Last December, my squad and I had a quick gathering to celebrate the holidays.  The plan was to try out this restaurant near ABS-CBN and have a glass of cocktail to cap the night.

I only tasted 2 of the dishes here so sorry if this post is not as informative as the others.

The overall feel at Mom and Tina's from food selections (and price) to ambiance is pretty much the same with Bannaple's, except it's quieter and more laid back.  There's a homey, your-comfort-food-is-here kind of vibe and the place is suitable for families and romantic dates as well.

They also have a variety of cupcakes, cakes and pastries.

So here's what I picked.

210 php

It's a beef lasagna but not in the usual "flat form".  It came with two breads.

I loved that it tasted like a home-cooked meal and that there's generous amount of meat and cheese.  My only complain was the pasta itself.  It was overcooked for my liking.

255 php

This one's called Beef Stew and it was served with rice.

250 php

Their Fettuccine Carbonara came with two pieces of breads too.

180 php

For dessert, we ordered this Mango Tart-ish one and Blueberry Cheesecake.  Yummo!

185 php

Overall, I would say that food was not that super impressive but it's still a great place to hangout and have a piece of cupcake, a slice of cake and maybe coffee too.

What do you think?

Visit their website for complete menu and branch locations!

your sweetest drug,

Concealer is one of the most used items in my makeup kit.  A close runner up is brow pencil.  How about you?

Anyway, the reason I have two shades is because, back in December, I've used up the first one without posting a product review.  It's nice though because I can share a swatch comparison.  Yay!

When I was at NYX store, I asked for something darker than my current shade since I noticed that CW03 is a bit too light on me.

It retails at 360 php but I got one of these at a discounted price because of a sale back then in SM Department Store.

there's silica and wax

Now, you'd think that "wow, a concealer below 400 pesos" but after running out of my first tube after  roughly 2 months and having to buy a second one, I realized that it's not too affordable for its size.

A tube contains 3g of product and two would cost you 720 php.  Some liquid concealers are priced pretty much the same, maybe not too cheap from drugstore brands but they hold more than 6 grams.  There's even the L.A. Girl PRO Conceal which retails below 300 php but has 8g.  You get the idea?

Let's talk about the color.

Light/Pale has a pink tone to it.  It kinda reminds me of salmon concealer bases, which are good for neutralizing dark circles.

Beige has a typical skin/foundation-like color.

I don't have photos wearing Light/Pale and the swatch here looks very faded because there's barely any product left.  Sorry!

They are both super pigmented so coverage is great.  It could conceal dark circles, pores and blemishes very well.

It doesn't give me troubles when I blend it using my fingers or a brush.  Formula is a bit creamier than common liquid concealers.

Obviously, it comes with a doe-foot applicator but there's also a pot/cream version.

I also noticed that once it sets, there's no way you can move it further.  No budging!  So make sure you blend fast.  Maybe that's one feature of HD concealers.

There's no glue-like scent as well and it applies very evenly.

For someone who doesn't have troubled skin, you can really skip foundation for normal, everyday makeup.

My only gripe is the creasing.  Ugh.

I don't have dry skin but this still creases like there's no tomorrow.  Worse, it starts by the time I finish my makeup.

With primer and eye cream underneath, it's better.  However, it still dries up the area a bit and even though it's long-lasting, it doesn't look very even on skin after several hours.

I also tried putting BB cream or foundation on top just to make it dewier and to prevent dryness but the product would just settle in the fine lines.

Overall, coverage and formula is very impressive but if you go for this concealer, you have to deal with the drying and creasing factor.

Well, maybe I'm just not doing the set-it-with-powder part correctly or I need a better setting powder.  So again, it might work differently on somebody else.

What do you think?

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For me, having well-groomed, filled in brows makes a world of a difference.

You can wear the most beautiful eye makeup or the fiercest eyeliner, but if you don't frame your face and skip the brows, you'll look uhm, let's just say, weird.  Your makeup would be incomplete.

Conversely, even if you have zero eye makeup on but you have nicely done brows, you'd still look so put together.

However, this whole brow thing tends to be quite intimidating for some, especially for those who are just starting to learn makeup and for the low-maintenance, I-don't-have-time-for-that kind of ladies.  So, to encourage you a bit, let me show you how I shape, groom and fill 'em in.

