My Sundays are usually makeup-free but tonight is different because I had to take photos for this product review post.  It was fun and actually, it made me realize how I missed doing a not-so-everyday kind of look.  Check out some of my snaps to see how giddy I was (chixylove).  Haha!

Soooo, onto today's featured product!

This has been with me since November but since I don't do full face makeup that often (except when I'm filming) I haven't thought of using it very frequently.  I've tried it two times before and my feelings about it haven't changed.  Let me say it now.

It's amazing!

The product is made by Banila Co and it is called Clean It Zero.  It retails locally at 875 php, which in my opinion, is a reasonable price point because you get a huge tub and one tiny amount goes a long way.  This can last up to months even if you are a heavy makeup wearer.

It's basically a cleansing product in a balm/sorbet form but works very similarly with typical cleansing oils.  From tallow-like appearance, it will eventually melt down into grease as you massage it on your skin.

It comes with a spatula (very important because you don't want to get your makeup in the tub) and a lid which also serves as a holder.

Using cleansing products like oil and balm types tends to be messy and uncomfortable but surely, you'd get used to it eventually.  However, this one is slightly more convenient because you don't have to worry about the oil dripping on your face or arms.  

Clean It Zero is also travel-friendly.  

Imagine the hassle of bringing oil-based and even liquid products!  I hate it when they spill and cause a havoc in my bag.  

Although, you still have to be careful because with intense heat, this might melt and the oil will likely spill.  #chemistryguys :)

It doesn't have a strong scent which I appreciate.  There's like a soap-ish fragrance and I'd prefer that over fatty/grease smell.

This also comes in other variants (different colors too).  There's one for each skin type and this pink baby is for normal and combination.

Earlier, I applied waterproof eyeliner and mascara plus, a very bold lipstick so I could really put this product to test.

Makeup meltdown!!!

When it comes to its cleansing power, no doubt, it's indeed impressive.  It just freaking WORKS!  No wonder why it's loved by so many!

It breaks down even the most stubborn eye makeup very well.  I haven't tried this though on liquid lipsticks.

No trace of makeup left!

I didn't even put a lot of effort as I massaged it all over.  No need for me to use a cotton swab and rub it on the lashes to get rid of mascara and eyeliner.  And mind you, that's the hardest part to clean.  

What I love about it the most is that, it doesn't only work as a makeup remover.  It also gives the skin some TLC while it cleanses.  

It contains papaya extract and some other good stuff that exfoliate the skin and give brightening effect.  

So I guess, even though I don't have too much makeup on, I would use it more often from now on just to get those skin benefits!

In case you're not familiar with double cleansing, let me just mention that you still need to wash your face with your cleanser after.

Like I said, I'm really amazed by this product.  I believe you should try it if you haven't already.  

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What do you think?

your sweetest drug,
I just had my first best sleep since the last 15 days.  I now feel like I'm fully recharged and ready to get stressed again in the coming weeks.  Haha!

Anyway, the blogging continues and as promised, I'm gonna bombard you with product reviews meanwhile as I edit a travel video.  Exciting!

I'm currently using a new lip tint from a well-loved Korean cosmetic brand, Peripera.  I was selling a few of these before and I kept one for myself because I really wanted to try it.

All lip tints from Peripera are known for their lasting power and extreme pigmentation.  Those two things are what I always look for in a lip product so I got really excited to try this baby.

I'm actually using another popular Peri lip tint but that will be shared here on le blog separately so just stay tuned for now.

This product is inspired by "inks" from the packaging to formula.  It's housed in a plastic bottle and the applicator is the usual doe-foot one but it's a bit wider and also bendy.

I don't really dig the quality of the packaging though.  But for the price (around 7 USD), I guess that's fine.


The shade is called It Lips, a very vibrant coral pink.

I think no one will ever complain about the intensity because it gives a solid, very pigmented color in just one swipe.  

I forgot to do a swatch comparison but it's nearly just as intense as Tony Moly's Dear Tony tint.  

Here, I applied a tiny amount but the color still clung well onto my skin.


As I've mentioned, the applicator is bendy and wide so it doesn't give me a hard time as I spread the product evenly on my lips.  


It's different from water-based lip tints because the consistency is a little bit thick and gel-like.  It applies nicely but you have to be very quick in blending because it stains the skin and lips very fast.

I also don't find it too drying but I still don't forget putting lip balm underneath and on top to avoid flaky lips.

Underneath BB cream and powder, it still gives a nice flush of color.


Yep, it stays all day.  Well,except if you eat and deliberately wipe your lips with tissue.  Actually, there were times when I had to use makeup remover to get rid of all the color.  

So no doubt, you can count on this baby if you're yearning for a no-retouch kind of day.  Haha!

Overall, I'm really impressed!  I'm running low of two of my lip tints so I'm feeling relieved that I have great new ones in my collection!

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,
I'm back from hiatus!  Yasssss!   It's been a long time since the last post and I think this is the first one for the month of June.  I really missed my usual blogging session.

Anyway, I just came back from a business trip and I can't wait to tell you about the whole experience.  I have a lot of backlogs to finish so that might come a little later.  But for the next few weeks, expect a downpour of product reviews.

For today, here are 3 samples and my first impression about them.

Let's start with the mask sheet from Banila Co.  It's actually my first time to see and use a facial mask that comes with an ampoule.

Well, this is not a real sample but I thought I would include it here for you guys to get a closer look.

So you apply the ampoule first then put on the mask.  You can also skip the first step in case you want to use the ampoule separately.

I loved the intense moisture after.  My skin felt very supple!  It's like the perfect treat for a stressed skin!

Next is this Essence by Skinfood.

Nothing too interesting about it but I loved the honey scent.  It's not too sticky too in case you're wondering.  :)

Lastly, Etude House Real Art Moisture Cleansing Oil.

I've used up the entire sachet when I was in Japan.  I didn't bother to bring my Bifesta because I avoided bringing too many liquid products so this one was really convenient!

My actual cleansing oil experience turned out to be better than I expected.  I thought it would feel very uncomfortable but it's not.  The only thing I didn't like though is how it got into my eyes.  My vision became very blurry but good thing it didn't sting.

And the cleansing power?  


It broke down makeup very fast.  The waterproof eyeliner I was wearing, which also has been so tough to remove was gone after.  All gone.  No traces even after waking up.

It was also effective in removing the stubborn mascara I'm currently using.  As I've mentioned, Maybelline Hypercurl makes the lashes stiff and it breaks down to tiny grains that just spread if I use cotton pads soaked with makeup remover.

But of course, it doesn't stop with the cleansing oil.  You have to wash your face as per usual with your regular cleanser.

It didn't irritate my skin as well.

So that's that.  What do you think? 

Have you tried any of this three skincare products?  

your sweetest drug,