While I was browsing my folders to check some photos, I found these ones taken a couple of months back.  All I could say was "what the".  I totally forgot to do a post for this look!  What's wrong with me these days?!  I don't want to keep them buried in my external hard drive and also rename the folder to "forgotten", so here it is, a Lookbook post.

But before I talk about the outfit, I want to let you know that I just finished filming a makeup tutorial.  Hooray!  Feeling productive this long weekend.  I haven't watched the videos to check if they're not out of focus or anything but I'm positive that they're all good.  We'll see!

Now, onto the look!

The weather this rainy season seems to be an extension of summer.  It's not as blazing but some days, it's too humid and I hate it because of all the sweat and the sticky feeling.

Times like that, you might need to throw on airy clothes.  You can still do some layering but try light cover-ups like this chiffon or sheer cardigan I'm wearing or a kimono.

So, that's all for now.  This series will get a bit inactive since unfortunately, I won't be doing the usual Lookbook shoots for The Chic Closet as often as before.  But I will still try my best to share ootd's from time to time.  :)

What do you think?

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Hey guys!  Are you having a relaxing long weekend so far?

Anyway, I tried doing a GRWM video earlier today but the camera battery died.  I forgot checking if it's full so yea, good job, Ichi.  Good job.  So now, let me just talk about my skin rejuvinating experience at Bioessence clinic.

I was actually hesitating to publish this one because I don't have enough photos.  On my next visit, I promise, I'll document everything.  HAHA!

Last month, I received a gift from Caronia and included in the bag were vouchers from Bioessence.  I'm familiar with it because I've seen a branch in a mall.  I decided to give it a try and it's also a perfect timing since I really felt that my skin needed a serious pampering.

We chose their Greenhills branch.  Reservation was super easy and hassle-free.  All of the staff were so accommodating.

The place looks like a clinic-slash-spa for me.  There's also a dermatologist available for consultation.

She assisted us and checked our skin condition first.  Yep, Kris tried the treatment too!  I convinced him but of course, that took a lot of  "please, you have to try it" and "come on, it's really good for the skin" lines.  HAHA!

Actually, I like the fact that they did that as a first step.  The two clinics I've visited long time ago just recommended a facial type without knowing my skin issues.

The room we used was not spacious, but clean (and blue -because of the light).  They offered tea and started with cleansing and a quick head massage.

I tried their Refreshing Facial (650 php) and Diamond Peel plus Oxygen Treatment using my vouchers.  Kris tried the Basic Facial (300 php).  I can't exactly remember the price so go give them a call if you want to inquire.

So basically, here's the procedure.  They also applied skin care stuff on my face.

  1. Face steam
  2. Diamond peel - It's my first time!  They used like a "sucking machine" that's supposed to lift, pull and remove dead skin cells.  It felt kinda like Velcro. 
  3. Removal of blackheads
  4. Pricking of pimples and milia - So far, Bioessence is the only one that included milia removal in facials.  So happy!
  5. Mint mask - Refreshing indeed!
  6. Laser to make pores smaller

    7.  O2 treatment for moisture

The pricking part was painful but that's normal I guess.  Again, it depends on your pain tolerance.  It also gave me several pimple marks but they faded after 2 days.

Overall, I really like how they carefully and effectively removed my pimple residues (you know, the ones that you actually wasn't able to get rid of) and my medium to large milias.  The tiny ones, well, I agreed to leave them alone for now because the pain of removing them would be like three times more intense than the huge ones.

I didn't encounter skin irritations after as well.

My only concern is that, they didn't concentrate on my blackheads too much.  But I'm still satisfied because my milias are gone.  I can deal with those yucky stuff myself anyway.

I still have one voucher left and I'm thinking to use it to have my warts removed.  The dermatologist said that I have small ones and it's better to get rid of them as early as now.

What do you think?

Oh, by the way, the last facial I had before this one was in April of 2012.  I just want to let you know that I don't regularly undergo skin treatments.  I completely rely on my skincare routine.

Visit Bioessence's website for more details.

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Heeeeey guys!

In just a few days, we'll officially welcome the "BER" months.  That means, my birthday is just around the corner.  Not that I'm super excited about it though.  HAHA!  With all of the things-to-do on my plate right now, I'm not even sure how I'd be able to celebrate it with my friends, family and of course, with Kris.  Next month is going to be crazy and hectic and stressful for sure.  

Anyway, I'm done with my haul video so it's time to plan out another one.  I'm thinking of doing, a) how to do lip gradient b) current skincare routine c) new makeup tutorial.  Let me know what you would like to see next, kay??

Happy long weekend!  

your sweetest drug,
Best.  Night.  Ever.

