My biggest, most delayed haul so far.

Uploading December haul video on the last day of this month because I've been a busy (and stressed) bee.  Working so hard for honey (or money).

Anyway, I've also decided to skip the next one because I want to do a different video for February and also, I haven't purchased anything new so nothing to share.

So go and click that play button.


Products Mentioned

Daiso Container (88 php)

I initially planned to use this as a storage for my lip products but most of them didn't fit.

L'Oreal Paris Mat Magique BB Veil Poreless Matte Pressed Powder in Golden Amber (240 from 300 php)

Loving this so far!

QuickFX Eyelift Cream (50 php)

My 3rd QuickFX sachet!

Catrice Longlasting Eye Pencil in Pearly Bird (150 from 229 php)

This one's quite impressive. I need to check if they have a black color.

Crest 3D White Luxe Toothpaste (8 usd)

Dang.  I've finally found a whitening toothpaste that actually works!

Crest 3D White Luxe Whitestrips (30++ usd)

Magical strips!  I can't wait to do a review!

Clean & Clear Oil Control Film (100++ php)

This is one of the things I always have in my bag.  #OilySkinStruggles

Etude House Precious Mineral Blooming Fit BB Cream (848 php for 2)

I hope they do the BOGO thing more often. :)

Etude House Real Art Cleansing Oil (free)

I got a free sample but I lost my cushion puff.  Huhu!

168 Mall Bag (200 php)

Dove Body Wash With Coconut Milk and Jasmine Petals (179 php)

NYX HD Concealer in Beige (360 php)

Since Light Pale was not my concealer shade, I thought of buying another one.

VNM Naturals Happy Pores - Skin Clearing Cucumber +Guava Leaf Toner and Soothing Rosewater +Aloe Toner (700 php for 3)

I gave the Witch Hazel one to my cousin as an exhange gift.  This is a very nice deal - 700 php for 3 bottles!

Terranova Bear Socks (65 php not 75)

Too cute not to buy!

Terranova Dreamer Hoodie (100++ php)

Because "dreamer".  Haha!

So, that's it!

Thanks for watching!

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

This one's going to be short but ain't sweet.

Remember the story I told you in my October haul video about this deceiving eyeliner?  Well, let me continue that.

So yes, I joined a dance competition last year.  It's an annual thing in our company (work-life balance yaaay!) and 2015's theme was Hunger Games.  We wanted to look fierce and all that so for makeup, we went for black lips and smokey eyes.

Here's a photo.

When I saw this product at NYX store in SM Department Store, I thought it would be a great eye lid base and also I was like "hey, this can double up as a black lipstick".  So I immediately grabbed it.

I swatched it of course and I got instantly impressed by the color payoff.


270 php (330 php original price)

When I tried it on my eyes, it seemed okay.  But right after I blended it with a synthetic brush, the color faded.

I gave it another shot but I skipped the blending part.  I topped it off with a powder eyeshadow and it looked better.

In the photos below, I used a sparkly cream eye shadow.

As you can see, it's very easy to remove. The texture is nice and it gives off a beautiful black color but since it goes everywhere, it's hard to work with this eye crayon.

To blend the edges, I lightly and very carefully did circular motions using a dense brush.

It also feels a bit tacky on the lids.

Then, it only took a couple of blinks for me to get this mess.

I remember using a primer before but with same results.  What more if my eyes become watery?  #timetobeaPANDAthen

I don't know about you but this is the type of eye product I would avoid.  It would be a real hassle to clean up the mess once you're out of the house.  More so, redo your makeup.

As a normal eyeliner, again it's fine but expect the same mess.

As a lipstick, it could work but it's not long-lasting.

Even though that Black Bean is a disappointment, I'm not saying that I hate all NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils.  I still want to try the other lighter colors especially Yogurt because Jenn Im uses that a lot. :)

What do you think?

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Burp Guide is back!  It's been forever since the last one.

Anyway, I've tried a few new restaurants recently including this one but I just didn't feel like doing a post about them.  I thought that uploading some food photos via Instagram would do but I guess bringing this series back to life is a better idea.

So, here you go.

For those who are looking for a unique, fun kind of dining experience and if you love Japanese food, you should try Genki Sushi the next time you drop by BGC.

It's located at BGC Stopover, a new go-to place for foodies and for those who work mid or late night shifts.

When Kris and I heard about Genki, we were so eager to check it out because first, we're both huge fans of sushi, especially the salmon ones.  Second, the price point is okay and third, the way they serve their food is so cool!

It's not a typical sushi bar where there's like a conveyor belt.  It's modernized and made more awesome. #aliw

The booths which can accommodate 4-6 people max are lined up and for each row, there's a railway kind of mechanism.

Each booth has a tablet installed and you use that to place your order and as menu as well (yea, it's automated like that).

Your bill's running total is also viewable from their app.  How convenient!

No need to call the staff except when you need water or extra sauce or wasabi.  The utensils are also already available on the table.

So you basically just have to sit, order, wait and eat.

There's a hot water faucet a the side of the table and that's for the matcha tea.  Perfect.

Be careful though coz it's really hot!

The cheapest ones in the menu cost 60 php but there are only 9 choices while the 80 php category has a variety of options.  The most expensive items are priced at 250 php.

They also serve donburi meals or rice toppings.

We ordered a few because it was around 4 in the afternoon when we ate there and we didn't want to have an early dinner.

Our favorite pick is Genki salmon roll (bottom-left, I think that's the name).  Next to that is the Spicy Salmon (upper-left).

The katsudon we ordered was nice too!

