Yay!  It feels so good crossing out things in my to-do list.  Do you feel the same way too whenever you get productive?

I really wanted to finish this video today because I need to prepare the September haul as soon as possible.  Looking at my calendar, October weekends look so full and hectic already and I'm not sure how to squeeze in filming, editing and doing some draft posts.  Gah!

Anywaaaaaay, I hope this video would be helpful.  It's my first time to film using the lighted makeup mirror Kris gave me and I think I need to sit farther from it because the clips turned out to be brighter than I expected.  Sorry about my backdrop as well!  HAHA!  I'm still thinking how I can make it more Youtube-worthy.  Any tips?

The star of this makeup video is Heroine Make's Jewelry Eyecolor in Beige Gold.  It's my current favorite everyday eye shadow because it comes with neutral colors.  There's also a dark brown shade which I figured, can be perfect for smokey looks.  This one's very versatile so if you're a makeup newbie and clueless about what eye shadow palette to buy, you can check this out.  Again, it comes with a primer too, so you can get more bang for your buck.  Here's the link to my review.

Basically, you'd need to throw just one eye shadow palette in your bag when you need to transform your daytime makeup to something that's more night-appropriate.  Don't forget eyeliner too because you'd need that to intensify the look.

So, if you need to rush to an event after school or work, try this!

Click that play button!

Annoying windburn on my lips. :(

Products Used (click the link for my review)

Ecotools Eye Enhancing Duo Set
Clinique Powder Blush in Fig
Clinique Eyeshadow in Neutral (as highlighter)
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer 
L.A. Colors Lipliner Pencil in Sable (for night makeup - you can also use a bolder color if you want)

A few tips...

You may need to get rid of the excess oil before transitioning your day makeup to night makeup and re-apply face base (foundation or bb cream, etc.) and powder.  

You can also wear falsies for the night time look if you really want a more dramatic eye makeup than this.  Actually, this one's not too smokey and still wearable even during the day.

The type of eyeliner is up to you. You can opt for cat eyeliner or wing it out further.

That's it!

Thanks for watching!

your sweetest drug,

I can't believe it's been years since my last Maybelline lipstick.  I don't know why.  Well, I don't hoard too often so maybe that's one reason.  It's not that I don't like them though.  Some of their lipstick lines are great and have earned raves as well.

So recently when they had a crazy sale, I thought it would be a perfect time for me to buy a couple of lippies.  I was going for the matte ones but unfortunately, stocks had run out.  Perhaps, people went crazy too because of the discounts.  HAHA!

And here's what I was able to take home.  Yep.  Just one.

Regular price is 399 php but I got it at 300 php.  Not bad!


I got the shade MAT4.  From the tube, it looks like a true red but when swatched and on my lips, it comes off as a red orange.  It's not super opaque and not that buildable as well.  Meaning, even when I do multiple swipes, I still get the same intensity.

Here's a swatch comparison, side-by-side with Ruby Woo.


This lippie is labeled as Bold Matte, but I find it rather sheer and the finish is a little bit satiny.  Color payoff is obviously not too intense and far from "bold".  There's also some shine even when you apply it on dry lips (or skin).


Since it's not a matte, velvety lipstick, it glides like butter.  It feels like lip balm actually.  

My only complain though is that sometimes, the color doesn't apply evenly.


It feels moisturizing even without a lip balm underneath.  


After the things I've shared above, maybe you can now guess this lipstick's lasting power.  Yep, you got it right.  

It transfers easily and doesn't leave a good amount of stain so expect a re-application after eating or drinking.

Overall, it's a good everyday, fuss-free lippie.  I don't have any other orange lipstick in my collection as of now because my MAC Tart & Trendy was snatched away by my cousin, so this one is a nice alternative to my lip tints and reds.  

One major gripe of mine is that, it almost has this "cheap feel".  Add to that, it could be deceiving for some people who like to shop for matte lippies.  I'm not sure though if the other shades are in this same formula too.

And by the way, I love pairing MAT4 with an eye makeup like this.  

What do you think?

