I was planning to post something else today, but I figured here's one that I could not anymore postpone.  I already talked about this on my latest haul anyway so why delay it further, right?  Haha!

So last month, I attended Michelle Dy's 2nd Meet & Greet.  In case you don't know her yet, she's a famous (my favorite) Pinay beauty guru on Youtube and the only beauty creator from the Philippines who's a part of Icon Asia Network.

I discovered her channel early last year I believe, though I can't remember what video was the first one that I watched.  

I really like the way she creates her videos, her bubbly personality and of course, the makeup looks she do.

We were given these upon registration.  

Snacks!  Though I didn't get to taste any aside from the iced tea.  :D

I arrived late but good thing, there's still one empty row at the back.

Here's my #motd.

This is Ms. Jheorge, Michelle's close friend and manager.  I love her hair!

Ignore my ugly tempered glass.

Shopee, Monte, Enhance Cosmetics, Pure Beauty and Beauty Bask were just a few of her event sponsors.  They gave a quick talk and giveaways as well.

Look!  It's like every makeup lover's dream cake!

The event was held a week before Michelle's birthday so they also surprised her.

I was a bit bummed because this is the only picture I have with her.  And it's blurred.  Good.  

After the program, everyone lined up for a quick selfie but I didn't want to keep hungry-Kris waiting so we just left.  That's fine though because the important thing is that, I saw her in person and up-close.  

She's in the sea of "angels".

Michelle also did a collaboration with Enhance Cosmetics and they came up with a gorgeous palette.

Quick picture with the bear patiently waiting outside.

She just looks so happy.

And here's the freebie that I got!

I didn't win any from the Bring Me game but I was super happy when they announced my name when they were picking out the winner for the free hair makeover prize with Michelle.  Too bad, I didn't hear back from them.  Chance na rin sana makapagpa-picture with her!

Congrats again to the organizers and of course, to Michelle Dy for a very successful event!  Thank you!  Hopefully, I can attend the 3rd one.

For sure, she'll continue to inspire us all and encourage us to never stop.  

I also want to share this.

Our dreams might not happen as fast as how it happened to others but that should not keep us from chasing them.

your sweetest drug,
Good news, I'm resuming the monthly haul series!  Bad news, I might skip a month again because I included some March items here.

I filmed this on March 6th, the day when I shopped for the Landmark items.  After that, the only things that I've purchased were some I-don't-need-these-but-they're-cool Daiso stuff and a pair of new black shoes.  So, give me some more time to get additional products.  Okay?

Anyway, as mentioned in this post's title, I did my first unboxing!  And the box is from Althea, a new online shop that sells a variety of affordable Korean cosmetics.  I talked about everything you need to know about the site from shipping to payment modes and more.


Product List

St. Ives Blackhead Clearing Scrub (205 php)
I found another way to use this scrub!  I will talk about it on the product review post.

Maybelline Creamy Matte in Mesmerizing Magenta (299 php but bought at 199 php)
I'm wearing this today and so far, I'm loving the velvety texture.  Nice one, Maybelline!

Fashion21 Double Up Mascara (225 php)
This makes me wanna explore the world of local drugstore makeup more!  I know it's too early to tell, but this might steal Maybelline Rocket Volume's #1 spot in my favorite mascara list.

Landmark False Eyelashes (39.75 php)
A good pair of falsies doesn't need to be expensive!  I need to film a new makeup video soon so I can try these.

Landmark Eyelid Stickers (59.75 php)
Sometimes, I get uneven lids and it's really annoying.  I don't know how and why.  It's weird.

Does it happen to you too?  

Priva Intimate Wash (149 php for 150 ml and 69 php for 60 ml)
The perfect care every lady needs.  Thank you so much again, Priva!

ELF Eye Widener Pencil in White (1 usd)
The actual crayon easily breaks and it doesn't apply very evenly so far.  Maybe after I sharpen, it would get better.

ELF Long-Lasting Lustrous Eyeshadow in Toast and Party (3 usd)
I'm not into glittery eye makeup but we'll see.  How about a "party glam" makeup?

