It has been a tough 3 days for me.  I've been so overwhelmed by the length of my to-do list, I had a fever yet still working on the list and I got a sad news.  My dearest grandfather passed away at the age of 94.

He's very close to our hearts and we will never ever forget his smile, positivity, life lessons and jokes.  We miss you, Lolo.

I don't want to really grieve because I know Lolo wouldn't like to see us like that.  Good thing, my truckload of things-to-do diverts my thoughts somehow.

Sooooooo, life continues.

Here's one face makeup that I would recommend to those who have dry skin.  Unfortunately, for me who has an oil factory, it didn't work well.

This is a BB Cream from Etude House's Precious Mineral line.  It's called Blooming Fit and I got the shade Honey Beige.

I already tried the Cotton Fit version and I remember really liking it before.  The main difference between the two is the finish - matte and dewy.

Even though I knew about it when I bought this and I knew that it's not the best pick for my oily skin, I still got this baby.

As mentioned in my haul video, I got this at a BOGO promo so my cousin and I paid for the price of one.  Regular price was 748 php I believe.

It comes in a typical tube-with-pump type of packaging and I think this one's the darkest shade available.  It doesn't oxidize too much on me though so I guess this would match medium to dark skin tones.

The consistency is runny and tacky AF that's why I don't apply it with my fingers.  I prefer using a buffing brush to blend it.

What's impressive though is the coverage.  As a BB cream, I didn't expect it to even-out skin tone and conceal pores very well but it hell did.  It almost looks like foundation-ish on skin especially if you put at least two layers on.

However, the formula is not lightweight.  Sometimes, I feel like it's not letting my skin breathe and like I'm wearing heavy makeup on.

before and after (with just skincare + primer + BB Cream)

It also has a floral scent so for those sensitive to fragrance in makeup, you might want to stay away from this.  

Underneath powder, it doesn't look cakey and lines are not emphasized as well.  It just really gives a healthy glow.

But if I have to say the ultimate thing about it that I don't like, it would the amount of oil in the formula.

Look at this.

So I guess that's what it really gives it that dewy finish after all.

Like I said, people with dry to very dry skin might enjoy this BB Cream.  I'm actually planning to give it to my sister and check how it would work out for her.  She has very few dry patches so a face base like this might suit her skin.

And maybe because of too much oil, I feel like it easily clogs my pores.  Really not for me then.

Anyhoo, I don't regret it too much because I got it on sale.  Haha!

So yea, at least I know that I should now always for a mattifying BB cream.  Any suggestions?

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So this post is kind of expected because I've already introduced the product in my December haul.  It took a long while for me to start writing about it because well, to be honest with you guys, one of my biggest insecurities is the set of teeth I have.  I felt a bit hesitant to do this review because I knew that I would have to take photos of them and not to mention, close-up photos!  Haha!

So yes, another #bloggerduties situation but whatever.  Doing it anyway!

Quick background story...

I had braces from 2011 to October 2015.  After my dentist removed them, I didn't like how yellow my teeth turned out, which maybe I didn't notice too much when I had those annoying brackets.  So I looked for an affordable whitening solution and I'm really glad I stumbled upon this product... on!

Before we go to the amazing part, let me share some product info first.

These are from Crest and the product line is called 3D White Luxe.  Btw, these don't come in sets.  I bought the toothpaste, which came in a 2-pack version and a box of the whitening strips, which contains 20 pairs.

This one in photo is actually my 4th tube.  Yes, I've already sworn by it.  Haha!  I always order the twinpack version because I could save a dollar compared to when I buy it per piece.

There's another variant of this but Glamorous White is more popular.

It claims to remove up to 90% of surface stains in just 5 days.  5 days, guys.  5 freaking days.  That's a big statement but I must say.  I totally agree.  It's TRUE!

It contains .243% sodium flouride and it is enamel safe.

It doesn't taste like a strong minty toothpaste and it just leaves a fresh feeling after every brush.

So here's the deal...

Here in the Philippines, two brands came up with whitening toothpaste, you know, like the instant whitening type.  And I must say, they both seem very gimmicky but nevertheless, I still tried it.  Some of you might have used them too since they are being advertised very well and you might have seen it somewhere.  I'm not sure if they worked on you but personally, I think they just do not work at all.

When I got these the first time back in December, I didn't use the strips right away because I want to do more research about them to make sure I use them properly.  But as for the toothpaste, I was like, "you're going directly to the bathroom!"