We could really tell that the ingredients used were fresh but overall, it's comparable to the ones being mass-produced and served in buffets around the metro - for at least the ones we tasted.

Maybe the other fancier variants are better?

But I'm not saying that these were not delicious.  They're yummy and for the price, you'd really appreciate them.

You would not complain about their sizes either.

Here's our bill for 4 plates and 1 bowl.

I also prepared a video for you guys.

So that's it!

It's nice to know that there's a place for a "quick sushi fix".  Haha!

On a normal day, I can't say that this would be our best bet but generally speaking, it's still worth a try.  

What do you think?

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Since this is a skincare post, let me do a quick update on how my skin has been doing for the past couple of weeks.

I'm 95% clear!  No more spotty chin!

I cannot believe I didn't get new pimples in the past month and a half even during shark weeks.  Now I do have 3 very tiny ones but I don't expect them to turn into a beast.  Haha!  I think my current skincare routine is working and the products I'm using are cooperating well with each other.  Plus, I've been drinking more water and I've been working out (almost) regularly.

Some bad news though.

First, my pores have been wild lately.  Second, new milias popped up on my nose.  Pft.  I've noticed this after I stopped using Mario Badescu's glycolic products.  So I guess, those two guys were really doing a good job at fighting oil clogs.

Nevertheless, I'm happy that my skin's happy.

So, two skincare items I use as of the moment are these cleansing foams by The Face Shop called Herb Day 365 in Lemon and Aloe.

I bought 2 because there's a BOGO promo at that time and I got these at 225 php.  Such a nice deal!

There are also other variants such as Peach, Acerola (cherry), Spearmint and Mung Beans but not all of them are available locally.

Differences of the two are very minimal both appearance-wise and formula-wise.

I use them alternately but I grab Lemon a lot more frequently.  They are practically the same but I like the yellow guy a tad bit more.

They both lather really nice.  The scent is also not strong, just a hint of citrus and aloe vera.

After washing my face and wiping it with a towel, I could feel a slight tightening effect.  Not botox-tight though!  It makes the skin feeling squeaky-clean and whenever I apply toner with a cotton pad, the color doesn't scare me.  A very minimal amount of dirt or makeup is left.

Like I said, they are pretty much similar except for the key ingredient used (obviously), slight color and fragrance.  And overall, I find them as good and affordable cleansers.  One tube might last up to 3 months even if you use it twice a day because you'd only need a pea-size amount to get a rich lather.

However, if I want a facial wash that can do something else aside from just cleaning my face, say brighten the complexion or retain moisture, I won't get these.

Why I said that?

I haven't noticed any result so I'm not sure if the lemon and aloe vera extracts are working (but it could be different for somebody else).

No biggie though if you want to give these babies a shot because they're not pricey.  Besides, if cleansing foams are your preference, this could work on you.

What do you think?

Sorry, I forgot to take a photo of the actual product.  Go check out my October haul video if you're interested to see it.

your sweetest drug,

Okay, guys.  I know this one will get some what-the-hell-this-is-so-late kind of reactions.  But lemme explain first.

I wasn't really planning to put this up on le blog because I didn't get as many photos and the videos are not too good either (compared to the Bigbang concert post).  Plus, we're seated in the lower box area so it's not the best view for you, le readers (but that didn't mean we didn't have a great time).

However, I don't want to make it a complete waste and besides, le blog is pretty much like my online diary.  So I thought, whatever, let me hit that New Post button.

To make it more interesting, I won't talk about what happened during that amazing evening.  Instead, I'm sharing with you 12 things I love about Sam and some of my clips from the concert as well.

1) His voice and pretty much everything about the his singing

There's no better way to start off the list than mentioning this.

I don't know how he makes it seem freaking effortless but still flawless.  That's pure talent right there.

Have you also realized that the quality of his recorded voice is just as perfect as the quality of his voice when he sings live?  I believe only true artists can do that.

And probably my frequent comment whenever I listen to his (tragic) ballads, "his voice is like a blanket, it feels nice".

2) His emotions and his "heart"

When you watch him sing, it's like he's letting you see his soul.

Every note and every word is packed with emotions.  Do you also get all the "feels" from his songs?

3) His honest lyrics

He has mentioned this a million times on interviews if he's asked to describe his music and I think everyone completely agrees.  

Have you ever thought that Leave You Lover or Not In That Way is YOUR song?

4) He's so genuine

Aside from the brutally honest lyrics, he, himself is just real.

@samsmithworld: This is what I promise to be in my music. It's what I live by.

5) And he's not afraid to show people who he really is

Gay or not, I love him!

6) From toilet-scrubber to 4-time Grammy winner

I have a huge admiration for people who follow their dreams, who never give up and who work hard for it.  He's such an inspiration.

7) He loves his little sailors

The way he values his fans is just amazing.  He's a rare artist who keeps his feet on the ground and remains to be true and grateful for what he has achieved.

8) He's so adorable

I always enjoy watching his interviews and checking his IG feed.

9) That gorgeous face

10) And don't get me started about that cutest smile

11) His stance

Okay, I know this one's weird but I like it.  Haha!

Can anyone remember how he rocked a pair of blue suede shoes as well?

12) His selfie-game is strong

Follow him on Instagram so you'd know what I'm talking about.  

Check out those I-hate-airplanes and just-chilling-on-mah-bed selfies too! 

Gah!  I love him soooooo much!  

Sam, keep singing.  Keep writing.  

Thank you for your music.

Thank you for letting us know that it's okay to be imperfect and that being real matters more.

Patiently waiting for your second album and world tour.

More videos coming up on my Youtube channel.

your sweetest drug,