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by - May 31, 2015

I hate shampooing everyday because it just makes the hair look flat and difficult to style.  Even using conditioner alone sometimes weigh the mane down.  And as much as I want to wash it (because who doesn't like clean and fresh tress?), I also like 1 day-old hair as it's easier to manage.  The only problem with skipping "hair wash day" is the grease that comes with it.  But thanks to the hair goddesses, we can combat that with dry shampoo!

For the last two months, I haven't really used my dry shampoo that much because this intense summer weather makes me want to shower like every hour.  There are some exceptions of course.  For example, after working out in the evening I'll take a quick bath, sleep and then skip the shampoo part the next day.

The one I used before was in a powder form (click here to check that post) and honestly, I had a hard time since it's a little bit messy to apply and I could feel the powder on my scalp.  That's also the reason why, I picked a more convenient alternative this time.

But before sharing my review about Dove Dry Shampoo, let me clear one thing first.  These two babies here look very very similar but actually, I'm still not sure if the one on the right is just an upgraded version.

both at 200++ php

I bought the left one from SM Hypermarket while the right one was from Landmark and it's the packaging I see in SM Department Store nowadays.  Regardless, what I know is that, they smell, weigh and work just the same.

Now, let me share some before and after photos.

Since my short hair could be unruly sometimes (ends pointing in different directions), I like to use a hair tool.

I'm currently using this rotating tool which I requested as an exchange gift wish last year (thanks, Jan).

Application is no-brainer.  You just spray it on while parting your hair a few times, then brush or rub to distribute it even more.  I typically apply more product on the top of my head because the oiliness is usually noticeable at that area.

What I Love About It

  • the scent is oh soooooo goooooooood - fresh, powdery and light fragrance that lasts all day

  • affordable - given that you'd get to only use it every other day (at minimum), a bottle can last up to 3 to 4 months depending of course on you hair's length and thickness
  • doesn't give speckles of powder or any white stuff 

  • you'll feel powder if you run your fingers through your hair but nothing bothering
  • doesn't cause dandruff
  • not itchy on the scalp


I can't say that it's absolutely perfect and effective.  Yes, it can absorb minimal grease, but if you get extremely oily up there, you might need to bring it along, but given that it's too large to fit in your everyday bag or purse, that's not possible.  


Here's another watch-out.  Do not expect that it would give vavavoom volume.

Overall, this one's a nice dry shampoo but sadly, not the best out there.  I still love it though!  Hello, I bought 2 already!  HAHA!  

It doesn't create crazy body or bounce,  but still its power is enough to have a fresh, blowout-ish look in seconds.  

What do you think?

I'm looking for new brand to try next time.  Any suggestion?

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your sweetest drug,

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  1. Is the SM Hypermarket you were talking about the one in Pasig near Tiendesitas? :)

    1. Hi! Nope, I bought the other one in SM Hypermarket, SM Megamall. :)


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