BEAUTY BOARD - Ulzzang-Inspired Korean Makeup

by - January 04, 2016

Heeeeey youuuu!

How's your first four days of 2016?  I know most of you also got back to work or school after the long holiday break.  So I guess it's like the most dreadful Monday, huh?

Anyway, I want my first post this year to be a special one (not the usual reviews) so I thought it's the perfect timing to share the new makeup look I mentioned in my 2015 Favorites.

"Ulzzang" is a fad in Korea and it means "best-face".  It practically sums up all of the Korean makeup trends - dewy skin, pale face, gradient lips and the most interesting of them all, aegyo sal which means puffy under-eyes.

The key is to look more youthful, attractive, cute while keeping everything as natural as possible.  Sound simple?

Actually, this is the look I created when I did my first attempt to film the November haul video.  Remember the one that unfortunately became a complete fail because I was out of focus?  Yep.  That's it.

So instead of wasting everything, I thought I'd just make a Beauty Board post out of it since I have some clear photos.

Now, back to the look.

I made a very simple eye look and paired it with extended lines.  I also put on falsies just to make the eyes look wider but it's optional.

For the aegyo sal, I made it not too obvious-looking.  I skipped the shading underneath and just focused on reflecting light to that area by applying shimmery peach eye shadow from my Heroine Make Jewelry Eye Color Quad in Rose Garnet.

Actually, I've been doing that same exact thing almost everyday because I really like the effect.

You can also use an actual aegyo sal-maker.  All Korean beauty stores have their version.

An example is this one by Etude House.

Here's the swatch of what I'm using - third one from the left.  That kind of shimmer is perfect.  I suggest not to go for the glittery ones.

For the brows, ditch the arches because Korean makeup is also all about a straight, full set.

I also applied the same lip tint to get that naturally-pinched cheeks kind of look but the lighting's too bright so it didn't show up well.

If you think dewy finish is not for you, you can skip that.  Just put on highlighter and that pretty much would do.

Next, pale skin.

I'm not a big fan of this one actually.  I prefer using face makeup products that perfectly matches my skin tone.  Never lighter.

That's one reason why I don't like my current face powder.  But gladly, for ulzzang-inspired look, it's okay.

Lastly, my favorite part - the gradient lips.

For this, I used my Delight Tony tint and NYX Dolly Pink lip liner.

That's it.  Hope you like this look.

blurred eye

your sweetest drug,

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