I know.  This is definitely not the perfect, strongest brow game out there but if you're a beginner or if you're someone who doesn't know yet what to do with her brows, this might help.

Like I said before, I prefer natural-looking, full and straight brows.  I don't dig too-drawn-on brows so this routine works for me.

Well, I also consider myself lucky because they are not too thin, too sparse and too wild.  Haha!

As for the grooming part, I haven't experienced plucking, threading or even waxing.  I've always been a fan of the most painless method - shaving.  

Take note that this is clearly not professional makeup artist levels.  I just explored different ways and products (from powder to crayons, then tints), practiced and got used to it.  The latest trick I learned was trimming.  I love how it makes everything neater.

I also mentioned in the video that I don't normally use two brow crayons.  If I'm not satisfied with the darkness/intensity, I shade some more using a darker pencil.  I don't apply brow mascara on a daily basis as well.  On lazy days, I just grab one brow product and a spoolie and that's it! 

So I hope this video helped a little.  Don't give up on your #browgoals!  You can do it!

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While editing the video, I realized that there are some uneven areas after applying the brow tint.  Hihi.  Sorry 'bout that!

Brow Products I'm Currently Using

Razor and scissors from Watson's

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Today's featured makeup immediately went to my disappointing product list.

Probably, the first time you saw this here on le blog was when I posted my April and May haul video.  When I got the Clinique bag, I didn't use this mascara right away because I was already using two other ones.

Last month, I thought of trying it out and I ended up not loving it because it turned me into a panda.

End of review.

Just kidding!

This is clearly a mini version and as checked on their website, the full-sized retails at 16.50 usd.  So maybe the local price is over 600 php.

What I love about it

- It's basically a volumizing mascara but I noticed that it also gives extra length.

- It's really jet-black.

- The brush is kind of tapered, unlike typical mascara applicators and the skinnier end easily gets the lashes at both corners.

- It's not clumpy even after the 3rd coat.

- It really wets the lashes and it's not making them super stiff.

- I love its effect to the lower lashes.

I didn't use a curler prior and I didn't apply any eyeliner so you can see the actual difference.

Oh!  Please don't mind my brows.  I only had 10 minutes to do my makeup and to take these photos. #alwaysinahurry  haha!

I'm not very picky when it comes to mascara in general.  Even if it barely thickens or lengthens my lashes, as long as it doesn't cause mess, I'm good with it.  I'll keep using it.  Besides, I wear very minimal makeup on normal days so that's not a biggie.

So while I appreciate how this perks up my eyes, I still don't think that it would stay long in my makeup drawer.

Ready to see how the water-splash test turned out?

I didn't rub my eyes the entire day so I wonder why there's almost no product left in my bottom lashes.

Clearly, this mascara isn't for rainy or sad days.

It looks so bad because I put 3 coats.  After rubbing, some of it went in my eyes and it hurt a little so I had to immediately wash it off.

I'm not sure if there's Lash Doubling waterproof version but if there is, that would be perfect.

What do you think?

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These photos were taken two months ago, so in case you're wondering, no, this ain't our V-Day date.

Kris and I are not planning to go on a romantic date.  No flowers.  No chocolates.  No fancy stuff.  Actually, we just thought of watching a movie and having a nice dinner.  Nothing special, really.  It's like our regular weekend QT.

I don't know.  Perhaps, long-term couples don't think of Valentine's day as something "big" anymore.
And it's for a good reason though.

Like for us, we think that it's fine if we don't get to celebrate it at all because the fact that we get to be together on the 14th of February is more than enough.

Plus, there's a lot going on right now so all the more we need to prioritize other things rather than being cheesy about heart's day.

We need each other more than ever and hopefully, I can make it better.

Cardigan from Cotton On
Top and Shorts from The Chic Closet
Bag from 168 Mall
Shoes from Nike
Specs from Sunnies

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The past week has been so exhausting for me.  Gaaaah!  I could really use 20 hours of sleep.  

Anyway, I'm trying my very best to finish the February video.  It's a short one so I expect a shorter editing time.  

Happy weekend and good luck on your V-day date!  If you don't have one, don't weep.  Grab some ice cream and binge-watch or something.  Hihi.  Better yet, go on a date with your mom or dad. :)

your sweetest drug,