I hate shampooing everyday because it just makes the hair look flat and difficult to style.  Even using conditioner alone sometimes weigh the mane down.  And as much as I want to wash it (because who doesn't like clean and fresh tress?), I also like 1 day-old hair as it's easier to manage.  The only problem with skipping "hair wash day" is the grease that comes with it.  But thanks to the hair goddesses, we can combat that with dry shampoo!

For the last two months, I haven't really used my dry shampoo that much because this intense summer weather makes me want to shower like every hour.  There are some exceptions of course.  For example, after working out in the evening I'll take a quick bath, sleep and then skip the shampoo part the next day.

The one I used before was in a powder form (click here to check that post) and honestly, I had a hard time since it's a little bit messy to apply and I could feel the powder on my scalp.  That's also the reason why, I picked a more convenient alternative this time.

But before sharing my review about Dove Dry Shampoo, let me clear one thing first.  These two babies here look very very similar but actually, I'm still not sure if the one on the right is just an upgraded version.

both at 200++ php

I bought the left one from SM Hypermarket while the right one was from Landmark and it's the packaging I see in SM Department Store nowadays.  Regardless, what I know is that, they smell, weigh and work just the same.

Now, let me share some before and after photos.

Since my short hair could be unruly sometimes (ends pointing in different directions), I like to use a hair tool.

I'm currently using this rotating tool which I requested as an exchange gift wish last year (thanks, Jan).

Application is no-brainer.  You just spray it on while parting your hair a few times, then brush or rub to distribute it even more.  I typically apply more product on the top of my head because the oiliness is usually noticeable at that area.

What I Love About It

  • the scent is oh soooooo goooooooood - fresh, powdery and light fragrance that lasts all day

  • affordable - given that you'd get to only use it every other day (at minimum), a bottle can last up to 3 to 4 months depending of course on you hair's length and thickness
  • doesn't give speckles of powder or any white stuff 

  • you'll feel powder if you run your fingers through your hair but nothing bothering
  • doesn't cause dandruff
  • not itchy on the scalp


I can't say that it's absolutely perfect and effective.  Yes, it can absorb minimal grease, but if you get extremely oily up there, you might need to bring it along, but given that it's too large to fit in your everyday bag or purse, that's not possible.  


Here's another watch-out.  Do not expect that it would give vavavoom volume.

Overall, this one's a nice dry shampoo but sadly, not the best out there.  I still love it though!  Hello, I bought 2 already!  HAHA!  

It doesn't create crazy body or bounce,  but still its power is enough to have a fresh, blowout-ish look in seconds.  

What do you think?

I'm looking for new brand to try next time.  Any suggestion?

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your sweetest drug,

What do you say to a food tasting invite?  A BIG YES!

Recently, I attended a blogger event but it ain't related to beauty stuff.  It's food, guys.  Food.  Burger to be exact.  And it's a first.

So what's the name of the restaurant?  It's called Burgers & Brewksies, located in a relatively new dining strip, Capitol Commons.

Burger joints have been popping everywhere and competition is becoming tougher and tougher.  But I guess what people anticipate are these new, creative and crazy burger ideas - from patty blends to toppings and now, add to that, two of the best burger partners of all time, unconventional beers and out of this world cocktail mixes.

B&B offers both.  And more.

I'll stop talking for now and let you drool over these photos.  Oh yes, this post is picture-heavy so get ready for some scrollin'!

Let's start with the drinks!

Summer Hoedown (140 php)

What do you get when you mix watermelon and beer?  Well, try it for yourself because I know.  I know.  It's intriguing!  HAHA! 

Dirty Arnold (140 php)

Inspired by a famous golfer's favorite drink - half iced tea, half lemonade.  They added sweet tea infused vodka and a splash of pineapple juice for that tropical vibe.  Loved it!  

This Little Piggy Went to the Bar (200 php)

Now that's a mouthful. 

I really like how they name their drinks and food.  Quick fun fact!  If there's a job for that, I want it.  Come on, hire me please.  :P

This one has bacon-infused bourbon, tomato juice and fresh lime.

Sorry!  I forgot what this is.  But it's a combo of black beer and apple cider.

Chocnut Martini (160 php)

Genius.  I want to say that it's okay for kids.  But no.  HAHA!

They serve imported beers too and they have a kid-friendly menu.    

Now, onto the food!

Avocado Fries (seasonal)

Mothers, you can trick your kids into eating this healthier-than-actual-fries alternative because it tastes soooo good.

Angry Korean Wings (205 php)

What a better way to make Korean chicken wings than adding gochujang in the mix!

They also served Salt & Pepper (195 php) and Honey Garlic (195 php) which was a little too salty for my liking.

*top pick #1
I can't find it in the menu but basically it's a set of nacho chips with buffalo ranch flavored cheese dip placed in a bread.  Awesome.  I loved that extra flavor.  

*top pick #2
Again, can't find it in the menu.  These are ground chicken meat rolled into balls and tossed in B&B's buffalo sauce.  In short, they are Buffalo Balls.  Okay, I just made that up.  But it's the same idea.  So if you don't want to get all messy and you don't want to look like a caveman but your taste buds call for buffalo wings, try this one instead.  All you need is a toothpick, not a glove!

The blue cheese dip rocked my world.  

Fish Poppers (220 php) *top pick #3

This dish reminds me of fish balls!  But of course, it's fancier and it's in a more glorified version.  It's made of Sea Bream nuggets, fried tempura style with chipotle aioli dip.  

