My Updated Skincare Routine

by - November 10, 2016

Since it's been a year since I last shared my skincare routine, let me give you guys an update.  I was actually thinking of doing a video for this but for sure, it would take a long time again so I'm giving you something to read for now.

Btw, if you want to watch it again, click here.  I basically still do the same steps from cleansing to exfoliation and all but most of the products I've been using now are not in that video.

I'm also gonna share short reviews for a few stuff from this bunch because I just got them recently.  Links to other product reviews are also down below.


Remember the The Face Shop cleansers I got during a buy-one-get-one promo?  The other tube lasted for months because I was only using it at night.  Then, I started using this Aloe one few months ago and I think I only have one last squeeze left.  

I prefer using cleansing foams at night since that's when I need a really good squeaky-clean feeling because of all the gunk my face gets throughout the day and of course the not-so heavy makeup I need to take off.

For daytime, I've been using this cleanser from Bioessence.  I'd say it's too gentle for my liking.  It somehow reminds me of Cetaphil's famous facial cleanser.

It doesn't foam up.  No bubbles, even.  I believe people with dry skin would like this because it doesn't strip out oil too much.  

Nevertheless, I'm still using it but again, only in the morning because my face likely has less grease and there's not much to really clean anyway I guess.


I ran out of toner back in August and I've been looking for something new to try ever since.  During those days, I was using my Bifesta Bright Up Cleansing Lotion.  Yep.  I know it works as a makeup remover but one reason why I use a toner anyway is to get rid of dirt/makeup residue from cleansing so I guess I was just being resourceful.  Haha!  

Then, Celeteque sent me their Acne Solutions line which includes this baby.  What a perfect timing!

I've been using this for about 2-3 weeks now and so far, I'm liking it.  I love the instant tightening effect.  However, this toner has an astringent vibe(sort of).  The strong alcohol-ish scent threw me off at first but I got used to it eventually. 


I got two kits from Nature Republic and I can't stress enough how grateful I am now because this line has really treated my skin very well.  These are actually the biggest contributors out of all the products in my routine.

I saw effects to my skin's texture and overall appearance.  Maybe my skin really loves snail goo!

I actually gave half of Skin Booster and Emulsion to Kris and he's enjoying those as well.

My favorite is definitely the two bottles because they are so lightweight and not too sticky.  The Essence and Cream are great also but I can only use them at night because of the heavier formula.

I'm not using them all at once.  I don't do the Korean layering thing.  I pretty much use them as my moisturizer so if I run out of one, I'll use another.

No joke.  I would not hesitate to buy a full-sized version of the Booster or Emulsion.  I know I need to try other brands for le blog but I would like to keep one of these as backup in case what I'm using as of the moment is not working well for me.


I got this one as my temporary sunscreen. 

It is not too greasy and it doesn't create a white cast so thumbs up for that.  It still has that sunblock scent but it fades after a minute.  

I'm not too crazy about it but since it doesn't irritate my skin like what my 2 past sunscreens did, I'd say I like it.  And for the price (below 100 php), it is something that you can try and whether you end up loving it or not, no biggie.

Special Care

This photo should include iWhite Nose Pack and a bunch of facial mask sheets.

Anyway, I use these once a week, mostly during weekends or whenever I feel like I need to.  The scrub is really smoothens my face and it gets rid of the icky stuff popping out from the pores.  I'm not sure what they are called but you get it, right?  I don't think they are blackheads but maybe they are from blackheads?  Haha!  Confusing.

The charcoal mask on the other hand is for the days when I want my skin to be extra clean.

Makeup Remover

I don't wear too much makeup on a daily basis but when I do, this is the one I use to remove everything before I call it a day.  

Let me tell you - this baby doesn't disappoint.  You know the feeling after trying to wash off all makeup and then, you could still see a lot after rinsing?  Nope.  Not with this one.

Sometimes, I also use my Nature Republic Aloe Vera cleasing tissues if I need to quickly freshen up.

So that's it!  I'll update you guys again once I start to use new products.

Just so you know, pimples do pop up every now and then and I still have annoying clog-prone pores but nonetheless, I feel like my skin has been very happy for the past few months.  

Oh!  Since we're talking about skincare, here's a tip - drinking lots of water also helps.  Stay hydrated!

Anyway, I'm actually planning to invest more on skincare products and focus on anti-aging ones so if you guys have any suggestion, please comment down below.

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

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