Truth is, I didn't expect anything from it at first.  I just used it daily and after a week or so, I was really mindblown when Kris noticed that my teeth were not super yellow anymore.  Well, they're still not as white as today but the yellow color really faded.  I checked it myself and what I was only able to say (in a very surprised tone) was, "oo nga noh!"

What I also loved about it is how it made my chin spot-free.  I used to have small pimples on that area and I blamed the toothpaste I was using before for that.

Now, let's move on to the strips.

This, too comes in different variants.  They have 1-hr express, 30-minute and other ones but I chose the Professional Effects because a lot of Youtubers also recommended this.

It claims to remove 14 years of stain.  I think they should also add there something like "whitens your teeth AF".  Haha!  Char!

I thought I'd mention that I'm not using the strips on a regular basis.  I've used up 18 treatments since December so I'm down to my last two sachets.  I haven't tried applying it on two consecutive weeks as well.  That's just my personal choice though.  You can definitely use it as often as you'd like and as you could.

I don't have high tolerance for tooth sensitivity so as much as I want to have pearly white blinding teeth, I would just use this at a minimum of 2 to 3-week interval.

It is very easy to put on and peel off.  I leave this on for about 30 minutes and just wait for the result to take effect the next few days.

Here's the pamphlet that you can check out.

The strips contain the magical gel that whitens the teeth.  Like I said, it could be from I-can-take-it-it's-just-like-a-light-slap-on-the-cheek kind of painful to ouch-you-take-it-off-right-now kind of painful. Well, it will still depend on how naturally sensitive your teeth are and on your pain tolerance level.

It does have a weird taste but it's bearable.

From first strip to the next...

On my first strip, I saw a bigger improvement.  It's definitely a WOW moment when I started to notice the color difference.

On the second one, I felt a discomfort on two teeth and I got used to the weird scent.

Third, I felt a quick sting in one tooth.  However, still loving the results because my teeth were still getting whiter.

Fourth, I felt like my two front huge teeth were battered to death.  Haha!

Fifth, no discomfort at all during and immediately after the treatment but my teeth became more sensitive.

The succeeding treatments felt the pretty much the same.  Sometimes, I would get a really painful, enough-to-make-me-flinch sting.  The hyper sensitivity would last about 24 hours and afterwards, everything's back to normal.

Ready for the before-and-after photos?

The upper right one was taken before I started using the toothpaste and strips.  Don't mind the white stain-like thing on my two front teeth.  That's caused by flourosis and I had them since I was young.  I still don't know why I didn't think of having it removed back then.  Haha!  Thanks to my dentist (Hi, Dra. Precious!), I'm now free of that.  I'm extremely happy with the end result!

Anyway, as you can see from minion-yellow, the difference is really noticeable.  No camera tricks whatsoever.

I told you.  Crest is not playing around!

Above photo was taken last April.  With good lighting, my teeth really appeared nice and bright.  I still had the white stains at that time but it's less visible because of the improvement in color.

This one was taken a few weeks after my teeth were released from the chains.  Haha!

After a month of using the toothpaste and maybe 2 strips, here's how it looked like.

Actually, you can just watch my previous haul videos from December to present to see the difference.  I was really impressed!

Oh!  One tip!  Wearing a dark lipstick could also make your teeth appear whiter.

Final Thoughts

These are not available locally, so you have to order from a US online store and have them shipped here.  I always restock on the toothpaste, so let me know if you want to give these a try as well and I can purchase them for you.  Drop me a message!

Take note that if you are also a heavy coffee and tea drinker like me, your teeth will slowly go back to being yellow-ish.  So if you are using just the strips, you might want to use the treatments more often.  For best results, I highly recommend that you use the toothpaste too.  It would really maintain the color.  Trust me.

Photo from May

Of course, some teeth on the side won't get the love because of the size of the strip.

Make sure you prepare yourself as well on the sensitivity and discomfort.  I think there's no painless tooth whitening invented yet, right?  

So that's it!  Quite a long post.  Haha!

Let me know what you guys think.  Have you tried Crest 3D White Luxe products?  Or are you using the ones that come with molder, gel and blue light thing?  

