I used to think that applying primer was just an extra, unnecessary step in my regular makeup routine.  Same as with using eyelash curler.  I didn't get the point of putting a layer between my skincare and makeup.  Well, unless it's a face base that helps brighten dull skin or gives an extra glow-from-within effect.

But when I started to notice that my annoying pores were getting in the way of having a more flawless-looking face makeup, I thought that putting on primer would be the perfect solution.

I've only tried two different primers so far and this one's my third.

Banila Co has a line called Prime which consists of five variants of primer, setting powders, mattifying balm and a setting spray.

click here for the price list

In the loot bag, I got the Classic primer.

The packaging comes with a pump and it has this "expensive" look-and-feel.

This primer promises to minimize pores and fine lines so makeup applies smoothly and would last all day long.

It also contains silicon, which is very common for this kind of product.

What I love about it

- glides on skin like a dream
- lessens the appearance of pores
- doesn't break me out
- instantly mattifies (you can apply it on top of makeup for oily-T-zone touch ups)
- doesn't produce eraser-like crumbs as you rub it on your skin
- slightly increases coverage of foundation/concealer/BB cream
- doesn't clog pores
- very lightweight

It's hard to show you guys the effect of primers on photos unless maybe, I use a super HD/macro lens for my camera.  But here, I placed it beside my two other primers (drugstore) so hopefully you'd get to see the difference.

In my opinion, Prime Classic creates a more blurred and matte surface.  

I only used concealer and powder on purpose so you could still see my actual skin.  Even with not-so heavy coverage, it helped create a more flawless base, to think that when I took these photos, my pores were so unruly.

My expression line and fine lines don't look very noticeable here as well.

I'm still not sure what to say about the sebum-control thing and the effect to the longevity of the makeup.  If you compare the two photos above, you'd probably notice how my skin looks a bit dewier without primer underneath.  However, with the intense summer heat, my face gets sweaty and greasy real fast.  I don't know how makeup can survive that.  Haha!

The only thing I don't like about this primer is the scent.  It has a strong, man-perfume kind of fragrance but good thing, it doesn't linger much so no biggie.

You can also use this as an eyeshadow primer.  Look how intense and solid the color is!

Overall, I'm really impressed by the quality and formula of Banila Co's Classic Primer.  I love the level of the matte finish!  

And yes, there's even a Matte version of this.  I'm gonna check that out at their store.

Here's a photo of me with full makeup with the primer underneath. :)

What do you think?

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Since there's a very nice lighting in our room, I thought of filming a quick GRMW video.  I also figured that aside from the photos in my product reviews, it's better if you guys see how they actually work.

So yea, this is how I would normally do my makeup on days when I feel like wearing eyeliner and foundation and when I'm lazy to blend eye shadows.  The only thing I regret was not bringing my bronzer because my face looked a little flat here.  My wings also turned out to be longer than what I initially wanted but I liked it anyway so no biggie.  Haha!  #eyelinerbooboo

Watch in HD!

Products Used

Click on the link to read my review.

The Face Shop Designing Eyebrow Crayon in Brown
Penshoppe Eyeliner Pencil in Black
L'Oreal Mat Magique Powder in Golden Amber
Vaseline Lip Therapy


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I have a love-and-hate kind of relationship with waterproof mascaras.  I mean, they're generally okay and a girl needs one because of obvious reasons but personally, I don't prefer them over the water-resistant ones.

I know I would feel more confident having them on my lashes without worrying if I would look like a panda at the end of the day, but I don't want the struggle of removing them.

For everyday use, I'd definitely grab my normal mascara but for special occasions, I admit, I would need Mrs. Waterproof.

That's why I bought this baby aside from the fact that it was on sale.  From 199, I only got it for 150 php.

Actually, I've heard about positive reviews about Maybelline Hypercurl and I'm not surprised because the brand makes a lot of great mascaras.  My favorite is their Rocket Volum' - highly recommended.

I like the black and pink packaging.  So sleek.

It comes with a slightly chubby and curved wand and the bristles are not rubbery.

I think I don't need to talk much about this mascara because it's better to just show you the before-and-after photos.

Here you go.

As usual, I didn't apply eyeliner and I also didn't use a curler prior (coz I don't have one), so that's all Hypercurl's effect.

From sad to perky lashes!

The formula is a bit fiber-ish which is fine with me because it creates extra volume and length.  I'm kinda into spidery lashes so that's perfect.

In these photos, it may look a little messy and that's because the tube is nearing drought.  I don't why that happened even though I don't use it often and even if the cap is always closed tightly.  

For those who also have Hypercurl, does yours easily dry out too?

Good thing, those tiny clumps did not fall all throughout the day.  I was actually worried that it would leave a mess since it's super hot and humid but no, it didn't budge too much.

After 12 hours...

It survived my greasy skin!  There's only very minimal mess on the lower outer corners.

That's the messiest it can get!  It's not the type of mascara that runs down your face.  Hooray!

