putting on facial mask sheets like so especially after a good exfoliation.  For me, it's a good way to pamper the skin.

There are a lot of brands and key ingredients to try.  Just make sure to get one that targets your skin problem/concern.

The formula is a bit different from the ones I've tried before.  It's more like a cream than liquid.

By the way, I haven't seen an actual argan oil so I can't do any comparison specifically.

There's also a subtle perfumy scent and there's no indication of any oiliness in the texture.

The mask itself is in good quality.  It didn't pull apart when I was unfolding it.  The only quality of this product I was 50-50 about is that, it's not super soaked.

After 20 minutes, it dried out.  It was very soothing and there's very minimal moisture left after peeling it off.  Very nice.

So that's it for today.  If you are really into pampering your skin, I'd recommend stocking up facial mask sheets.

What do you think?

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The night before our Year Ender Party, I spent time trying to create a makeup look for the event and I thought gray smokey eyes paired with pink nude lips would suit my dark blue gown.  I practiced just to make sure that on the next day, I would be able to recreate it faster since I only had about 1 hour or so to do my hair and makeup.  It turned out, I failed to do the same exact look.  Boohoo! I was like, what the hell happened!  HAHA!  But, let me share it anyway and also, a bonus side story about my gown-hunting.

Here it is.  All gray and black for the eyes with va va voom upper and lower lashes.  As for the lips, I chose a pink nude color.  Highlighter also played a key role.

By the way, the products in the photo are just for examples.  They are all from Google Images.

I used matte eye shadows for this look because I didn't want to be all sparkly.  

Here's my pair of Red Cherry lashes.  I absolutely love it!  My mascara did a great job as well on my lower lashes.  

If you don't have a highlighter stick or powder, you can also use a pearly or shimmery white eye shadow.

A light pink blush would also be a nice complement to this kind of eye makeup.

I also tried on a few lipsticks, but pink seemed to be the perfect match.  

That's it!  I'll show you the actual look and the complete outfit as well on a separate post.

Kris and I decided to just rent a tux and a gown.  The theme was all about black, blue and silver and luckily, there's an available formal dress for me in a royal blue color.

We went to Marikina to visit this gown rental shop called Royanne Camillia.  Their formal wear ranges from 1000 to 2500 pesos.  

I fell in love with this fitting area.  I also spotted several gorgeous gowns and cocktail dresses, so if you need one for an upcoming event, go and visit this shop.

Here's the other choice.  

It's a simple black silk dress with nice back straps.

I liked the length and fit, but it's not padded and I would need to wear adhesive bra, so it's a no-no for me.

Here's my choice.  #backlessgain

It's longer than the other one. 

Check out how I styled it on my Lookbook series.

As for Kris, he opted for a black and silver combination.

If you're looking for a tux/suit rental, check out Gardini Fashion Center.


What do you think?

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