Btw, if you're looking for a dentist, I'd like to suggest PAM Dental Center.  Here's the link to their Facebook page.  Look for Dra. Precious and tell her I said hi.  She got a very nice clinic and she's really great!  :)


My teeth are not super white and bright now but so much better compared before.  Plus, I didn't undergo any professional whitening treatment before and after using these products.

your sweetest drug,

Another week has passed.  Another week!  But I didn't get to post anything... even once!  Any time management tricks you could share?

Anyway, good news though I was able to finish part 2 of my Japan travel vlog.  Yaasss!

Watching these clips makes me really miss the place.  For sure, when I replay these 3, 5 or 10 years from now, there would be a smile on my face and let me tell you, I'd be forever grateful that I get to experience the Land of the Rising Sun, the birthplace of my favorite Manga and anime shows.  Haha!

Head over to my Youtube channel and start watching - click here.

For part 2, I did a quick tour around Namba.  It is a district in Osaka, a very famous, busy and popular place for tourists.

How to get there?

You just need to hop in the Midosuji subway (red line) which is connected to Osaka station (and other lines I think).  If you're around Umeda, you can easily find it.

We went there on a Thursday night just to have dinner.  Yes, no shopping that day.  Not just yet.  Haha!  Even though the duty-free stores were already calling my name.  

"Ichi-san, Ichi-san, irasshai!"

I actually went there again, like two times.  The last one was a solo-trip and I'm proud to say that I didn't get lost.  Thanks to wifi connection and GPS.  Haha!

Once you get off the train, prepare for walking.  A lot of walking!  Wear comfortable shoes especially if you're going on a shopping spree.

First place you can visit is Shinsaibashi but I will not talk about it in detail tonight because that comes in part 4.  Hihi.  Next is Dotonbori.  It's very crowded but I assure you, your eyes and stomach will enjoy.

There's like a countless strip of restaurants and the best part aside from the food is the amazing sight you'll see while walking.  I couldn't count how many times I said wow.  The way they've designed the facades is out of this world.

I mean look at that!  Giant squid at a takoyaki store.  There's also a huge dragon at a ramen bar.  

A moving crab and many more!

We tried the takoyaki and then ate in a grill-at-your-table kind of restaurant.

We ate a lot of seafood that night.  Haha!

The next day, we had okonomiyaki for dinner.  Then, we rode the train to Kobe because we had to move to a new hotel for the weekend.  

So I was in Sheraton Hotel again.  

This one's 100x better than Hotel Monterey (pricier too) but food choices are very limited in Rokko Island so that's one drawback.

So that's it!  Next up is a tour around Kyoto and Nara.

I hope you enjoyed the video!  Please don't forget to hit the like and subscribe button.

Thank you for watching!

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The rainy night calls for Dreamsounds playlist, sweatpants and a cup of hot tea.  Haha!

So today's featured product is one of my purchases that instantly became my favorite.  It's by L'Oreal Paris and it's called Mat Magique BB Veil Poreless Matte Finishing Powder.

Whew.  That's a long name.

I got the shade Golden Amber.  I'm not exactly sure how many shades are available locally but when I bought this, I saw only two.

It was on sale as well so I only paid 300 php for a 7g face powder.  Not bad!

It is a finishing powder, not a powder foundation yet it gives a very light coverage.  Not enough to conceal every pore and blemish but still good!

It also claims to provide a fresh matte finish for 12 hours but on my normal to oily skin, I can't agree.  However, I can look past that and it won't make me hate this product.  Like I said, it's one of my favorite pressed powders so far!

My only gripe is the packaging.  I dropped it one time in the office and that's it.  The case broke.

I also don't like the sponge it came with but that's no biggie because I prefer using a brush anyway.

So here's what I really love about it.

The formula is so damn good.  It feels so velvety and soft.  I don't have to worry about the blending because it applies evenly.

Here, I only used a thin layer of concealer underneath and the finish looks almost flawless.  Some pores are still visible when you zoom in but for I'm-not-in-the-mood-to-wear-makeup days, it's good enough.

And since it's also lightweight, touch-ups don't tend to be a hot mess.  Compared to other powders, this one doesn't look splotchy.

Your skin is also protected as BB Veil powder has SPF 32!  Yasss!

Last few thoughts...

It doesn't emphasize lines.

It doesn't clog the pores.

It sets concealer and foundation nicely.

Aaaaand I highly recommend this!  

This is definitely one drugstore powder worth checking out!  If you see it on sale, go grab one.

What do you think?

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Part 2 of Japan vlog coming up this week!

your sweetest drug,