Finally, here I am, blogging about this one magical evening.  No matter how I try to describe what and how I felt that moment, I don't know.  I still can't find the words.

Okay, hear me out before everything I say here starts to sound like a total nonsense to you.

I was there when they had their Alive Tour - somewhere in the farthest seats at the balcony.  What I saw was, let's be honest, not 100% satisfying because hello, Gen Ad.  But it's still a thrilling moment for me.  No one to blame except myself because Kris and I didn't plan it at all.

And then, le bad boys made an epic comeback.  The Made Tour happened.

There was a ticket pre-selling event two months before the concert and Kris lined up early in the morning, under the heat of the sun, surrounded by the excited VIP's just for me.  Ah huh!  A round of applause puh-lease!

The night before, our tickets got upgraded to VIP Dance.  Thanks to Kris' friend!!!  She's a heaven sent!

You might have seen Meg (upper right) if you're there too!  She's also the one who got us BIGBANG Light Stick!  Thank youuuuu!

I'll stop the talking here and just let you watch some of my favorite parts and check out the photos we took.  More videos on my Youtube channel!

When the concert intro was playing, we could already see them standing behind the screen.  And the moment it split, my heart skipped a beat.

Thanks to whoever decided to put a moving ramp!!!  

I was literally crying because it felt sooooooo surreal!!  Finally, I got to see them that close. 

Kris was so star-struck with Ji Yong oppa.  HAHA!  

His every move was perfect.

And then, Bad Booooooyy!!!  I really like their new rendition and of course, honey Bae's adlibs!  I was screaming and trying to pull myself together.

You must check out their dance at the end.


Say hello to Prince Charming - T.O.P.  Apparently, he's the favorite of Nike Bear.

Only GD can rock a pink suit!  HAHA!

This part was out of this world!  Showered with confetti!  Sobrang sayaaaaaaa!

VIPs' vitamin, baby Ri!

I'm a little biased here because, you know, I'm Team Young Bae!  HAHA!

So, that's it!

I miss them already (feeling).  Day dreaming of them all day err day.  

Yeongwonhi saranghe!  Naegero dorawa jullae!

감사함니다, BIGBANG!! 사랑헤!!

your sweetest drug,
Feeling a bit under the weather today.  My throat is sore, eyes are watery and I have runny nose too.  Times like this, I just want to wrap myself up in my sheets like a burrito.  But that ain't gonna happen.  Not until like 4 hours from now 'cause of you know, work.

Anyway, let us just jump right into this review.  No need for intro because this is already my second EM lippie, except this one's a classic type.  If you want to check out my post about their matte lipstick, here's the link.

I bought a couple of these back in December and decided to sell everything except one (of course, for myself). Now, I only have one lipstick left, also in classic version.  Sadly, no one's interested to get it so far so I'm thinking to give it to my sister as a gift.  Ssssh, friends.  Don't tell her, please.  HAHA!  And yes, I gave one to my friend as well.

Packaging's exactly the same.  I love the sleekness of the casing.


Posh is my first choice.  It's like a pink-purple lipstick with hints of mauve.  It's not on the vivid, bright side but I think it would look good on any skin tone.  It's a little darker than what I would like but I still find the shade is pretty and flattering.

Color payoff is really good, no need to intensify with multiple layers because one swipe is enough to get the true color.  


It gives a gorgeous satin finish with a tad bit amount of shine.


The bullet glides smoothly on the lips.  There's no dragging/pulling required.  But then again, my only concern is the size of the top part.  It's larger compared to common lipsticks and not too pointy so if you need precision, better to use a lip brush.


It's not super lightweight.  I mean, given that it has a creamy texture, I can feel that it's there on my lips when I'm wearing it, but nothing too annoying or anything.

It smells like cake too!  

I don't find that it's drying even without lip balm underneath.  Although, I still recommend conditioning your lips first before application because this baby kinda emphasizes the appearance of lip lines.  


Now, this one's not EM Cosmetics Classic lipsticks' strongest feature.  

Wear time = time when you actually have it on.  So, if you lightly wipe your lips, eat or drink, you probably know what to expect.  There's no staining effect as well.

But but but, the good thing is that, it doesn't leave an outer rim when it starts to fade.

Overall, I love the color and everything else about it except the lasting power.  However, that's totally not a big issue for me 'cause I don't mind re-applying once or twice throughout the day.

EM matte lippies on the other hand are long-wearing, so I might appreciate it more if they have a matte version of Posh.

I can imagine pairing this with a soft, bridal-ish kind of makeup look or even with mauvey eye makeup.  Perhaps, it would also look good with slightly heavy brown eye shadows.