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your sweetest drug,
I'm a big fan of light, glowy and fresh makeup looks.  You know, that effortless kind of look which would make you appear blooming and won't make people think that you're wearing a mask.  

After a few years of experimenting and playing with makeup, I've realized that subtle looks like this one seem to be the most flattering on me.  Actually, I did this look on my birthday but it's something that I also wear often so nothing special.  But I hope you'll get an idea on how to look so put together even with very minimal makeup.

The above photo shows the products I used.  The eye primer is optional because the eye shadow there also has a lasting base, a shimmery one though.  

Don't get annoyed by my selfies below!  *peace

Oh!  By the way, did you miss my Beauty Board series?  :)

I also used my Clinique eye shadow in Neutral as a highlighter.  

Eye makeup is very light but the eyeliner with a little bit of flick makes it more defined.

That's it!  

Wishing you guys a nice week ahead!

your sweetest drug,

Feeling glad today because finally, hectic weeks are officially over.  There are other things though that will surely keep me busy but at least for now, I can breathe and relax a bit. 

Blog news first!  

The makeup video might be up by next Sunday, so stay tuned.  After that, I'll start filming the September haul video plus, my skincare routine.  If you have other suggestions, just let me know in the comment section below, okay?

Of course, the product reviews for the stuff in my latest haul will also pour in.  I also have one last Lookbook post to share.

Enjoy the weekend, guys!

your sweetest drug,

September is definitely my busiest month of the year.  Hands down.

I'm surviving it though.  Or at least because of my will.  I don't know if my body is coping up.  I hope it does!

Anyway, I'm down at my last hectic week as my training ends Friday morning.  Hooray!  I might treat myself with something nice this weekend for powering through this very tough and stressful time.  Hmmm.  Maybe a spa or buying makeup or a new bag even (which I badly need)?  That seems like a good idea.

Work-related tasks are also slowly subsiding (maybe I'm just under the eye of the storm) which is great because I can now get to use 30 minutes of my day to blog.  The dance practice on the other hand is a new thang on my plate but that's totally fine because I just treat it as a replacement to my after-work work-out.  And besides, my body needs it too.  Sweat = happy hormones.

How about you?  How's your September so far?

Alright!  I knew this one's going to be very short post that's why I did a quick let's-catch-up-sesh.  For today, I only have two very simple, straightforward samples to talk about, so let's start!

These are toners by SkinFood.

Both look like water, no color whatsoever.  I don't know about the "sparkling" term in the label of the Fresh Apple one though.

Product Decription

A carbonated toner with fresh unripe green apple extract that cleanses soap residue and skin impurities while tightening pores. 

If I have to choose one, I'd go for the Lettuce & Cucumber.  Both felt refreshing once applied and they're good cleansers too because I saw some dirt residues on the cotton balls after use.  However, the strong alcohol scent of Fresh Apple was a huge turn-off for me.  Nothing near apple fragrance.

I also noticed a subtle tightening effect with the "apple" one.  While "veggie" one felt more moisturizing.  And no, it didn't smell like greens at all.  I would appreciate a cucumber scent though!

Product Description

Contains 5 % lettuce extract, 5 % cucumber extract, and 20 % cucumber water.
A cooling watery toner that deeply hydrates skin.

You might want to check out the Fresh Apple line, for pore care (which also includes makeup and skincare for men) and Lettuce & Cucumber line for intense moisture needs.

What do you think?

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your sweetest drug,

My stress level is skyrocketing.  Imagine a 4 pm to 1 am shift everyday, plus a 1.5 hour training at 8 am twice a week.  Woah.  Good thing I can work at a nearer office.

If a "10 Ways to Burn Yourself Out" list exists, that one's going to make it there.

Anyway, that's it for the ranting part.  For today, I'm starting the individual reviews of the products I mentioned in my latest haul video.

First, my current moisturizer by L'Oreal.

I can't remember the exact price but I think it costs around 800++ php.

Ever since I got to try a retinol cream, I got really hooked because I saw results.  I'm not talking about zero wrinkles or anything like that but the difference was just real guys.  I noticed improvements in my skin's texture and my pores behaved well.