Bacon Chicharon (210 php) 

I guess this is the fad nowadays.  Honestly speaking, out of 3 restaurants that I've tried so far, B&B's version went straight all the way to the top.  They are perfectly sliced - not so thin, not so thick.  The best part, I could really taste the bacon more.  Surely, Kris would love this too.

B&B Sausage Platter (585 php)

Need I say more?  Bavarian Smokies, Hungarian and Thuringer Bratwurst in one plate wooden board??  

Between the two dips, I liked the curry ketchup.  The white one is spiced mustard aioli.

Okay, those are just appetizers.  Wave one done.  

Are you ready to meet the burgers?

Guacamole Burger (seasonal) *top pick #4

First, I wanna be real honest with you.  I'm in love with guacamole so I'm biased on this.  HAHA!

Btw, they serve fresh 1/3 pound 100% US beef patties.  Everything was nicely grilled and the overall flavor was top-notch.  But of course, there are a few ones that I didn't like that much.

You can also choose between brioche and whole wheat bun.

Don't Have a Cow (190 php)

Red lentil and bulgur wheat patty with roasted garlic aioli, B&B curry ketchup and shitake mushrooms sauteed with garlic and onions.

Sadly, I wasn't able to grab a bite of this one, but if you like mushrooms on your burger, I suggest you go pick this.

Call The Nurse (280 php)

It's made of spiced mustard aioli, B&B cheese sauce, seared mac & cheese and honey sriracha bacon.

Okay, the last ingredient is really inventive I must say. 

Again, I wasn't able to try this one.

Hector Salamanca (240 php)

This burger is the hottest of them all!  Why?  Imagine chili oil and jalapeno mixed together.  

I immediately chugged a glass of water after one bite.  So if you're a fan of all things spicy, I dare you to try Hector.

Kandi (265 php) *top pick #5

This guy right here is overloaded with carbs - bun + mac & cheese.  But I super liked it because of the candied bacon.

P. Sherman (250 php) 

B&B cares for the health conscious people too!  HAHA!  So they came up with a fish burger made of New England style fish cakes.  Better pair this with whole wheat bun!

Oh wait, the name of this burger deserves a #iseewhatyoudidthere!

Walk of Shame (340 php)

What?!  Egg in a bun?!  Amazeballs!

There's also crispy bacon and crisp potato hay on the side.

Again, I apologize if I didn't share too much details about the taste of each.  I was super full already when the parade of burgers was served.  I only had a little room for dessert left.  BUT before I talk about the "happy ending", let's meet some sidekicks first!

S.P.F. (65 php) *top pick #6

Oh boy!  How could I say no to sweet potato fries???  It's my absolute favorite!  Crazy in love.  Head over heels.  Obsessed.

Thanks to B&B for making it more awesome!

Cuban Missile (120 php) *top pick #7

Okay, I know what you're thinking.  120 pesos for a cob of corn?  But wait, give this fella a shot.  It's grilled and the spiced shredded cheese tasted oh so good!  I didn't taste a regular cheese flavoring and even if there's mayo (you know how I super hate mayo), it's like invisible (to the taste buds).

Chocolate-Covered Bacon with Cashew (not in the menu) *top pick #8

Oh yes, the bacon doesn't stop.  Not just yet.

It's my first time to try this kind of bacon dish and I must say, it instantly became my favorite!  I love the saltiness and sweetness colliding.  I was like "oh it's sweet" and then like, "oh wait, it's salty".  

I.  Got.  To.  Have.  More.

Here are the sweet treats!

B&B Chocolate Pudding (105 php) *top pick #9

This one blew my mind.  The dark chocolate custard was gooey and rich, and the sweetness was just right.  I also liked the texture that the cinnamon oatmeal added.

If you're not into chocolate, try Creamy Soy Panna Cotta (85 php).  

A simple panna cotta is enough to make me do a somersault because of joy and excitement.  Okay, maybe not a somersault.  But my point is, there's bacon on top of this show-stopper dessert.  Yes, spiced candied bacon bits!

Chef (150 php) *top pick #10

They modified this one a little bit.  Since they didn't have vanilla ice cream at that time, they used salted caramel flavor instead.  It normally comes with two scoops as well.

It's brown because it's covered with spiced choco powder (oooh I loved the kick) and yes, you've guessed it.  Candied bacons again.

All three are a must-try, can't-leave-the-restaurant-without-trying-it type of dessert.

Burgers and Brewskies is also a perfect hangout place.  Look!  They even have a DJ!  I can't wait to eat there again with Kris and my friends.

Btw, you can also visit their branch at Burgos Circle.  For more info, like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter or Instagram.

Thanks again to Aldous for inviting me!  

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

Chiffon and airy dresses are your best friends during this time of the year when the heat is just too intense, you can't even touch the stuffy ones and you can't even look at your pants.  I know everyone (and your closet too) is adjusting so hard to survive this scorching summer weather so here's something I think you would like especially if you're looking for a piece that's a little bit more polished for work.  Of course, you can throw on a blazer or a cardigan if you're office's "fashion department" is kinda strict.  HAHA!

It's so light.  It's comfortable.  You can easily slip into and out of it.  And yea, you can remove that string-slash-belt and opt for a more loose fitting as well.

What do you think?

Dress from The Chic Closet

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Have a nice week ahead!

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