And by the way, if I want to lighten the color a bit, I apply a pale pink lip liner underneath.  A few dabs of it would also work.

What do you think?

Visit EM Cosmetics website for more info.

your sweetest drug,

Sorry that it took me so long to upload this video.  I finished it last night but I had second thoughts about doing the voice over, so I had to re-export it.  I didn't like how it turned out and honestly, I'm still not confident enough to do that.  Well, hearing my own voice makes me cringe so it's a no-no for now.  HAHA!

But what do you think guys?  Should I give it a try?  :)

Anyway, last June, I only had 3 items from this bunch so I decided to combine it with July.  Actually, that happens all the time, I figured.  This month, I'm on a shopping ban so I'll resume this series in October for the September haul.

Product List

Oh, by the way, I haven't tried some of these yet, but for the others that I've been trying out so far, no disappointments.  Good.  Good.

Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer (298 php)

It's not too expensive and it claims to extends the wear time of eye makeup so I got it.  I haven't used it consistently though because I don't put on too much eye shadow daily, so for now, I can't say yet if it's really effective.  However, I like the packaging.  It's easy to apply and blend as it's cream type.

Dove Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse (200++ php)

This was given to me by Kris.  He needed something to texturize his hair for styling but unfortunately, it didn't work for him.  So, instead of throwing it away, he let me try it out.

I use this whenever I want to do effortless curls.  I just apply it generously and twist my hair into buns.

The Saem Saemmul Real Tint in Pink (300++ php)

I bought this as a replacement to my gel-type lip tint - Etude House Dear Darling.  But apparently, it's watery-type.  No regrets though because I love the intense color!  Check out the swatch!  I also like the cute design of the tube.

And yes, The Saem is a Korean brand.

The Face Shop My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint in Bloody Red (225 php)

Alright!  More lip tints for me!

The Face Shop had a buy one get one promo recently.  I only got these lip tints because I know they're pretty good.  I've tried it before except the shade I picked now is Bloody Red (when I visited the store, it's the only color available).

They're not too pigmented but for everyday use, they would still work.  I'm keeping the other one as a backup or maybe, I could give it away as a gift.

The Face Shop Real Nature Mask - Avocado (60++ php)

I also picked up a facial mask sheet.  If you can remember, I've tried 2 variants before - Rice and Blueberry.  

L'Oreal Revitalift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Day Cream (800++ php)

I chose this as my day moisturizer because it contains retinol as the key ingredient.  I said that because now, I'm more into anti-aging, firming and brightening skincare products.  Not much on the pore-care, mattifying side anymore.  Well, maybe my toner is an exception to that.

Loving this so far because it's hydrating without any greasy feeling.


Snoe Hair Heroes Super Fresh Hair Texturizing Spray (299 php)

The time when I got a shorter hair, I looked for a product like this.  I really want to recreate that tousled, messy, just-got-out-of-bed kind of hairstyle and this one surprisingly works.  

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (1400 php) and Lip Sleeping Mask

 Here's the freebie kit I got from Laneige's blogger event last month.  

I haven't used the water sleeping mask yet since I'm still finishing up my current night moisturizer.  The lip mask however, I'm using night and day.  I'm sooooo in love with it!!!

Caronia Green Tea Foot Spa Kit

Here's another gift I received last month.  Thank you, Caronia!

I'm most excited about the scrub because my feet really need serious pampering now.  

Dove Oxygen & Nourishment Shampoo (100++ php)

My current shampoo is this Dove's newest offering.  For sure, you've seen it on TV already.

I just wish that they made the scent more long lasting but overall, it's good.

Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser & Glycolic Acid Toner

Also last month, I tried shopping at Amazon just because I wanted to try Mario Badescu skincare.  I know they're available at Rustan's but buying it from US turned out to be cheaper.  

Obviously, I got a little cray cray about glycolic.  HAHA!  Both of them work as an exfoliator as well.

Ecotools Eye Enhancing Duo Set

Also, to qualify for the free shipping at Amazon, I added this set to my cart.  I needed extra few dollars.  *wink

Clearly, these are dual-ended brushes.  #valueformoney you say?

So, that's it!  I'll end this post by doing the Quickie Update!

Currently Loving: Mcdo's Chicken & Spag meal 

My LSS:  Bigbang's Let's No Fall in Love - This is genius.  I just wish they had given Daesung and Seungri more parts.

Recently Watched: I'm resuming my Running Man marathon.  I also finished watching LOTR and The Hobbit.  Oh, Legolas!  Why so beautiful and perfect?  :)

Craving For: A bowl of Bibimbap please?!

your sweetest drug,