So, when I was looking for a new moisturizer and saw this day cream with retinol, I instantly grabbed it.  Wait.  Actually no.  There were a lot of choices from the Revitalift line so I kinda weighed my options.  Haha!  But as far as I remember, almost all of them have retinol in the formula.

Obviously, this cream targets wrinkles, dark spots, sagging and all other signs of skin aging.  Okay.  I just realized that I'm gravitating more towards anti-aging products.  What's happening to me?  Is it because I just hit 26th?  *pokerface

I'll let you read the labels since it's well-explained there.  

I haven't actually noticed visible improvements yet after using it for a couple of weeks.  However, there are a few things I love about it.

Like what?

- it's a cream-type but consistency is not too thick and it glides smoothly on skin
- it has SPF, not much though so I need a separate sunscreen for protection
- doesn't leave an oily/icky feeling even though it's not like water-based moisturizers
- absorbed fast
- there's a feeling of having a more plump skin after application
- does not irritate my skin
- does not make my face greasier

There are only three things about it that might also be an issue for some.  

First, the scent.  It is not that pleasant but nothing annoying or anything.  It also disappears after a few seconds.  

Second, moisture level.  For someone who has a combination skin type like me, it would still work.  I don't encounter any dryness throughout the day anyway.  While for those with dry to very dry skin, I can't really say if this day cream would be enough.  Well, maybe you can use an intense moisturizer at night or bring a hydrating mist.

Third, its claim about fairer complexion.  I don't think it helps much on lightening some of my dark spots/areas.  Maybe after I finish a jar?

I'm hoping that I would see more results over time.  I actually care more about the firming effect (improved elasticity of the skin) rather than the anti-wrinkle thing.  We'll see!  Retinol, please work!

What do you think?

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Happy Friday!

your sweetest drug,

Doing a quick blog post before I finish the rest of the things in my to-do list.  I have a lot of catching up to do for the training that I'm currently taking which is also one major reason why my September is so hectic and on top of that, I really want to finish editing the new makeup video this month.

I'm not quite sure how I would be able to juggle everything.  Pft.

Anyway, let's get right into today's featured makeup - a lippie by Clinique which is included in the Bonus Bag my Tita gave me.

The brand offers a variety of lip products from the classic ones to long-lasting and even crayon type.  The one I got is from the line called Different Lipstick and according to their website, it's different because of its smooth, comfortable feel. Moderate coverage in a remarkable range of shades, from cream to pearl. Every one packed with rich emollients.  

This range has wearable colors with a good mix of reds, pinks, purples and nudes.  

As you can see, it's still housed in Clinique's classic green packaging for lippies.  They did a makeover for that and the one I saw in their website was like a metal/silver one.


Angel Red is described as sheer blackened red.  Quite confusing. I know, 'cause the swatch doesn't look like one.  HAHA!  

For me, it's included in the dark red family and somehow I also see plum tones.  I think it would look good on all skin tones and it can pass as a wearable red as well.

Color payoff is not too intense and almost non-buildable.  It's not too opaque but pigmentation is still there.


I find it as a classic lipstick with subtle shine.


It glides smoothly on lips without any tugging.  It's also hard to make a mistake with this one because it blends nicely.


It's not too creamy and it's almost scentless.  

Sometimes, it makes my lips chappy throughout the day even with balm underneath.


The color lasts but only when untouched.  As soon as you drink, eat or wipe your lips, it would barely survive.  

It leaves a little amount of stain and when my lips are dry, it would settle in between the lines.

Overall, I think it's a basic lippie (not too different after all), an everyday red you can easily wear and pair with any eye makeup.  If you don't mind reapplying at least once a day, go for it.  

Nevertheless, I think there are better drugstore alternatives or other Clinique lip products you can try instead.  

I still like it and nah-ah, I'm not tossing it away.  As of the moment, I don't have a handful of red lipsticks in my collection.  I only have Ruby Woo and the Rimmel Kate Moss lippie which looks plum-ish on me rather than red.  So, it's nice to have a more wearable red option like this one.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,