ELF Baked Bronzer in Los Cabos (3 usd)
Even though it didn't work as a bronzer, at least I got a new eye shadow!

Monte Skincare Luxury Perfumed Soap With Intense Whitening Solution (180 php - full-sized)
D&G Light Blue scent all over the body?  I won't say no to that!

Nippon Cleansing Sponge x2 (10 php)
Nippon Eyebrow Razor Kit (60 php)
Nippon Round Sponge x2 (40 php)

Here's a one-stop shop for all of your beauty tools need!

Althea Order

Etude House Sunprise Daily (400 php)
Like I said, I've already tried a small sachet of this before so I'm quite sure this would really work on me.  No breakouts please!

Etude House Play 101 Pencil #1 (270 php)
So far, I'm having mixed feelings about this eyeliner.

Nature Republic Fresh Green Tea 70 Emulsion (450 php)
I must say, this moisturizer is really affordable for its size.  Even if I use it twice a day, I think this would last at least two months.

Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder (240 but got it for free)
My backup powder!  Imagine my glee when I got it for free!

Dae bak Althea!

Now, it's time to share some of my favorite things for the month of February.

Food - Asado siopao haha!
Beauty - Banila Co's It Radiant CC Cream
Music - Youth by Troye Sivan, Paano Ka Magiging Akin by True Faith and Sugar by Robin Schultz
Recently Watched - Allegiant, but we didn't like it that much.  
Now Craving - a slice of S&R's Shrimp & Garlic pizza... okay, make it two

That's it!

Let me know if you've tried ordering from Althea.  What did you get?  

your sweetest drug,
It's the time of the year when we're given a quick breather from all the hustlin'.  While reflecting this Lenten season, I also hope you are having a relaxing time with your family and loved ones.

Anyway, I'm sorry for the lack of new posts lately.  As usual, I'm swamped with work-related stuff and editing the February haul video is quite time consuming.  Please bear with me. :)

So, today's MUAH post is all about my second lip crayon from Revlon's Colorburst line.

I got this at only 287.50 php instead of the regular price which is 575.  I went to the mall on Revlon's first day of sale and I was with a flock of lipstick hoarders.  It was crazy.

It was so damn hard to get the testers, even just one, because everybody was having a swatching moment.

You can easily distinguish these lip crayons by the packaging.  The Balm Stain ones are in glossy tubes while the Matte Balm ones are in (obviously) matte.


I ended up with Elusive, a light watermelon/rosy pink color.  It's very pigmented but the pinkness is not too striking.  

I think it would be good for a bridal makeup or for fresh and youthful kind of everyday look.  

At first, I was skeptical that it would not suit my skin tone, but surprisingly, it brightens up my face and makes my teeth look whiter too.


Need I say more?  

It's a matte lipstick but there's still a tad bit of shine to it.  You can still notice the creaminess and it doesn't look like dried cement on the lips.


It glides on very smoothly even without lip balm application prior.  No tugging necessary.  If your lips are really dry though, it might not apply evenly.

And since it has a crayon tip, it also doubles up as a lip liner.


I totally agree that it feels like a matte moisturizing balm.  It's infused with Triple Butter Complex - mango, shea and coconut that keeps the lips hydrated.

It's also lightweight and feels comfortable on the lips.  

Same with Balm Stain, there's a minty sensation.  It felt weird at first for a matte lipstick but later on, I got used to it.


If you don't eat or drink, this would last hours on your lips.  However, it still easily transfers so blotting with tissue or accidentally wiping/touching your lips would fade the color out.  It doesn't stain the lips so be prepared for touch ups.

I noticed as well that the longer it stayed on, the more I get those nasty stuff at the inner part of my mouth.  That's actually a huge turn-off for me when it comes to lipsticks.  Maybe I applied too much?

Overall, the color is definitely right up my alley and the velvety formula is amazing.  Aside from the one I just mentioned, another no-no for me is the way it makes my lips chappy once I wear it for couple of hours.  Well, it is still hydrating as a balm but only for a short time after application.  

What do you think?

Do you also have Matte Balm lip crayons?  What shade do you own?  Let me know in the comments below!

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your sweetest drug,