Hey guys!  Taking a quick break from work and squeezing a short post for today. :)

So I thought I'd share the pair of contact lenses I got a few months ago.  Actually, I don't know if this is necessary because you have probably seen me wearing them many times already but anyway, here's a closer look.

I'm not anymore into circle lenses because I want something more natural.  I now look for 14 mm lenses and based on my experience, this size is the most comfortable to wear.

I tried a brand from Executive Optical called Flexwear.  They have a lot of color options so go check them out if you're planning to buy a new pair as well.

Unfortunately, they didn't have stocks of lenses that are good for 1 year.  This brand is only good for 3 months but I got mine with a discount so I was like, "okay, I think that's reasonable".  Original price is 650 php.

These are soft, graded contact lenses.  Depending on the EO branch, you can get yours on the same day if there color/style you want is available.  If not, they still have to order it for you and it would take around 3 days.

So yes, these have expired already so I threw them away.  I got a new pair and that's what you'll see on my succeeding posts.


Oh right!  You can already see me wearing them on my latest mascara review.  :)

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,

When you found a makeup in the drugstore that's so good yet so cheap, you just couldn't help but rave about it.

So one day, I decided to give local drugstore brands a try and just when I had to pick up a mascara real quick, I found myself at a Fashion 21 counter.

I've mentioned a million times that I'm not picky when it comes to mascara but I usually stay away from waterproof ones.  As long as it doesn't cause mess around the eyes, I'm all good.  I've tried a couple from the drugstore and actually, that's the place I always go back to whenever I need a replacement.  I mean, come on.  Mascaras dry out easily anyway so I don't like to get the expensive ones.  Well, if I have extra cash then maybe I would.  Haha!

I got this for only 225 php.  Cheaper than a regular lipstick, right?

It's called Double Up Mascara and it's both for thickening and lengthening.

First of all, the packaging is nice.  It definitely doesn't look and feel cheap.

It comes with a plastic brush that has very thin bristles.  That's what makes it great at separating the lashes.

I think it only comes in one color - black.

It is water-resistant, not water-proof.  It doesn't smudge though.  Once it dries, it's there.  No budging.

One problem I have with it though is that, because the formula is not too thick/creamy, it has a tendency to go on my lids during application.

It really wets the lashes and gives extra length and volume.

Lashes might look too spidery but I'm down for that so no biggie.

It's not hard to coat each and every strand with this mascara.  Although, one thing to note about application is that, putting on a second coat might be impossible.  Since the lashes have dried and the bristles are really short, it's difficult to brush through them anymore.

As for the ultimate test...

Instead of giving me raccoon eyes, rubbing would turn it into eraser crumbs and the lashes stick together.  I think it's manageable.

Washing my face with my cleanser is enough to get rid of it completely.  Sometimes, a tiny bit remains but it's super easy to remove.

I might not need any eye makeup to make my eyes pop with this mascara!  I highly recommend this one.  Truly - a drugstore gem!

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,
With the amount of stress we get from work, it's just right to take a breather sometimes.  You know.  Take some days off and just forget about all of those pending tasks.  Get through a day without thinking of deadlines.

Actually, I could use one right now.  Again.

My recent staycation was short but I enjoyed every minute of it.  That's what I really needed.  A time to relax.

My bestfriend let me stay at her unit in Azure Urban Resort Residences a couple of weeks ago.  It was my first time there even though she had requested me to visit several times when she's here in Manila.  Haha!  Hopefully, on the second time, we can get to hang out together.

Click here to start watching the vlog!

The place is very easy to spot but the travel can be too difficult for someone like me who's somewhere in the north.  But it's still accessible though and there's also a mall nearby in case you'd need extra food or you forgot to bring something.

Now let's talk about the amenities.

What makes it unique is its man-made beach-like wave pool.  A beach in the middle of the metro?  Amazing, right?

There's also a lap pool that only unit owners can access.

The kiddie pool was nice too!

Before entering the pool area, you have to register at the booth in front of the shower rooms.

I think they are also strict when it comes to swimming attire.  Better to double check. :)

Sharing more photos!

I can imagine bonding with my little bears here in this play area!

Room tour time!

The room is spacious and everything you'd need for a staycation is already here.  

They even provided hotel-like toiletries and ridiculously soft towels.  The bed linens are top quality too!

You can stay connected because the room has its own Wi-Fi.

If this bed doesn't look inviting to you, I don't know what is!  I love all the details in this room especially the lighting!  

Here's the view from the balcony.

I can sleep here all day!

Here's the beach bag with towels hat you can use when you go down for a swim. 

Book now!

So if you're interested, you can book through the unit owner's Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/UNIT1627AZURE/.  

Before I end this post, I'd like to thank my bestfriend again for letting me stay here for a night!

Thank you, Brest Rica!

your sweetest drug,
When I did a mini ELF haul, I grabbed this red lipstick because my MAC Ruby Woo already retired.  I then realized that I don't have any other true red lippies in my collection.  Why oh why?  Haha!

Anyway, I thought I'd give it a whirl and here are my thoughts.


The shade is called Red Carpet.  It is a cool-toned red and the color of the bullet reminds me of Ruby Woo.

It's not pigmented though.  You have to do several swipes to build the color up.  Nevertheless, it's still a nice everyday lipstick.

Here's a swatch comparison.


It glides like butter.  No tugging required.  You don't also have to be precise unlike with a bold matte lipstick.


It's super comfortable to wear and it's very moisturizing since it contains shea butter and Vitamins A, C and E.  Actually, I sometimes skip lip balm during touch ups and I still don't get chapped lips.

It's creamy and has a satin finish.  Up close, it looks uneven and streaky so better if you apply multiple layers.  You can also notice some product in between the lip lines.


It fades and transfers but it leaves a slight stain.  You still have to re-apply after meals.

I'm not obsessed but I'm thinking of still keeping it until I get a new red lipstick.  Something that's more pigmented for that statement red lips. :)

What do you think?

your sweetest drug,