However, my huge problem with Hypercurl is that, it gives me a freaking hard time whenever I remove it.  I know that's how it's supposed to work but like I said, I'd prefer one that's not too difficult to take off and at the same time, one that stays on my lashes the entire day even if I don't know, someone splashes water onto my face or when I need to stand in the rain, which I'm not sure why I would do.  Haha!

Anyway, it's still great overall.  Maybe one coat is more manageable to remove and less speckles would get all over my eye area.

What do you think?

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I can't help but feel sad about me not being able to blog at least three times a week.  I know I have been very inactive lately compared before and it's because it's getting harder for me to find time to sit down and work on a backlog post.

To compensate somehow, I uploaded 3 videos in a span of 3 weeks but I still need to finish a haul before the end of the month.  I don't want to panic and be all negative about it, though I'm starting to doubt if I would be able to do that because it's already the 3rd week of April.

Oh well.  #stopworryingICHI

Anyway, let me just prioritize the product reviews for now.

300 php

Truth be told, I'm not really confident with my underarms.  Well, they're okay and not super dark as Gotham (haha) but I admit, after neglecting them, they now don't look as good as before.

I want to try underarm whitening products for now and later on, in case nothing works, I'd check out some professional treatments.

So I decided to give this one a shot but to be honest, I don't see any difference yet.

There are other variants with Antibacterial Silver (330 php) and Retinol (495 php), both claiming to whiten not only the pits but also inner thighs.

This one contains Hyaluronic Acid, which helps moisturize and smoothen the skin.

During the first few weeks, I didn't use it very religiously.  Eventually, I used it day and night and lately, I've been using it only once a day, mostly after shower and before applying deodorant.

Like I said, I haven't seen any effects yet on the whitening thing but I'm still using it anyway because I like it as an underarm lotion.

I've noticed that whenever I apply it prior the deo, the skin doesn't tend to be all dry and rough.  Actually,  that's one reason why I hate putting on too much deodorant.  It often turns the pits to a sandpaper.  Haha!

Well, I know I can just use a regular body lotion but at least this one's specifically made for the underarms.  :)

I also don't have problems with the scent because it's fragrance-free so it doesn't mess up with the sweat and all.

So yeah, I think I need to look for another whitening product.  I spotted one by Kojie San and you know, their soaps are proven effective (been using it for over 5 years now) so maybe that works as well.

I'm going to try it and will let you know!

What do you think?

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We all badly needed a breather and some de-stressing so we had a weekend staycation in Tagaytay.  Aside from experiencing a nicer weather, we also wanted to just hang out away from Manila.

We actually didn't do anything special and very "Tagaytay".  Haha!  We even didn't bother to go to Skyranch even if it's just five tumblings away from the condo.

We just wanted good food, good coffee and good company.

Watch in HD!

The bus ride from Gil Puyat to the rotonda took more than 2 hours.  

We booked one unit in SMDC Wind Residences.  If you're interested to rent there for a day or one weekend, let me know so I can give you our contact.

Bag of Beans #1

Bag of Beans #2

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Kris and I have tried most of Silantro's dishes many times already.  We've also been at both of their branches, one in Kapitolyo and one in UP Town Center.

It's one of the restaurants we go to whenever we're really really really hungry.  One problem though is that, it's not too often that we could eat there because we don't usually hang out around Katipunan/Pasig.

On our last visit, I had my camera with me so I didn't miss the chance to take photos for le blog.  I also included one dish here that we tried way way back.

I think both branches have the same menu and price.

The dish that we always order is Beef Nachos.  So far, I haven't seen any other that comes in this huuuuuge serving yet costs below 200 php.

It's not just the chips but the most amazing part is the amount of ingredients.  I mean, look at that!

They are so generous with the cheese!

The beef is also like no other because it's very tender, juicy and just overall tasty.  Most restaurants put ground or shredded beef but this one, it's like you can eat each piece with rice.

Since the size is enormous, it's definitely perfect for a group of 3 to 4.  Kris and I can finish a plate but with only one other dish on the table.

Actually, nothing has kicked their beef nachos off its top spot in our "Best Nachos" list.  :)

And here's another reason why we keep returning back to this cantina - the dips.  I swear, I could almost use that green one as drink.  Haha!  I love guacamole!

The brown sauce is a spicy version and the white is like the usual garlic mayo-ish.

Their Beef Burrito is also to die for.  The meat tasted quite similar with the one in the nachos.

This is an old photo.

Again, two big quesadillas oozing with cheese for just 160 php.  Just.  Wow.

We didn't like the fries that much but probably most people would prefer it because they're baked.

Too much cheese, you guys.

You should also try their dalandan juice and house blend iced tea.

Silantro will surely remain as one of our favorites.  I love the fact that they are unpretentious and the dishes really have a hint of fil-mex flavor.  Not to mention, I'm a sucker for cilantro and it's in every plate they serve.  Even their mango shake has it.  Haha!  #itsmyweed

Enormous servings, affordable and delicious - what more can I ask for?  Oh well, maybe more branches in the north area.  Haha!

What do you think?

Oh, just a tip, the queue is usually long and I believe they don't take reservation so make sure to have your name listed early unless you're okay with 30 minutes to 1 hour waiting time.

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